Tattoos of the Week & Body Piercing News – Studio Update July 12th, 2018 #03

The latest Updates and News from Skin Kitchen and The Axiom Body Piercing Studio for July 12th, 2018. Also Tattoos of the week with Jack and Westley and updates on what DaVo has been up to this week.

For more information on the Skin Kitchen go to
To book a Tattoo Appointment email us at or call 575-255-4430

To take advantage of the $15 off piercing special go to and watch the video for details.
For more information on the Axiom visit
To read DaVo’s Blog Upper Ear Cartilage Piercing Beaten to Death go to
To Watch DaVo’s Video on Sizing Body Piercing Jewelry and Jewelry Styles go to
If you would like to set up a Piercing Appointment go to and click on the “Book Now” button.

Skin Kitchen Tattoo and The Axiom Body Piercing Studio are located at 3800 Douglas Ave./Des Moines, Iowa 50311
Tattoo hours are Thursday – Monday 1-8pm
Piercing hours are Thursday – Monday 2-8pm

Please watch: “How to Change Body Piercing Jewelry”


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Emma Amos, painter who challenged racism and sexism, dies at 83

Emma Amos, painter who challenged racism and sexism, dies at 83

Ms. Amos, an acclaimed figurative artist whose high-color paintings of women flying or falling through space were charged with racial and feminist politics, died May 21 at her home in Bedford, N.H.

Obituary: Christo Javacheff, the artist who wrapped the world

The artist known as Christo was famous for wrapping huge buildings and entire coastlines in fabric.

The Ins And Outs Of Porsche Collecting, According To A Renowned Butt Surgeon

You could certainly boil down the rules of car collecting into a handy little guidebook, and many have tried. (Google will gladly show you as much.) But ask anyone who does it for the love — and not just to expand their investment portfolio — and they’ll tell…

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Alvin Ong Explores Forms of Connection and Attachment in "Long Distance" Exhibition

Alvin Ong Explores Forms of Connection and Attachment in “Long Distance” Exhibition

Sydney’s Yavuz Gallery is displaying the works of Singaporean artist Alvin Ong in “Long Distance.” Based between London and Singapore, Ong’s latest body of work explores the emotional longing that comes from prolonged periods of isolation, distance and displa…

Josh Smith at Eva Presenhuber

Artist: Josh Smith Venue: Eva Presenhuber, Zürich Exhibition Title: Life Date: March 13 – May 23, 2020 Click here to view slideshow Full gallery of images, press release and link available after the jump. Images: Images courtesy of the artist, David Zwirner, …

New Art Scanning Method Offers 3-D Image Of Painting’s Brush Strokes

Engineers developed a method to create 3-D images of larger sections of an artwork’s paint layer. This paves the way for advances in online art education as well as potentially making museums more accessible by offering 3-D-printed models of the structural de…

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Thomas Carli Jarlier at Deauville Tattoo Convention VLOG

Deauville tattoo convention through the eyes of Noire Ink team.

Here comes a video collection of moments that we shared with our fellow tattoo artists during our trip to Deauville for the tattoo convention. We had great time together, the convention was fantastic, well organized, super clean and very busy. Awesome tattoos have been done!

The sound is a little quiet, our apologies, will fix it for the future vlogs!

Time Codes:
1:28 – Thomas drawing the stencil
6:30 – John Maxx talikng about his power supply
8:30 – Thomas posing the stencil
10:00 – Thomas preparing his ink palette
12:57 – the working process
17:30 – finished piece

Please comment what content you would like to see in our future vlogs.

People who appeared in the video (Instagram):
Thomas Carli Jarlier – @thomascarlijarlier
Vasilisa Carli Jarlier – @vasilisa.carlijarlier
John Maxx – @johnmaxxtattoo
Aivar – @aivar_tattoo
Ziora – @ziora_tattoo
Artem Tsytsylin – @tema_arty
Yurga – @yurga_vait
Calvin Moktar – @calvin_moktar
Killer Ink supplies – @killerinktattoo
World Famous Tattoo Ink – @worldfamousink
Deauville Tattoo Festival – @deauvilletattoofestival
Deauville Ink Shop – @deauvilleink

Thank you for watching!

#tattooconvention #noireink #tattoo #fullsleeve #thomascarlijarlier

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Beach Rocks Ocean Seascape Acrylic Painting LIVE Tutorial

Learn how to paint in this free step by step acrylic painting tutorial by Angela Anderson. Easy to follow instructions guide you through creating your own beautiful canvas artwork.

Materials Used:
Amazon US:
(We earn money from qualifying purchases) or
Blick Art Supplies:
9″ x 12″ Fredrix Linen Canvas Board
Heavy Body Acrylic Paints
Carbon Black
Burnt Umber
Burnt Sienna
Quinacridone Burnt Orange
Cadmium Yellow Light
Yellow Oxide
Cobalt Teal or Teal
Phthalo Blue (Green Shade)
Ultramarine Blue
Dioxazine Purple
Quinacridone Magenta
Titanium White
Unbleached Titanium
Zinc White

Acrylic Synthetic Brushes from The Brush Guys: 5% discount code: “angelafineart”
Princeton 6100 Bright #12, #10, #8, #6, #4, #2
Princeton 6100 Flat #2
Princeton 6100 Filbert #4, #6
Princeton 6100 Round #1, #2, #2/0
Princeton Select Bristle Fan #10/0
Princeton Select Deerfoot Stippler 3/8″
Princeton VelvetTouch Round #1, 5/0 Spotter, 18/0 Short Liner
Princeton VelvetTouch 1/4″, 3/8″ Willow’s Blender
Princeton VelvetTouch Angle Shader 1/4″, 3/8″

Golden Acrylic Glazing Liquid (Satin or Gloss)
Paper Towels (Viva or Scott Shop)
Spray Bottle
Strathmore Visual Journal Mixed Media Pad (for practice)
Chalk or Scribe-All Pencils
Faber-Castell Pitt Artist Pens or Sakura Pigma FB Brush Pens
Grey Matters Palette Paper or Masterson Stay Wet Palette
Creative Color Wheel or Color Mixing Color Wheel

For Traceable Transfer:
Tracing Paper
Saral Graphite Transfer Paper
Saral White Transfer Paper
Stylus Set
Bleach Wipes (optional)

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Copyright info: NO PAINT PARTY USE WITHOUT LICENSE (License at ). Design images are not to be copied or used without permission. Videos produced by Angela Anderson (angelafineart) are intended for private use only by non-profit community, home, and school groups. Please contact me for commercial/retail use licensing information. Feel free to embed the videos as is with attribution, but please do not alter, remove watermarks, re-upload or otherwise change the original video. If you would like to sell your painting from this painting tutorial please include a reference on the back “Original tutorial by Angela Anderson”. Please no prints or mass market sales (Etsy). Thank you. Image used under license from

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Mid Level Body Piercing Jewelry Pros & Cons by a PIercer EP69

#tattoo #piercing #DesMoines
In Episode 69, DaVo, a Professional Piercer since 1994, covers the Pros and Cons of Mid-Level Body Piercings Jewelry. The video includes five advantages and five disadvantages of Mid Ranged Priced Piercing Jewelry. Look for the next video on low-end jewelry.

I aka DaVo have been a professional body piercer and the owner of the Axiom Body Piercing Studio in Des Moines, Iowa since 1994. My focus on education and helping clients make safe and informed decisions on getting pierced has always been a large part of my business practices and services. With my website and increasingly on youtube, I hope to expand and inform others outside of my small part of the world. I always encourage questions and comments, so if you have one, please comment. 

Check Out Our New Merch Store –

Following links are affiliate links and a small amount will go to DaVo and the Axiom:

Suggested Aftercare Products:
For Premixed Saline DaVo suggests. NeilMed Neil Cleanse Wound Wash First-Aid Sterile Saline Solution 6 fl oz Each –
For Oral Piercings –     
Biotene Fresh Mint Moisturizing Oral Rinse Mouthwash, Alcohol-Free, for Dry Mouth –
All footage was filmed using a Canon EOS M50 Camera get your own at Amazon – Canon EF 16-35mm f/4L IS USM Lens – and Canon EOS R  – with Canon RF 35mm f/1.8 IS Macro STM Lens –

Audio – Recorded with Audio-Technica AT875R Line + Gradient Condenser Microphone – and Tascam DR-70D 4-Track Portable Audio Recorder –

For more information on DaVo and the Axiom Body Piercing Studio go to

Now on TikTok – TikTok – @SKTattoo –

Axiom Instagram –

Skin Kitchen’s Instagram –

Contact DaVo at or by phone at 515-966-4814
If you would like to set up a Piercing Appointment go to and click on the “Book Now” button.

Skin Kitchen Tattoo and The Axiom Body Piercing Studio are located at 3800 Douglas Ave./Des Moines, Iowa 50311
Tattoo hours are Thursday – Monday 1-8pm
Piercing hours are Thursday – Monday 2-8pm

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A long awaited, highly requested video of how I got into body piercing and became a body piercer! I let you in on how I did it and give you some industry secrets along the way!

Follow me on instagram: @thelegitcreep

Intro credit to: FeztacularGames on Panzoid

For email enquires please contact:

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