How I transform a model into an waterlily by bodypainting

A video about my painting at the botanical garden Erlangen (FAU). There I transformed a woman into a waterlily. That was an exciting project.
Thanks to all the people who supported me.

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Bodypaint Illusion – Butterfly by Johannes Stötter

More Illusions:

This work makes me sooo happy! I share it in the hope that it has the same effect on all of you. To share happiness is what means LOVE to me ❤️ I dedicate this artwork to my little doughter Linnéa. Johannes

Bodypainting, background painting & photo: Johannes Stötter
Video: Bernie Kofler/Reframe Production –
Assistants and production team: Vilija Vitkutė, Daniel Stötter & Bernie Kofler
Model: Laura Crocerossa
Music: Captain O’Kane, traditional / played on Celtic harp by Johannes Stötter (Album: On Fire by Burning Mind –

Take a look at the image on the Website:

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Body Painting: Halloween Dragon Scales

Hi folks here a new video, we tried to do something simple for halloween! We don’t really like it, but we wanna show you anyway! If you have any ideas for us, we would like hear them!
we also want say thanks to Lucrezia for my scary and very long nails! You can find her here:
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Alice Roberts – Anatomical Body Painting – Science for Schools

Dr Alice Roberts with a novel and beautiful way of demonstrating anatomy. Here she shows how the biceps and triceps muscles work together. Filmed at the Times Cheltenham Science Festival.
More courses and resources at

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Body Painting ِDoodle | Easy Acrylic Painting| How To|Amazing #acrylicpainting #easypainting

doodling on hand ” How To Paint Easy With Acrylics ” Body painting

Hi , in this video you will watch the Very Easy and an amazing Tutorial .today i paint two doodling on my hand , and you will watch both of them in this video , Enjoy !

what you need is:

1- Acrylic Colors

2- Brushes . big and small size. my small brush is a round brush .

3- your hands!

4- water to wash your brushes


i use free music for my video from this link :


i hope you love the video and make very beautiful paintings on your hand . enjoy and stay colorful .


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#SumBodyArtFlowUnites Day 8. SumBodyArt’s Multiverse Self Bodypainting Kali ABAA 2020

#SumBodyArtFlowUnites Day 8.
SumBodyArt’s Multiverse Self Bodypainting Kali Part 1 (Simplified version)

Love Story of Life: Creations & Destructions, Kali & Shiva, the TwinFlame Balance of Life ( Colours of India- ABAA 2020)

6)#TheFlowMustGoOn. I am grateful to be with Luna & have Art Healing, Flow Therapy & Reiki in my life. I am grateful to be a Pleiadian BodyPainting Shaman. 👐🏻🌈🌌💟🎨✡️🔥🌎

SumBodyArt’s Bodypainting Shamanism is not a job for me, it is what I was placed on Earth to do as a Pleaidian Soul Starseed. There are many things I have seen due to my gifts, my visions from the higher realm, that I know I am capable of giving and helping people on Planet Earth here. So I will continue that.

Humans need to wake up and really see what is important in our lives, and this planet on Earth. And this is like Gaia saying wake up, stop, what is really important in life here… The world needs Art Healing, love and reiki more than ever now. We are one and interconnected as one collective consciousness, we will see & understand in time as we are separated physically, our spirits & collective consciousness are still connected as one rainbow spectrum of light & love as an Earth Tribe! We are more than what we know we are…

Let your light within shine bright like the Sun!!! Let’s light up the Corona Darkness!!!! Together as an Earth Tribe, we can uplift each other with Art Healing & Flow Therapy! Post your Art/Flow/Dance/Cosplay photos & videos on socials with #SumBodyArtFlowUnites & tag me @SumBodyArt, we can unite & stay connected & be stronger together with love & lights as a collective consciousness through this! 🙂

I will be giving away the following gifts to 3 people who joins us in the #SumBodyArtFlowUnites Art Healing/Flow Therapy movement who need it the most:

1 Home Made mask, chocolate & 1 exclusive SumBodyArt’s Home Exhibition print each.

Reshare this post, tag 3 friends who I might be able to help. Stay safe, stay positive & stay connected.

@Diamond FX

Use Code “SumBodyArt” to save on amazing silk flow creations @TheBambooCloset. Featuring UV #FairyFlags, #Silkveilfans.

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Abstract Sky – Bodypainting

Voici le début d’une jolie aventure les amis.
Je tiens à remercier mes fabuleuses copines pour leur aide immense.
Réalisation: @sun4mix / @je_guette
Instagram: @Meta.Dali
Model: dont’t try bitch
Tous les produits sont listés dans la vidéo.
Musique proposée par La Musique Libre
KV – Bloc :
KV :

Musique proposée par La Musique Libre
MÆSON – Vinyl’s :

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Exhibition painting & bodypainting making of video Austria/China -THE PATH OF DAO

Painting and bodypainting melted in one are always an eye catcher at exhibition openings or special events. The fine art body painting merged with the canvas creates curiosity in the eyes of the observers. This artwork was created for the opening of the fine art exhibition The Lake-Blue Heaven, International Spring Art Salon on May 19. in the beautiful city of Qingdao, China. I participated with this installation and two other canvas paintings. The invited artists came from all around the world. We all had a brilliant experience, exchange and art discussions facing the differences between the art world in Asia and the Western countries. The exhibition was curated by the Chinese painter and curator Shan Hong. The painting is a cityscape with a few famous places in Qingdao, a city in eastern Shandong Province on the east coast of China. Since Qingdao was the birthplace of Taoism/Daoism/ the center of the painting is a Tao temple. The word Dao means way/path, therefore the central part is a path through the temple, symbolically a way through many gates and stages of life, personal, emotional and spiritual growth as human nature, beings, cultures, and countries, but also the path of the inner world of our own body as a temple of the human spirit, power, mind, faith and duality. All these elements of human nature cannot be easily grasped, explained or understood, their existence is similar to beauty or art-it is only in the eyes of the beholder.
Painting, bodypainting, camera, video: Bella Volen
Available worldwide, for bookings get in touch with my agent WB Production: or

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