Tips on how to use a sponge to apply face paint

A quick look at how to apply face paint with a sponge. A list of supplies can be found here:
You can find more blog posts in my series about face painting ideas for birthday parties here:

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How to face paint tutorial By Whitney Myers

Tutorial by Whitney Myers, Finding Inspiration

Products Used:

Global Colours Fun Stroke New York, Standard Purple, Standard Yellow

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Rose One Stroke Face Painting Tutorial.

What I used:


TAG One Stroke Berry
TAG One Stroke Snake
Diamond FX Black
Diamond FX White


Mark Reid Round Brush #2
Royal Majestic 3/4 Flat Brush
Donna Dewberry #12 Flat Brush
Loew Cornell Filbert Brush #6
Mark Reid Round Brush #4

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Living Art America Bodypainting Competition 2013 – Preview

Living Art America bodypainting competition takes place in Atlanta every year. It is a world class competition – in 2013 9 countries participated in this spectacular show. This is a preview of the 2013 footage. For more visit and like us:

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Body Painting. Ethiopian Tribe – Planet Doc Express


Their artistic designs imitate the plumage of birds and the stripes of zebra; the white chalk mixed with water highlights their bodies, and, though it lasts only for one day, is long enough to shine out in ceremonial feasts.
Men, women and children alike all dance. And the rhythm is especially striking in courtship rituals.
The women of this Ethiopian tribe colour their hair with a mixture of animal fat and red clay; they wear brightly coloured necklaces, their arms boast numerous bracelets and they wear leather skirts.
Although the men are always more painted, the women often employ decorative scarring, shallow incisions that, with a coating of ink, acquire a unique touch that attracts the men.
The Karo were originally a tribe of hunter-herders, but they were forced to work the land in order to survive, due to the continuing scourges of tsetse fly which infected their animals and decimated their herd
To the southeast of the River Omo is the territory of the Karo, an ethnic group of barely 1,000 people.
They are constantly under threat: persistent droughts that cause a cycle of famine, a severe pandemic or a simple war with their powerful neighbors the Mursi could lead to their ultimate extinction.
Their customs and ways of life have remained the same for 500 years.



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5 Incredible Body Painting Artists Craig Tracy, Cho San, Nikki Shelley, Kay Pike, Gesine Marwedel

From fine art painting to face painting, CosPainting and optical illusions, in this video we look at the work of 5 incredible body painting artists, Craig Tracy, Chooo san, Nikki Shelley, Kay Pike, Gesine Marwedel.

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You can now translate this and other curious droid videos, see my video about it here

Body painting has been around for thousands of years with the use of clay and other natural pigments often in ceremonies by almost every tribe of people around the world and this has in a way has led to the modern use of cosmetics and makeup but on a more conservative scale.

Since the 1960’s there has been a revival of the body painting due in part to the changing attitudes of how we view the body in the main stream media.

Craig Tracy
Probably the most well know artist working in the area is Craig Tracy from New Orleans in the United States.
Craig has been an artist from childhood from when he was given the freedom and encouragement to follow his passions by his parents who could be best described as working class hippies.
His early years were filled with drawings and paintings but it was when he got an airbrush from his parents for his 15th birthday, it set the way he was going to work for the next 20 years.
Craig said, that it was when he painted his first face that it really clicked with him and later he realized he’d falling in love with bodypainting, though It took him a further 5 or 6 years before he took the subject seriously.
Thought the internet, he discovered other artists that he admired and studied their work and then developed his own ideas.
This led to his first series of 15 pieces called “the nature series” which was well received and some of the piece became iconic works in their own right and Criag has become one of the leading artists in this field.

Cho San – Hikaru Cho
In a world where most of the things we see online have been digitally altered in some way or even completely digitally created. Japanese artist Chooo San brings us body art which looks like it’s been created on a computer but is in fact all hand painted without a computer in sight.
Chooo San started her drawing with doodles of eyes she drew on the back of her hands during study breaks as an art student at the Musashino Art University in Tokyo, Japan,

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