Gabby Chest Dermal Piercing

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Money Shots: 0:31 and 0:59, 1:37 and 1:56
Check out the process of Gabby’s dermal anchor project piercings done by James at American Skin Art in Buffalo, NY! Gabby’s dermal project starts with James cleaning the area to be pierced. James then marks out the location of the first set of piercings, and measures to ensure symmetry and accuracy. The piercing begins with a hollow piercing needle with an angled tip that is used to remove a section of the skin. Next James twists the first dermal anchor into place. The skin will grow around the base of the anchors, keeping the piercing in place. Once fully healed, the tops can be screwed off and changed. On to the other side for second piercing! After the second anchor is inserted, James cleans up the area.
Gabby’s project requires two separate visits, so 6 weeks later she returns for her second set of dermals. The same process is repeated again.
Healing time is about 2-3 months. Dermal anchors are used for the initial piercing, and interchangeable tops can be switched out once healed.
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The Tea: Autumn Piercing Trends

Hey Body Candy Babes!

Happy Thursday bbs! Who else noticed a little extra color in the leaves this week? Thanks for joining me for my weekly e-zine, The Tea :).

Today’s topics:

– We picked five super trendy piercings that we’ve been seeing a lot of:

– Industrial piercings and septum rings are two classics that will never go out of style… But they are more popular than ever!

– Vertical labret piercings are trending right now – a great and different way to show off your bottom lip.

– Daith earrings are super cute and super flexible.

– “Medusa” philtrum piercings are a slightly edgier option than septum piercings, but just as beautiful – especially with an opal labret stud.

More content below! ♡

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Double Helix Piercing

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Money shot: the needle insertions are at about 0:27 and 1:23.

Watch as BodyCandy team member Kelly gets her ear cartilage pierced twice by James at American Skin Art in Buffalo, NY.

After thoroughly cleaning Kelly’s ear, James marks the placement of both piercings, clamps the area of the first piercing site, and pushes a hollow piercing needle through. This type of cartilage piercing is performed near the top of the ear where the helix (the outcropping of cartilage along the ear’s outside edge) meets the scaffa, the slightly concave plane or furrow just beneath it.

Jewelry is inserted into the first piercing, and the area is gently cleaned before prepping for the second puncture. Once both piercings have been completed, the backs of the jewelry are screwed into place, and Kelly is one step closer to the new look that she’s been wanting.

Helix piercings heal relatively quickly, and after just a few weeks of diligent aftercare, Kelly is already enjoying her cool new double helix piercing.

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