Adobe Fuse: What it is and how to use it to create 3D characters

Adobe Fuse: What it is and how to use it to create 3D characters

Quickly create humanoid models in Adobe Fuse.

‘Art stands midway between science and philosophy’

Does thought have a physical form? A Kochi Biennale collateral project, ‘Thought Is Also A Matter’, curated by Pune artist RAJU SUTAR, explores the nature of thought through a range of artwork, from paintings to installations. Sutar talks to The Indian Expre…

BMW i8 Gains A Colorful Look For The Sake Of Art

This unofficial BMW i8 art car has been customized by painter and sculptor Thomas Scheibitz.

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Thom Browne Hits Back at Accusations He Copied London Artist

Thom Browne Hits Back at Accusations He Copied London Artist

The artist, Ashton Attzs, was awarded the Evening Standard Art Prize in November for a painting called “Don’t Stay in Ya Lane,” showing swimmers in a sea of blue.

Artist travels the world to paint ‘real women’s’ bodies to help with body confidence

Anne-Claire Fleer, 26, from London, travels all around the women to paint women’s bodies who have suffered from disease such as anorexia or alopecia or are going through a big life event like a divorce.

‘A Portrait of a Lady on Fire’ Review: A Highly Evocative Story of Love, Lust and Longing [Cannes]

A Portrait of a Lady on Fire is, as the title evokes, an artistically rich and provocative film out of Cannes, one where the passions and obsessions of two women ignite in ways rarely seen on screen. A tour-de-force film by director Céline Sciamma, the film i…

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Nattu Shah & Mohan “Tattoo” Gurung | It’s my show with Suraj Singh Thakuri | 03 February 2018

It’s My Show | Nattu Shah & Mohan “Tattoo” Gurung

About It’s My Show :

Like never before, Suraj Singh Thakuri accompanied by a live band. He invites celebrated people on the sets and gets the house on fire with his wit and charm.

It’s My Show with Suraj Singh Thakuri is a new hit Nepali television talk show. In this program Suraj interviews various guests from various fraternity by inviting him to the program’s set. Like every TV programs hosted by Suraj Singh Thakuri, It’s My Show has been superhit Nepali show from it’s first episode and liked by Nepalese and Non-Nepalese throughout the world. It is the first program in Kantipur TV since it has gone HD. This Episode of It’s my show with Suraj Singh Thakuri was broadcasted on Kantipur TV HD at 9:00pm on 03 February 2018.

Kantipur TV HD को सम्पूर्ण कार्यक्रम Youtube मा समयमै हेर्न र कार्यक्रम बारे जानकारी प्राप्त गर्न हामीसँग Youtube मा जोडिनुहोस् :

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Especial Tattoo Show la convención de Tatuajes, Barberías y mucho más Mandinga Tattoo

Conducido por Lourdes Fernández, desde Lugano y para el mundo, llega Mandinga Tattoo, la comunidad más importante del universo del tatuaje en Argentina. En cada programa conoceremos a los tatuadores como personajes, y los clientes nos contarán las historias de sus tatuajes, entre ellos, celebridades como futbolistas, modelos y bailarines. Además, la cobertura de la convención Tattoo Show, organizada por Mandinga y una de las más grandes del mundo, con invitados internacionales de la escena del tatuaje. El costado solidario también estará presente con el apadrinamiento de escuelas rurales del interior, experiencia que compartiremos por medio de testimonios del viaje.
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This is what won Best of show in Milano Tattoo Show 2019

So we watch FK Irons ProTeam Artist Lukas Smyku throughout the weekend hammer this leg sleeve in just three days. We were wondering if that amount of work and rich saturation was even possible in such a short mount of time.

Not Only that he did finished but he took over an entire show with this piece, taking home best of show award. Judge it yourself and drop you comments down below.

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Как это было.Мазок от VAL_TATBOO.Tattoo show 2019 Питер.

Прогулка по фестивалю.Мастер-класс от Валентины Рябовой.Посидим в жюри.Вопросы организаторам

Ютуб канал Валентины Val Tatboo
На развитие канала

Магазин тату оборудования ►

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Andy Black Shows Off His Batman Tattoos | INKED

Musician, Andy Black, talks to us about his tattoos, and tells about how Batman has inspired many of his tattoos.

#AndyBlack #TattooTour #Inked


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WTF! Louise’s outrageous tattoo has left her BLOODY angry. Period!

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