73-Year-Old Tattoo Artist Is A Legend In Japan

Horiyoshi III, given name Yoshihito Nakano, is one of the world’s most legendary full-body-tattoo artists.The controversial history of Japanese tattooing, or irezumi, can be traced back to around 10,000 BC, in the Jomon period. The Japanese government banned tattoos in 1872, as while the practice had risen as an art form, tattooed marks were still used as a punishment. The ban wasn’t lifted until 1948, but the practice has retained its image of criminality. For many years, traditional Japanese tattoos were associated with the yakuza, Japan’s mafia, and some businesses in Japan and public baths still ban tattooed customers. 

Yoshihito’s most devoted clientele are covered in full-body designs. Until 30 years ago, Yoshihito did his tattoos entirely by hand using the tebori technique, where a needle-tipped wooden or metal stick inserts ink into the skin. Nowadays, due to health and time constraints he completes them freehand using an electric needle. His clientele is now mostly westerners, attracted by his popular Instagram. 

We met Yoshihito to talk about his career, and meet some of his client base. 

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73-Year-Old Tattoo Artist Is A Legend In Japan

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Chest Tattoo Gone WRONG | Bad Ink | Full Episode (S2, E4) | A&E

Dirk and Ruckus receive a phone call from an overbearing mom whose son made a rather large tattoo mistake. This is the first time Dirk has to tattoo someone while his mommy watches!


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In “Bad Ink,” tattoo artist Dirk Vermin and his sidekick Ruckus search out Sin City’s most cringe-worthy tattoos and the strange stories behind them.

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Single “Tudo Pink” 😈 de Nino Leone: https://youtu.be/rumegaOziGw
Ouça em todas plataformas digitais: https://open.spotify.com/track/7N40ic2xLd7l4vp9jf5k0Z?si=Uo9YhPGjR0SlZfZqe8t-jg

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Jean Felipe Tattoo: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC6BpK2WAkVQvE5mYWrAnixQ

➳ E-mail: ninoleone@youtuber.com.br

INSCREVA-SE: https://goo.gl/F2MWI2

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How Danny Trejo Got His Chest Tattoo Done in Prison (2014)

Danny Trejo shared stories about his time in prison while on the Stern Show in 2014.

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Everything Hurts! | That Tattoo Show #28

The third lockdown in the UK has finally ended and we’re finally back to work. We’d both forgotten what its like to be full time tattooists! Back ache, neck ache, thousands of emails to answer.

Welcome back to your real life!

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All the gear we use to make the show is avaialble here»

Pauls Music can be heard here»

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Girl shows mom her new tattoo, and it doesn’t go well…

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Day 1 of Savage Ink International Tattoo Convention.

Savage Ink is an annual Convention Held at the heart of Cebu City in which TATTOO ARTIST, Tattoo Enthusiast, and all around the world gather and have fun while doing the thing they love the most and it is to do a TATTOO.

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Impractical Jokers: Prince Herb Shows His Tattoos!🤣 | S09E12 | Part #43

Hope you enjoyed today’s video!

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TruTv holds all copyright for this content. Visit: www.trutv.com to watch more.
Impractical Jokers is an American hidden camera-practical joke reality series that premiered on TruTV on December 15, 2011, and is produced by NorthSouth Productions. It follows Joseph “Joe” Gatto, James “Murr” Murray, Brian “Q” Quinn, and Salvatore “Sal” Vulcano, the four members of the comedy troupe. The Tenderloins, as they coerce one another into doing public pranks while being filmed by hidden cameras. You can watch “full episodes of impractical jokers” on trutv. “Impractical jokers punishments” is something to look for. Recently they have launched “Impractical Jokers Movie”. The show differs from other prank television programs as the stars of Impractical Jokers do not know the details of the prank until the moment they are performing it on strangers

In Impractical Jokers, “Sal Vulcano”, “Joe Gatto”, “James S. Murray”, “Brian Quinn” Four friends challenge each other with a series of awkward and outrageous dares. If any of the four refuses to complete a dare, he loses and must endure the punishment. Some of the famous challenges are “impractical jokers name game”, “impractical jokers all 4 in the same room”, “impractical jokers try not to laugh”

On this channel, you can watch “impractical jokers compilation” “impractical jokers best scenes”, “impractical jokers best challenges” “Must watch scenes from impractical jokers” “impractical jokers funniest moments” and many more!

Impractical Jokers has been very well received by some critics with Linda Stasi of the New York Post calling it “possibly the funniest, most ridiculous show I’ve seen in years

Impractical Jokers: Inside Jokes is a spin-off of Impractical Jokers in which episodes which have already have aired, episodes of the show are broadcast with pop-up facts throughout, including behind-the-scenes stories and facts directly from the Jokers. “impractical jokers cast” is same till the day they have started. The first episode of “Impractical Jokers Inside Jokes” aired on July 14, 2016, following the midseason British special.

Impractical Jokers: After Party is a spin-off of Impractical Jokers, hosted by Joey Fatone, in which the Jokers and surprise guests go through a deep dive of challenges, special play-by-play punishment analysis from the latest episode

Impractical jokers Guest Appearance:

Daniel Ribacoff – Impractical Jokers | Season 2
Imagine Dragons – Impractical Jokers | Season 2
Joey Fatone – Impractical Jokers | Season 3,5-
Tommy Dreamer – Impractical Jokers | Season 3,6
Soren Thompson – Impractical Jokers | Season 4
Danica McKellar – Impractical Jokers | Season 4,6
Ulambayaryn Byambajav – Impractical Jokers | Season 4
Alex Brightman – Impractical Jokers | Season 5
Howie Mandel – Impractical Jokers | Season 4
Rosie O’Donnell – Impractical Jokers | Season 2
James Buckley – Impractical Jokers | Season 5
Travis Pastrana – Impractical Jokers – Season 5
Gary Busey – Impractical Jokers | Season 6
Bully Ray – Impractical Jokers | Season 6
Velvet Sky – Impractical Jokers | Season 6
Jesse Bravo – Impractical Jokers | Season 6
Matthew Lewis – Impractical Jokers | Season 6


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Which Staff Member Has a Dog Tattoo on Their Thigh?

It was time for another round of revealing staff secrets, so Ellen and tWitch had to figure out which employee has a tattoo of their dog on their thigh!


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Ink Master’s Worst Tattoos of Season 13 😟 Part 1

From poor shading to questionable design choices, these are the worst tattoos of the first half of Season 13, as deemed by the Ink Master judges.

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