Blood On The Canvas: Mark Bradford Quarantined.

Blood On The Canvas: Mark Bradford Quarantined.

I am writing about an exhibition that I have not seen in person – and that can’t be seen in person, “Mark Bradford: Quarantine Paintings.”

Facial Reconstruction Suggests That Some Egyptian Mummy Portraits Were Painted After Death

Some mummies were wrapped with a portrait of the deceased covering their face. By creating a facial reconstruction from a mummy of a young child, pathologists and radiologists have now shown that at least some of these mummy portraits were painted postmortem.

Sense or censorship? Row over Klan images in Tate’s postponed show

Philip Guston depicted ‘the banality of evil’ but galleries in the UK and US fear his work could be misinterpretedBest known for his abstract art, Philip Guston also dipped into figurative painting with a repeating motif of white-hooded Ku Klux Klan members. …

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