“How To Remove Paint Runs”-Automotive Paint And Body Tech Tips and Tricks

Getting runs in the clear coat on a car or truck can be a real nightmare!
It’s an easy simple fix when you have the knowledge and tools to do the job right! http://www.swrnc.com or 972-420-1293

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“How To Remove Paint Runs”-Automotive Paint And Body Tech Tips and Tricks


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G-Body Buick Regal Build, Checking Glass And Trim Off The List – Detroit Muscle S7, E19

Tommy and Marc give us some tips on painting trim and glass installation before our ’85 Buick gets a new interior. Plus a Chevelle owner in need of a little rescuing.

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1974 Corvette | Fiberglass Prep & Paint

Body and paint is one of the largest steps to a restoration project. The cosmetics of the car are extremely important because everyone wants to make sure that the car looks as good as it runs and vice versa. At the Guild, the process is more in depth and has more stages than a collision center Bodyshop. Though a collision center is perfectly setup for their purpose, ideally a car is merely being repaired of any damage that makes it unsafe and it is repaired cosmetically to a certain degree. The Guild’s primary goal when it comes to body and paint is longevity and with that comes a high level of cosmetics. We will often hear “I don’t want a show car, I just want a good quality paint job that lasts”. Unfortunately, the two are not mutually exclusive and one comes with the other.

This video shows the process of prep and paint on a fiberglass bodied car. We show some issues with even the best quality of aftermarket panels and why so much care must be put into the prep of a car before applying paint that should last for decades with proper care.

Executive Producer : Dave Grainger
Executive Producer : Janice Stone
Director : Christopher Rowana
Producer : Thomas Douglas
DOP : Stephen Hawkins
Sound Recordist : Timothy Harrison
Editor : Timothy Harrison
Intro/Outro Music : Daniel Willette

The Guild’s Classics is not endorsed or affiliated with the documentary series titled Restoration Garage or its affiliates.

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Paint Mixing Tips. Understanding Mix Ratios. How to Mix Paint at Eastwood

In this video we go over how to properly mix paint and how to understand mix ratios.

Get Mixing Cups: http://www.eastwood.com/universal-mixing-cups-1-qt-5-pc-set.html?utm_source=youtubeLIVE&utm_campaign=2016-11-17&utm_medium=annotation&utm_content=mixing%20cups

See Eastwood Paint Guns: http://www.eastwood.com/paints/paint-equipment.html?utm_source=youtubeLIVE&utm_campaign=2016-11-17&utm_medium=annotation&utm_content=paint%20guns

Pour It Lids & Supplies: http://www.eastwood.com/paints/paint-equipment/mixing-equipment.html?utm_source=youtubeLIVE&utm_campaign=2016-11-17&utm_medium=annotation&utm_content=paint%20supplies

Painting a car is a major job, so having the proper auto paint supplies and painting equipment on hand is essential if you want to produce truly professional results. Your most important projects start with any of Eastwood’s best paint guns, which include famous brands like DeVilbiss, Binks, and our own Concours and Evolution. Then select from our car paint supplies that include paint mixers, brushes, painter’s files, aerosol spray gun, color matchers and more.

For car body painting, you’ll want to choose from our wide selection of masking supplies as well as personal protective and safety supplies

For more information on Eastwood products visit www.eastwood.com or stay connected with the team via:
Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/eastwoodcompany
Instagram – http://instagram.com/eastwoodco
Blog – http://www.eastwood.com/blog

Eastwood has everything you need to do the job right when you’re restoring a car, truck or motorcycle – from welders to paint and everything in between.

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Basic Auto Body Painting Equipment Acquired✅

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I just invested in a few basic auto body painting equipment items! It’s just enough to get me started. Over the next several months I’ll be teaching my self and learning techniques in order to start painting cars. Never think twice about investing in your self 🙏🏽

#autobody #painting #car

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“How To Paint A Car”-By Yourself-Part 13-“HVLP Spray Gun Setup Instructions And Use”

“How To Paint A Car”-By Yourself-Part 13-“HVLP Spray Gun Setup Instructions And Use” My Friend Pete takes us through a step by step lesson on how to use an HVLP Spray Gun for painting our 1969 Chevy Chevelle. He also shows us how to paint the doors and fenders using the HVLP Spray Gun. http://www.swrnc.com or 972-420-1293

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How to Bondo Video – Car Dent Repair Using a Body Filler – ABTL Auto Extras

Some day you are going to wind up with a dent in your car. A good body shop can repair most dents using bondo. 3M makes a wide range of body repair and abrasives products. They have designed a general 4-step process for repairing car dents and other body damage using bondo.

1) The first step involves taking down the paint around the damaged area to the bare metal so you have a good surface for the bondo to stick to.

2) Step 2 is all about reinforced fillers. If you have a rust out or hole that needs to be filled then reinforced filler should be used. If you have a dent then stage 2 is about pulling the dent out.

3) Stage 3 is about filling in that dent with bondo body filler and sanding it down using anything from 180-400 grit sandpaper.

4) Step 4 is all about the painting process.

Bondo is a 2-part filler made up of a resin and a hardening agent.

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Painting Basics & Techniques – Part 1 of 2 with Kevin Tetz – Eastwood

Tips on painting, setting up a paint gun and spraying a car with an HVLP paint gun from Kevin Tetz (Trucks!)

Get a Concours Here: http://www.eastwood.com/eastwood-concours-2-hvlp-paint-gun-kit-in-aluminum-case.html?utm_source=youtube&utm_medium=annotation&utm_campaign=2013-07-29&utm_content=concours%20pro%20paint%20gun

The Eastwood Concours 2 – HVLP Paint Gun is a precision engineered gun designed for use by the seasoned professional or hobbyist. It is capable of producing a high-quality paint finish and will provide many years of trouble free service.

Uses only 5-9 CFM
1.7mm and 1.3mm Needle/Nozzle Sets
Lightweight Alloy Body
Stainless Steel Internal Components
Use for Both Solvent and Water Borne Coatings

The body is constructed of a highly durable and lightweight alloy with Stainless Steel internal components which are compatible with both solvent and water borne coatings. Convenient reference markings on the gun body and control knobs allow for accurate repeatability of gun settings. Designed for the ultimate in comfort and appearance.

– Eastwood Aerosol-Injected Cleaner & Lubricator –
Item #12846z
Eastwood’s award-winning Aerosol-Injected System directs a focused blast of cleaner or lubricant to penetrate deep into hard-to-reach places Our Aerosol-Injected Clean/Lube System was the 2011 Winner of Popular Mechanic’s™ Magazine Editor’s Choice Award for Product Innovation and Design! One of the key reasons was the engineered taper of each can’s nozzle that creates a tight seal to force the cleaner or lubricant deep into the tool or tubing, without blowback.
Choose below from the Cleaner or the Lubricator…or both!
360-degree valves even spray upside down!
Ideal for cleaning or lubricating anything around the car, shop and home
Buy both and SAVE over individual prices!

– SAS Bandit Respirator –
Item #11455
The Bandit dual-cartridge respirator is ideal for painting, rust proofing, air-brushing and general maintenance projects. It is NIOSH N95 and OSHA approved and can be used in a professional environment such as a body shop. The half-mask is constructed of soft thermoplastic polymer for maximum comfort and a tight facial seal. The head strap is easily adjustable and ensures a secure snug fit around the top and bottom of your head. The filters are positioned for optimum vision and balance and have a life span of about 50 hours (conditions breathing rate and usage will affect filter life).

Eastwood Company Ustream account for live automotive tech videos, car show streaming, and live product launches. Send us a suggestion for anything you’d like to see!

Since 1978, Eastwood has been supplying products to people who want to do the job right. Eastwood offers a complete line of hand tools, welders, plasma cutters & accessories, metal working tools, powder coating supplies, paint and paint guns, specialty paints and hard to find products – all for the DIY-er. Eastwood has all the tools and supplies you need to restore your car, motorcycle or truck.

Visit eastwood.com today.

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Spray Painting For Beginners

The purpose of this video is to explain the basics of Spray Painting, I will take you through 2 separate methods. We will Do 2 Panels, One with a Spray Gun and one with an Aerosol Spray Can (Rattle Can). I will take you through the basic tools and equipment required to do a DIY project fixing a small dent, scratch, prime and Spray Paint and how to Cut and Polish.
Learn the Basics of how to Spray Paint and follow this step by step guide to Spray Painting.
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