Snug 👂 + Septum 👃 Piercing | Tindik Tubuh | Body Piercing & Tattoo Bandung |


Info & Booking
“Body Piercings & Tattoos”
Gateway Pasteur Apartment,
Ruby B GF-10 Bandung.

𝙅𝙖𝙢 𝙊𝙥𝙚𝙧𝙖𝙨𝙞𝙤𝙣𝙖𝙡:
Senin – Sabtu: 12.00 – 21.00 WIB
Minggu / Hari Libur: 12.00 – 18.00 WIB

Instagram: @piercingindonesia

Instagram: @friendshipwithgod


LINE: @piercingindonesia (use@)
WA: 0882-2927-6773

#piercingindonesia #snugpiercing #septumpiercing

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Does the Barbican's Masculinities exhibition have important things to say about men?

Does the Barbican’s Masculinities exhibition have important things to say about men?

For once, it’s the normative male who gets poked and prodded as a curiosity in this female-curated photography exhibition, and it may provoke bullish defensiveness among some. It forces Mark Hudson to look at himself

Artist Sisir Sahana recreates elements of Nature in his latest series in glass

Titled A Dialogue with Soil, his latest series of 10 works, will be on display at Forum Art Gallery till March 7

Memo Akten’s art sees artificial intelligence tackle life, love, and faith

In a hypnotic immersive film, the artist and creative technologist uses machine learning to better understand subjective, human concepts that could help reconcile a polarised world

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The Only Artist Ever To Sculpt Spider-Man's Nipples In A Video Game Wanted Them To Be 'Hot,' But Not Distracting

The Only Artist Ever To Sculpt Spider-Man’s Nipples In A Video Game Wanted Them To Be ‘Hot,’ But Not Distracting

Nipples. They’re like fun little slices of pepperoni on the vast pizza that is the human body. Most people have them. Video game characters, though? Not so much. In fact, former Insomniac artist Xavier Coelho-Kostolny thinks there’s a credible case to be made…

Artist Joy Yamusangie’s autobiographical practice knows no bounds

With an approach that includes illustration, typography, poetry, ceramics, collage and painting, you never know what medium Joy’s next piece will take.

Robots And Donuts: The Amazing Retro-Futuristic Art Of Eric Joyner

Eric Joyner is a contemporary American artist whose body of work has focused on robots and donuts.

Joyner grew up in San Mateo, California, and spent some time in Medford, Oregon, after his family moved there. He was always interested in art and attended t…

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2019 Tattoo Convention Contest RECAP | Part 1 | EPICJONTUAZON

2019 Tattoo convention contest compilation. Featuring some of the contest entries from this year’s tattoo conventions I’ve attended.

Music I use:

Gear I shoot with:

Sony A73:

Sony 24-70 f/2.8:

Sony 70-200 f/2.8:

Atomos Ninja Flame:

Autel EVO:

DJI Ronin S:

Gorilla Pod:

Joby Ballhead X:

Rode Audio Mic:


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Tilting Makes the Difference!😄 Big Canvas Dutch Pour + Paint Kiss 😘 Fluid Painting | Acrylic Pouring

I absolutely love acrylic paint pouring turned out after the tilting! Dutch Pour Technique + Paint kiss combo turned out amazing on a big canvas! Acrylic pouring is a fun and joyful process and improvising is an integral part of it! 😍 Enjoy the fluid art way! Paint kiss and Dutch Pour are beautiful acrylic pouring techniques, and I think they are great for fluid painting beginners.

Acrylic Pouring With my Husband Video

Check out my signature T-Shirts Designed especially for fluid artists💓

Acrylic Paint and Pouring Recipe
Quinacridone Magenta, Bright Blue, Phtphalo Blue, Titanium White, Dioxizine Purple, Cadmium Red Light by Liquitex Heavy Body
Gold and Greenish Blue by Amsterdam
Paint is mixed as 55% paint, 10% GAC800, 10% Floetrol, 25% Water to get to the fluid consistency (numbers are approximate)

Silicone Craft Mat –
My torch

Smart Art Materials Amazon Store for Acrylic Pouring Supplies 💓

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I hope this tutorial would be helpful for acrylic pour painting beginners and everyone who wants to try paint kiss technique with a combination of dutch pour and swipe techniques

This Channel is about acrylic pour painting techniques and supplies, and a lot more fluid art tutorials, experiments, pouring medium and supplies reviews are coming up! If you want to know how to pour paint and follow me along my journey, please subscribe to this art channel and turn notification on to stay in touch.

I started my art journey back in the days when I was going through a challenging season of my life, and it brought peace, happiness, and joy back into my soul. And ever since I’ve discovered acrylic pouring painting, it became my big passion and addiction. Acrylic pouring art teaches me to let go of control and dive deep into my creativity and imagination.
I love experimenting with new fluid art techniques and also love helping beginners through our Facebook community of acrylic pouring artists and through Smart Art Materials website, where you can find a lot of useful info about fluid art.
Thank you for all the feedback and support!

Olga Soby on Instagram:
Facebook group:

#acrylicpouring #dutchpour #paintkiss

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Body Piercing Tips : How to Wear a Nose Ring

To wear a nose ring, choose from either a captive B ring, a corkscrew or nostril screw, a nose bone or a horseshoe ring. Wear a nose ring with tips from a licensed piercer in this free video on body modification.

Expert: Tristan McCauley
Bio: Tristan McCauley has been piercing for two years after a 9-month apprenticeship under Brian Price, a 12-year veteran in the craft.
Filmmaker: Reel Media LLC

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Jenny Holzer’s ‘Truisms’ feel urgent as ever at MASS MoCA

Jenny Holzer’s ‘Truisms’ feel urgent as ever at MASS MoCA

For more than 40 years, the artist has created blunt slogans to fit the cultural and political moment.

Makeup artist Sofia Schwarzkopf-Tilbury reveals the perfect nude lipstick for every skin tone

As the niece of iconic British makeup mogul Charlotte Tilbury, 26-year-old Sofia Schwarzkopf-Tilbury knows more than a thing or two about painting faces to perfection.

Brit Awards 2020: Lewis Capaldi gives hilariously short acceptance speech for Best New Artist

Singer clearly expects to win multiple trophies

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Finger Family Nursery Rhymes Song Learn Colors Hand Body Paint Learning Video for Children Sikkis

Finger Family Nursery Rhymes Song Learn Colors Hand Body Paint Learning Video for Children Sikki’s Arts and Crafts.

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Fundamental Painting Skills with Mark Waller | Colour In Your Life

Learn 3 fundamental painting skills with Mark Waller. Art techniques painting and tutorial for beginners or artists of all ages and skills by Colour in Your Life featured artist Mark Waller. Discover the three fundamental skills you will need to create any painting, and the unique ways in which you can develop these skills in order to push the story in your own paintings.

In this painting lesson learn how your physical, perception and conceptual skills lay the foundation for you to tell your own story with your painting. Learn how to look at the world in a brand new way so as to not miss any of the information!

If you would like to learn about painting, drawing, art workshops, art tips, painting, how to sculpt, how to draw, how to paint and art techniques. Tune in each week to see a new artist and style.
Learn painting in a step by step instruction from some of the best artists in the world.

More from our channel

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See Mark’s extensive tutorial website here:

And his Youtube channel here:

New fine art TV show episodes loaded every Friday AEST.

Check out some of these other great Youtube clips for painting tropical water and beach scenes with acrylics.

How to paint water:

How to paint waves:

How to paint a seascape:

Painting pandanus:

Colour In Your Life is an Australian owned and produced TV art show. We film artists to tell their story and to share step by step tutorials on how to paint, how to sculpture, how to draw, how to learn different artist skills.

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