Incredible Pennywise Body Painting

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A talented body painter has recreated Pennywise the Clown’s terrifying face on a woman’s bare back.

Jordon Bourgeault, 35, from Calgary, Alberta, used an airbrush and his talent to transform his girlfriend’s sensual silhouette into the deformed face of the infamous killer clown.

Pennywise’s large and crackled forehead fit perfectly on the girl’s upper back while his evil eyes winked from her hips.

Jordon said: “I have been a professional airbrush artist for 10 years, body painting is just a small part of the different types of art that I do, and one that I only touch when I think I have a cool idea for a piece.

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MOCA on the rebound? Three strong shows and free entry are welcome signs of change

MOCA on the rebound? Three strong shows and free entry are welcome signs of change

In a resurrection myth from ancient Greece, the powerful god Apollo accidentally kills Hyacinth, a beautiful Spartan prince, when a playful game of throwing a metal discus goes tragically awry. The mortal youth, struck in the forehead, dies in his divine love…

Frank Bowling cements his status as a modern master with Tate Britain retrospective

Frank Bowling has been at it for a while, six decades to be precise, which might make you wonder why you haven’t heard much about him before. While his canonic contemporaries David Hockney, Pauline Boty and Patrick Caulfield were parting the waves in Britain,…

Artist Justin Gerard on Tolkien, Golden Age Illustration, Noble Crocodiles, and Balrog Wings

Do Balrogs have wings? Does Carcharoth, the personal watchdog of the Dark Lord, have a big leonine mane? Are Gandalf’s eyebrows really longer than the brim of his hat? (That’s crazy!) Sometimes the answer is yes, but usually the answer is…only if an illustrat…

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Mukqs' Noisey Mix Is the Perfect Escape-from-Reality Music

Mukqs’ Noisey Mix Is the Perfect Escape-from-Reality Music

The Chicago-based experimenter released a disorienting full-length earlier this month and will put out another next week. His new mix is full of similarly transcendent beats.

Doreen Garner’s Visceral, Bodily Sculptures Confront Racial Trauma

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Why I Traveled the World Hunting for Mutant Bugs – Issue 73: Play

When Chernobyl happened, I knew it was time for me to act. Nineteen years earlier, I had first drawn malformed and mutated flies while working in the zoological department at the University of Zurich as a scientific illustrator. Zoologists had fed poison to t…

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Artist Uses Thick Brushstrokes to Create Paintings of Plump Songbirds

Artist Uses Thick Brushstrokes to Create Paintings of Plump Songbirds

Inspired by nature, artist Angela Moulton creates stylized bird portraits that are bursting with color and texture. Each impasto painting features abstract layers of thick brushstrokes that are built up to form each adorably plump body, perched on tree branch…

Renoir the sensualist, and the pleasures of paint

The painter of famously pretty pictures made a striking late-life shift. A new show at the Clark Art Institute reveals it was never about the subject, and always about the painting.

That time Marty Feldman almost had his portrait painted by Francis Bacon

When Marty Feldman met Francis Bacon drink was involved.

Before he became internationally famous for his performance as Igor in Young Frankenstein, Marty Feldman was a very successful and hugely influential comedy scriptwriter with his long-time writing part…

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How to Paint Realistic Mountains | Acrylic Painting

In this painting demo I show you how to paint the background in this realistic mountain landscape on canvas.

Win a free art print:

My website:
My eBay auctions:


If you have any questions about something I covered or maybe something I didn’t cover in this painting tutorial I am more than happy to answer.

Materials I used:
– Golden fluid acrylics and liquitex soft body paint (carbon black, cobalt blue, napthol red, titanium white, cad orange, mixing gray)
– Water for mixing with paints
– various paint brushes which I cover in the video

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Meet Ai-Da – the world's first robot artist, capable of drawing people from life

Meet Ai-Da – the world’s first robot artist, capable of drawing people from life

The world’s first robot artist, capable of drawing and painting people from life using her eye.

Secrecy and Sexuality in the Collages of Katrien de Blauwer

As her new book Dirty Scenes is published, the Belgian collage artist discusses identity and anonymity in her captivating work

Stan Lee Was De-Aged 45 Year For His Cameo in AVENGERS: ENDGAME and Details on the Process Revealed

The final cameo that Stan Lee made in a Marvel movie was in Avengers: Endgame. The cameo took place in the 1970s and it’s been confirmed that he was de-aged 45 years for that little appearance. The de-aging work on Lee was done by Lola VFX, which is the compa…

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Did Van Gogh Shoot Himself? Auction of Pistol Reignites Debate.

Did Van Gogh Shoot Himself? Auction of Pistol Reignites Debate.

Did Van Gogh commit suicide, or was he shot by someone else?

Naked demonstrators protest censorship at Facebook and Instagram offices

The #WeTheNipplecampaign calls for change to allow photographic artistic nudity on the platforms

Artist Pio Abad’s memorials against historical revisionism

SAN FRANCISCO — London-based Filipino artist Pio Abad was born in the Philippines in 1983. It was the same year that the body of Senator Benigno “Ninoy” Aquino Jr., a key political rival and vocal critic of the strongman Ferdinand Marcos, was sprawled in a p…

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Interview: Artist Ugo Rondinone

Interview: Artist Ugo Rondinone

Insight from the sculptor in advance of his Sunny Days exhibition at Guild Hall From the towering, colorful “Seven Magic Mountains” outside of Las Vegas to the sleeping clowns that took over an entire floor of Miami’s Bass Museum during a multi-institution re…

Did Van Gogh shoot himself? Auction of pistol reignites debate.

The auction of a pistol said to have been used by the painter Vincent van Gogh to shoot himself has reignited a debate about who actually pulled the trigger: Did Van Gogh commit suicide, or was he shot by someone else?

The secret to the Mona Lisa’s enduring allure

There’s something about Leonardo da Vinci’s painting that keeps us flocking to see it year upon year.

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