Gabby Chest Dermal Piercing

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Check out the process of Gabby’s dermal anchor project piercings done by James at American Skin Art in Buffalo, NY! Gabby’s dermal project starts with James cleaning the area to be pierced. James then marks out the location of the first set of piercings, and measures to ensure symmetry and accuracy. The piercing begins with a hollow piercing needle with an angled tip that is used to remove a section of the skin. Next James twists the first dermal anchor into place. The skin will grow around the base of the anchors, keeping the piercing in place. Once fully healed, the tops can be screwed off and changed. On to the other side for second piercing! After the second anchor is inserted, James cleans up the area.
Gabby’s project requires two separate visits, so 6 weeks later she returns for her second set of dermals. The same process is repeated again.
Healing time is about 2-3 months. Dermal anchors are used for the initial piercing, and interchangeable tops can be switched out once healed.
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