Charlotte ENLOQUECE por su tatuaje | MTV Just Tattoo of Us T1

Charlotte no tomó nada bien el tatuaje que Bert decidió que le hicieran, terminó llorando, rompiendo cosas… SE SALIÓ DE CONTROL.

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Painting a Pink Rose Alla Prima with Acrylics

Learn how to paint with acrylics. This is a sample of the format that we use to teach an online course.
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Tattoo Convention Coverage – Australian Tattoo Expo | Part 2

SullenTV and H2Ocean present Convention Coverage Part 2 of the Australian International Tattoo Expo in Sydney Australia.

Roman Abrego
Josh Sara
Chris “Showstopper” Mata’afa
Ben “Roketlauncha” Ortega

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Craft Art: How to make Face paint or body paint

This is a meant for Middle School kids. However, a child at any age can learn how to create Face paint. This project just requires simple household supplies. This video is the second part of a lesson about lines and patterns. In the first video, students learned how to create a Henna inspired design based on lines and patterns. A link will be provided below for anyone that would like to see the first video.

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Oil Painting Tips || Patreon Highlights

In this video I share some highlights from my Patreon painting tutorials.

REAL-TIME PAINTING VIDEOS, TUTORIALS and other helpful materials ▶

In my recent walk-through painting tutorial on Patreon I talk about:
Part 1: Surface preparation, concept sketching, taking a reference photo, color mixing, transferring the outlines.
Part 2: Painting a portrait, oil painting tips, common mistakes.
Part 3: Analyzing, adjusting things, glazing and basically doing all the finishing touches.

▷ For prints and original paintings please visit


Materials used:
• Oil paints – “Nevskaya palitra”
Colors: Burnt Umber, Cadmium Yellow Pale, Ultramarine Blue, Cadmium Red and Titanium White.
For glazing I used Cadmium Red, Cadmium Yellow Pale and Cobalt Violet Deep.
• Primed 280gsm paper or linen canvas
• Acrylic primer “Sonnet”
• Paint thinner (odorless mineral spirits)
• Medium (stand linseed oil)
• Brushes – Detail brushes & Filbert synthetic brushes of different sizes
• Glass palette (homemade)
• Palette knife (from a local art-store)
• Paper towels (or tissues that I use to wipe the brushes)

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