FORT LAUDERDALE TATTOO CONVENTION! | Villain Arts | Sunshine State Live Tattoo Expo!

Throwback to sunny Florida! Villain Arts came to Ft. Lauderdale to gather talented tattoo artists and dish out the beautiful work! As always we judge the best of the best from the weekend in a tattoo showcase and check-in with artists as they work! Shot by Jon Tuazon.


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Mystik – Tattoo Timelapse | London Tattoo Convention 2019

2019 marked the London Tattoo Convention’s 15th year, so what better way to celebrate all of the memories being shared than this “Nostalgic” lettering from Australian tattoo artist Mystik?

While at the 2019 London Tattoo Convention, we took some time out from filming our main video to capture some acclaimed artists working on a series of incredible tattoos!

Click the links below to also watch Grace Neutral, Mambo, El Uf, Lewisink, and Matthieu Duquenois show off their renowned body art skills!

Grace Neutral Timelapse:

Mambo Timelapse:

El Uf Timelapse:

Lewisink Timelapse:

Matthieu Duquenois Timelapse:

You can read about them in our blog here:

Watch our full video from the 2019 London Tattoo Convention here:

Read all about the 2019 London Tattoo Convention in our blog:

Tattoo Artist: Mystik

Mystik Facebook:
Mystik Instagram:

Videographer: Raim Grin


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Welcome To The Dark Side! Nocturnal ink review | That Tattoo Show

Welcome To The Dark Side! This week Mr Chris reviews Nocturnal Ink by Eternal.

World renowned tattoo artists Franco Vescovi and Jack Rudy have come together to provide an ink line that works like the drawing inks used in the industry with one important thing in mind: this ink is actually made for tattooing. With the same fluidity as those drawing inks, the Nocturnal Tattoo Inks are darker and shade even smoother. Nocturnal Tattoo Ink is organic with only three ingredients: organic pigment, ethyl alcohol, and sterilized water. No harsh chemical solvents are in this ink.

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Tell your friends, tell your priest, tell your lawyer, tell the judge – we’ll be out here every week slinging Tattoo nonsense, making it up as we go and generally winging it until we have something that resembles a show all about tattooing, conspiracy theories, music, coffee and probably a bunch of other stuff.

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The EASIEST WAY to make your Tattoos POP!

Sometimes all a tattoo needs is just a couple minutes of attention to bring them back to life and look how they once did when you first got your tattoo. After using this super easy and simple trick, you can bring back the vibrancy & POP they once had.

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Extremely Painful Rose Tattoo On The Knee

In this video I tattooed a rose on Niko’s knee. No need to say that it was extremely painful for him. It was also pretty tricky for me to do this tattoo because the skin is really weird in that area of the body. I will also show you a traditional Japanese meal (natto, rice and miso soup) that I often eat. You can see how I cook it and try it at home if you feel inspired! Don’t forget to hit the thumbs up and subscribe to the channel if it’s not already done. Thanks for watching!


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The Final Four – Tattoo Marathon: Elimination Tattoo | Ink Master: Shop Wars (Season 9)

The final four shops race to secure spots in the finale as Dave gives them perhaps the most grueling challenge yet: a tattoo marathon.

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