Glazing in Acrylics with Liquitex Soft Body

This video demonstrates how you can glaze in acrylics. Glazes are basically very thin translucent layers of paint. A glaze allows you to apply color to a monochromatic underpainting (as done in this video), but you can also use this technique to adjust colors in a painting with color. To create a very thin translucent layer of paint, you first need a transparent color and thin it down. You can use water, but it is highly recommended to use a medium to avoid adhesion problems. I this video I use the Liquitex Glazing Medium. This medium dries fairly quickly. The upside of this, is that you can apply a second layer faster. The downside is that you need to work fast. If you want more time for each layer, you can also use Liquitex Slow-Dri Medium. Finally, use a soft brush (ox or marter hair will do, or good imitations will also work just fine).

I used Liquitex Soft Body, and used the following colors:
– Ultramarine Blue (Red Shade)
– Yellow Light Hansa
– Alizarin Crimson Hue Permanent

The reference image was downloaded from Pexels with the courtesy of Ivandrei Pretorius.

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