Suspending my Body by Hooks (For my Birthday 🥳)

Body Suspension. Just a quick warning that this extreme form of body piercing isn’t for everyone. This video has been edited to remove most of the most graphic scenes. If you’d like to see the full uncut version it will be available on my Patreon ( very shortly. If you understand the disclaimer, and are ready to learn a bit more about human suspension, and why I would ever want to try it. Let’s continue.

Each year I try and do something a little bit different for my birthday. I try and challenge myself. I try to explore beyond my boundaries. In past years I’ve gone bungee jumping, free diving, skydiving, lived solo in the woods, and this year. Body Suspension. The art of Hanging by Hooks. I thought I would make a short documentary about it.

Piercing your body is painful, relying on your skin to support your body weight is even more painful, but that’s part of the process. It’s been called cathartic, life changing, and unexplainable. To the viewer, it’s shocking, to the practitioner, cathartic.

While it might seem like a new trend, it’s been around for 5000 years. Shaivite Hindus used to tread the line of body and spirit through body suspension to pay penance to their god Shiva. Variations of this still happen today in various parts of the world. Thousands of years later in what is now known as North Dakota the North American Mandan Tribe would ritualistically hang themselves by hooks as a right of passage. It was how men became boys.

Two alternate cultures independently birthed this wild tradition without contact with each other.

We’re doing it again today. You see it at tattoo conventions, and street performances. It makes me think there might be a bit more to it.

It’s my birthday, and I like to challenge myself on my birthday. Let’s find out.

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Chase Your Fears 🐉

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