Peppa Pig makeup tutorial is a new breed of nightmare

Peppa Pig makeup tutorial is a new breed of nightmare

Peppa, what are you doing on this woman’s face? In case your nightmares have gotten a little boring lately, artist and YouTuber Jody Steel has created a truly horrifying makeup tutorial in which she transforms her face and neck into Peppa Pig’s entire body. A…

Edward Hopper’s Western Motel Is Being Turned Into a Hotel Room at the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts

Much like ‘Nighthawks,’ Edward Hopper’s 1957 painting ‘Western Hotel’ explored isolation in the modern world—though climbing inside it with a few close friends is probably less than lonely.

Andy Dixon’s Upcoming Exhibit Comments on Wealth & Luxury

Canadian artist Andy Dixon will hold his first solo exhibition in Hong Kong, titled “No Big Deal I Want More,” featuring fifteen new works on canvas. The paintings come from the artist’s three ongoing series: Auction House Objects, Paintings of Paintings and …

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KC tattoo Convention Gone Bad

KC Tattoo Convention gone wrong. Robbie Ripoll’s bone goes through his leg while doing a stunt! 😯
If every viewer could donate$1 to his fundraiser that would be awesome!

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Midleton Tattoo Show

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Beardy Beast -
World Tattoo Event -
Galway Tattoos –
Midelton Tattoo Show-

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How to paint a Tropical Pineapple in Acrylics with Strawberries for Beginners and Advanced Artists

Paint this bright colorful pineapple and strawberries step by step in acrylics. Beginners to acrylic painting will learn some easy ways to create this beautiful 8×10 art originally done by Renoir in the late 1800s. And our advanced artist will discover the tips needed to make a masterpiece. Aired before a live audience enjoy Artist Ginger Cook and technical film director Jon Little as we make this a show to remember and answer questions from the live chat audience.
heavy body acrylic paints.
titanium white
cad red medium . dioxazine purple, cad yellow medium, phthalo green, phthalo blue,
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Being the GOLD STANDARD in acrylic painting tutorials, Ginger Cook will be exploring the Fine Art of Acrylic Painting by offering tips and tricks to help you with your own acrylic paintings. During her live broadcasts, Ginger will be taking questions and may demonstrate the answer when possible.

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Twist Out Routine aND A NEW PIERCING-

There’s going to be a video in dedication to Momma Bean-
It’s just taking a bit longer to make HOWEVER-
i did film this Friday/Saturday and I wanted to share it with you angels.
You seem to be enjoying my hair videos and this is probably going to be the last one for a little while BUT-
i hope you do enjoy it!
i’m okay-
i’m getting there.
i’ll be back spamming my social media before you know it aha 💜💜💜💜💜
Be sure to follow Digital Daughter on SoundCloud an STREAM EEEEEEEEEVERYTHING-
tnku for always putting up with me #kitteekult
follow and tag the account so i can feature all your lovely faces!
(i appreciate you.)
thank you all again so much for the love and support, choosing to spend a few minutes of your day with me means sooooo DAYUM MUCH TO ME 💜
Stay tuned for more!!
Buhhhhhbye for meow! 💜

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“Suspension” takes body piercing to the extreme (Viewer Discretion Advised)

It seems as though everything can be taken to the extreme: extreme sports, extreme eating, even extreme couponing.But what about taking piercing to the extreme? It’s called “suspension.” Participants hang the human body from various hooks pierced directly through the flesh. Read more:

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