PuschArt Bodypainting Farben Review & Look

Ya-Hallo und willkommen zurück auf meinem Kanal,
heute testen wir zusammen zwei der PuschArt Farben und schminken einen Look zusammen. Den Link zum PuschArt Kanal und Shop findet ihr ebenfalls hier in der Infobox.
Ein Besuch lohnt sich (natürlich erst nachdem ihr das Video fertig geschaut habt ;D)
Love Chiizu

PuschArt Kanal



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Bodypainting DOOR ART – ein Kunstprojekt von Jörg Düsterwald

(enthält #Werbung) Ein Film über das Bodypainting-Fotokunst-Projekt DOOR ART vom Künstler Jörg #Düsterwald.
Bei dem Kunstprojekt werden Aktmodelle durch Farbe und die Positionen detailliert und genau in die jeweiligen Umgebungen so integriert, dass die nackten Körper fast versteckt sind.

Viele #Bilder zu diesen künstlerischen Arbeiten sind auf der Website https://www.dewaldo.de zu sehen

(with #marketing)

Bodypainting photoart “DOOR ART” – a special project from the german artist Jörg Düsterwald.
In this art project nude models are detailed in color and position and precisely integrated into the respective surroundings so that the naked bodies are almost hidden.

Many pictures of these artistic works are on the website https://www.dewaldo.de

photographer: T. Skupin
(clip-music: YouTube – EASY DAY (Kevin MacLoad))

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Slow Motion @ the World Bodypainting Festival 2014 #2

This year we are determined to capture the art of Bodypainting in the highest quality available. There is so much more to the art than what stills photography alone can capture. The movement, energy and style of each performer brings the art to life and nothing captures that better than super slow motion. Shot on a Sony FS700 at 200 FPS it’s clear bodypainting was meant to be shot in slow-mo!

We will be releasing more short films over the year with some of the best artworks from the World Bodypainting Festival 2014.

Artist WB Instructor Yiulia Vlasova, Russia.

Visit http://www.wb-academy.com for her classes in Russia

Model Vitalia Abramova, Russia

Shot and cut Joshua D Lim | WB Production


Mich – Blue Flame [FREE DOWNLOAD] by »Mich« is licensed under a Creative Commons Licence.

The fusion of bodies and beats.


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The Home of Bodypainting, thoughts of Johannes Stoetter

Thoughts about World Champion and Bodypainting icon Johannes Stoetter who became world famous for his annimal illusions, his complex ideas and is simply a humble and wonderful person.

#wbf20years – celebrate with us the festival that grew the modern bodypainting art movement.


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Superhero Cosplay Bodypainting | NOR-CON | Paintopia

We had loads of fun at annual cosplay event, NOR-CON in Norwich, we were guest speakers on the stage and even got Danny John Jules to give bodypainting a go!
Jennie Roberts

Cat Finlayson

Angela Youngs

Chloe Kenny

Chloe Winslade

Grace Bodypaint Model

Emily Quantrill

Charlotte Austin

Daniel Kerry
TVK Photography

Vintage Hair
Flamingo Amy
Products Used:
Cameleon Bodypaint, Glittertastics glitter & Kryolan body powders

Lighting: The Makeup Light https://www.facebook.com/themakeuplight/?fref=ts
Become part of our online paint community, join us on:
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Paintopiabod…
Twitter: @Paintopia
Instagram: https://instagram.com/paintopiabodypa…
Music: YouTube Library

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Do you ever walk around with body paint on?

OPEN ME FOR LINKS! Be sure to give a thumbs up if you enjoy the video! Thank you for watching!

Thank you to everyone who attended the International Beauty Show in NY, and for those who stopped by the Mehron booth for my demos and classes! See you guys soon! Next stop, ABS in Chicago! After that, I will be at IMATS NY!

Second channel! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s57eDhj4dwI&feature=youtu.be

Purchase the bright blue brushes used in this video: www.madeulookbylex.com

Find me on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/madeulookbylex
Send me a Tweet: http://www.twitter.com/madeulookbylex
Insta-Awesome: @creativeboss
Tumblr: http://madeulookbylex.tumblr.com
I like to chat a lot: http://www.madeulookbylex.blogspot.com
YouTube: www.youtube.com/madeyewlook

I love letters and little things!
Alexys Fleming
PO Box 1079
Dundee, IL 60118-1079

Permission was granted for use in this video.
Music Provided by: Kevin Macleod
Track: Hidden Agenda
Find this track on: incompetech.com

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360 @ World Bodypainting Festival 2016

On stage, presentations of the category Brush/Sponge.

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KOTV 9: Body Painting in Santa Monica

KangOfTheVlogs 9 | May 28, 2016 | Summer Intern Vlog
New vlog Saturday – Monday at 10am PST!

Daily vlogging on my journey of my summer internship in Los Angeles, California.

Follow me:

E.DOZA – whatever it takes, Quem é Quem ft. JR Jarris


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World Bodypainting Festival | Trailer 2017/2

Klagenfurt am Woerthersee / AUSTRIA
July 24 – 30, 2017
A WB-Production Event presented by Kryolan.

WBF Trailer 2017
the World Bodypainting Festival, the world’s most colourful event with the World Championships, shows, music, fashion, workshops, demonstrations, exhibitions, photo areas and much more.
All details: www.bodypainting-festival.com

Filmed by WB-Production Crew @ the WBF
Video edited by Georg-Reinhold Linko

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