branding video, 2011, HOOK & EYE body piercing & tattoo studio,Witney,Oxford,Oxfordshire,UK

3rd of 7 videos following the opening of a new tattoo and body piercing studio in 2011, shot and edited over a period of 6 months.

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Most creative Bodypainting & Street Art for immersive Events – 2D meets 3D

At the Bar – Erste Testaufnahmen im Atelier des Künstlers.
(translation below)
Mit den Begehbaren Bildern kreiert der Künstler Michael Strogies eigene Raum- und Markenwelten.

Die begehbaren und immersiven Bilder heben die Ebenen zwischen 2D und 3D auf. Man taucht als Besucher in diese Welten ein und fragt sich was ist echt und was ist gemalt.

So entstehen “bewegende” Bilder zum Beispiel mit einem Bild eines Streichquartetts aus dem 18 Jahrhundert, dass im Bild Live spielt (Harry Potter lässt Grüßen) oder ein Fahrzeug fährt aus dem Bild heraus und verlässt die 2D Ebene und fährt auf die Bühne in die 3. Ebene.

So entstehen ganz neue Raumwelten – Bild im Bild Situation – Hyper Realtiy, Augmented Reality – 3D und 2D Welten treffen aufeinander.

Spannend für Raumgestaltung, Welcome Entertainment, Dinnermusik, Bühneninszenierung bei Events oder Pop Up Stores, Shops, Restaurant und Gestaltung des öffentliches Raums, Ausstellungen mit unterschielichen Raumwelten in den Bilder an er Wand ganz anders wirken. und die Raum die Bilder an der Wand erweitern.

Das eintauchen in die Bilder – das ist ein Erlebnis!

At the bar – First test shots in the artist’s studio.

With the walk-in pictures the artist Michael Strogies creates his own space and branded worlds.

The walk-in and immersive pictures suspend the levels between 2D and 3D. As a visitor, you dive into these worlds and ask yourself what is real and what is painted.

Thus “moving” pictures are created, for example with a picture of an 18th century string quartet playing live in the picture (Harry Potter sends his regards) or a vehicle drives out of the picture and leaves the 2D level and drives onto the stage in the 3rd level.

New worlds are created – picture in picture situations – hyper reality, augmented reality – 3D and 2D.

Exciting for interior design, welcome entertainment, dinner music, stage production at events or pop up stores, shops, restaurants and design of public space, exhibitions with different room worlds.

Diving into the pictures – that is an exiting experience you will never forget!

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Sumi-e Painting Lesson Basic

This sumi-e video tutorial includes ; ①Preparation for Drawing, ②Draw Bamboo Leaves, ③Side Stroke(Soku-hitsu), ④Size of fude

1. Make sumi ink

Put water in the hole part of suzuri.
Have a sumi bar and dip it into the water.
Grind sumi bar on the no water part of suzuri.
Hold sumi bar with 45 degree toward the surface of suzuri.
Grind sumi bar with very little power and grind it like drawing circle.
Imagine that tiny particle coming out of the ink bar.
The sense of sumi ink rises meanwhile.
Done when the water turns out the black ink.

2. Put sumi into Fude

Put fude into the water.
Put fude onto the clothe in order to wipe water out.
Don’t move fude, just put it on softly.
Shape the tip of the hair of fude(fude-saki) sharpened.
Put sumi ink into fude in the suzuri.
Squeeze sumi ink out of fude in the small white plate.
Draw fude on the edge of the small plate, to squeeze sumi out.

3. Calibrate the sumi ink black color

Put the water in fude.
Squeeze water out onto the sumi in the plate and mix it.
Squeeze out the whole mixed sumi-water, which turns out the light black.
Then, ladle that light black sumi into fude.
Dip the fude-saki into the sumi ink in suzuri.
Shape fude on the clothe.
You all set for drawing.

4. Draw Bamboo leaves : The example of straight stroke

Scratch back with the tip of the hair of fude (fude-saki)
Move down fude
Pushing fude onto the paper with moving down. (Two actions : moving and pushing)
The part of pushing fude will be the swell of the bamboo leaf
Then, Pulling fude off gradually along with the down-move of fude.(Two actions : moving and pulling )
Pull fude off with the fude-saki in order to get the bamboo leaf edge.
If you pull fude with the body of fude hair, the edge shape of bamboo leaf will be round.
In the end part of bamboo leaf drawing, fude leans down and the fude hair positioned at your side.
See the video the fude position change along with the fude hair.

5. Side stroke :

Prepare fude ( very very important )
Lean down fude with 0 degree at the paper.
Use the whole fude hair.
This technique apply to the tree trunk.

6. The size of fude

Fude hair is 3.5 cm length.
Made from the weasel.
I use only this size fude for all my works.
The change fude hair shape and control fude movement is essential for sumi-e technique.

Enjoy 🙂

日本語 :

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Rusty body piercing

It may be difficult to remove a piercing because of water, soap, lime, grease, sweat at other bodily liquids coming into the screw and cementing it. Read more: #izzylaif

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tattoo video, time-lapse, 2011, HOOK & EYE body piercing & tattoo studio,Witney,Oxford,UK

5th of 7 videos following the opening of a new tattoo and body piercing studio in 2011, shot and edited over a period of 6 months.

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