2016 – 04 3° Fabene Bodypainting Contest – Laura Siccardi J Murali

Painter Artista: Emanuele Borello
Modella Laura Siccardi J Murali
Tema : ” arti e mestieri”

IT: Tutti i miei video footage immagini stock in vendita
EN: My Footage Stock Images for sale
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Adobe Stock : https://stock.adobe.com/it/contributor/204184306/tinofotografie
Pond5 : https://www.pond5.com/artist/tinofotografie#1/2063

La mia Attrezzatura / My Gadgets

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Body Painting – Visual ASMR

Body Painting – Visual ASMR
Hi guys! This video was meant to be mainly a visual trigger, however, I fell in love with the brush sounds when I was editing. Please let me know in the comments if you would like another video of pure, uninterrupted brushstrokes!

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The Art Sherpa Cloud Set Beginning Acrylic Paint Brush Silver Brush Limited | TheArtSherpa

This is a Demo of the Art Sherpa Cloud Set of Acrylic Painting brushes. I will show you some of the strokes and techniques that these unique brushes can create. From a Detail drybrush, to a controlled scumble to thick impasto paint strokes. This guide should help anyone who has just received their brushes or is thinking about getting them to understand what they are and what they do. For more info about Art Sherpa Brushes check out our Website https://theartsherpa.com/brushes
Cloud brushes have a dome head in a #4 #6 #8 Red short handle. It is well weighted for the hand. Made with the Art Sherpa White Filament a firm robust brush head you can enjoy the control of. Easy to use and will hold up incredibly well. Cheerful vibrant Red.


Everyone is asking, “Where can I buy brushes?!” They are starting to find their ways into stores and hopefully a store near you soon. Follow @silverbrushlimited to get the Freshest Brush news.
The following stores currently have some of line:
Texas Art Supply (Houston, TX and Friendswood, TX)
The Brush Guys (online only, ship worldwide)
The following will receive shipments in the next 30 days:
King’s Framing and Art Gallery (Corbeil, ON, Canada)
Reprographics (Crystal Lake, IL)
Alabama Art Supply (Birmingham and Mobile)
Jerry’s Artarama (Online only)
Createx (Wholesaler in Germany)
We have distributors worldwide! If you want your favorite art supply store to carry brushes or any of our other lines, let us know who they are and we will try to get our distributors in touch with them! info@silverbrush.com

*** Assorted Brushes for Acrylic Painting ***
Medium flick resistance, synthetic Firm filament. Short Bristles and Bright Acrylic handle over wood and Synthetic fiber over natural .
I use Silver Brush limited brushed elusively
Do I have to have these brushes to paint Clouds?
No. There are many ways to paint Clouds and many tools to paint them with including your fingers. I have several videos that show other methods of Clouds and Scumbling

What other brush does the same thing as these brushes?
None that I am aware of at this time. The Reason I love Silver Brush Limited is that they are a leader in brush design and worked with me to create a very unique and special brush.

Will you only use these brushes now to paint clouds?
NO. I will continue to enjoy the full range of art tools available to me as an artists. Art is play

Will the filaments stay white?
No they will stain with certain pigments. But the light color will help you see if paint is still in the ferrule.

Is this is Sponsored video?
No BUT I benefit directly from the sales of these Brushes.

Are these really your brushes?
YES I am Partnered with Silver Brush Limited in these official Exclusive Brushes.

Have fun Live with during this BEGINNER HOW TO PAINT art lesson in acrylic art tutorial. This is an easy, fun, social art lesson for canvas. We talk about art and other fun subjects. With help and guidance, anyone can paint. You can paint!

Want to see something? Just comment! Tell me what you’d like to paint, or what you want to know about art. This is YOUR art journey. Open your heart and access your art.

Did you sell a painting of my original design via private sale? Congratulations and big art high fives!

This artwork is under copyright and is intended for the viewer’s personal enjoyment.

If your paintings of my original design are offered for sale in a retail setting of any kind, please attribute ‘Original design by Cinnamon Cooney, . www.theartsherpa.com’

Please, create no prints or mechanical reproductions of your paintings of my original design.

Subscribe: http://bit.ly/TheArtSherpaSub
Check out my TopVideos! http://bit.ly/TheArtSherpaTopVideos

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Website: https://theartsherpa.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TheArtSherpa/
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#Brushes #TheArtSherpa

About The Art Sherpa:
Artwork and video is the sole property of The Art Sherpa™ and intended for the students personal education and Enjoyment. For questions regarding using any Art Sherpa painting in a commercial setting labs@theartsherpa.com for all other questions support@theartsherpa.com Read our full disclosure here that covers partnerships and affiliate links http://bit.ly/affiliatedisclosureTAS

The Art Sherpa Cloud Set Beginning Acrylic Paint Brush Silver Brush Limited | TheArtSherpa

The Art Sherpa

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Learn Colors for Kids Children Glitter Hand Body Paint Finger Family Nursery Rhymes Learning Video

Sing Finger Family Song Nursery Rhymes & Learn Colours with this Fun Educational Video Compilation for Children & Toddlers. This Kids Learning Video Teaches ABCs, 123s, Colors, Shapes & More with Catchy Songs & Colorful Toys for Kindergarten Students & Preschoolers.

Learn Colors Glitter Hand Finger Family Nursery Rhymes 00:04
The Alphabet Song (3D) 01:06
Play Doh Alphabet Lesson (Letter A) 04:08
I’m a Little Teapot (3D) 04:58
Yellow Tiny Remote Control Car 07:23
Colors of the Alphabet 08:00
Super Circus 3D Alphabet Buses (EFGHI, JKLM) 09:35
Play Doh Colors Spaghetti (Pink Spaghetti) 10:07
Family Song (3D) 11:10
Groundhog Hammer Bench Teach Colors 12:59
Shapes Chant (3D) 13:53
Learn Colors Finger Family Nursery Rhymes 16:00
Count to 10 (3D) 17:01
Paint Mixing (Green) 18:40
Gumball Machine 18:55
Pink Bus Wait for Me (3D) 19:44
Colors of the Alphabet 22:21
Play Doh Numbers Spaghetti (Number 5) 24:00
Wheels on the Bus #1 (3D) 24:47
Play Doh Shapes Surprise (Red Circle) 26:32
Paint Mixing (Purple) 27:34
Island Vegetables Groove (3D) 27:59

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Acrylic landscape painting techniques. Lessons for beginners Part 2

http://www.willkempartschool.com Painting techniques on how to paint an acrylic landscape painting. In this painting lesson professional artist Will Kemp shows you step-by-step how to get started with acrylics for the absolute beginner. This is Part 2 – How to paint clouds with acrylics.

I use a filbert brush and a round for the details. The paints are Golden heavy body acrylics

Part 1 of step-by-step free video series with professional artist Will Kemp. Material list including canvas, acrylic brushes and acrylic paints I use in the video are on my blog http://willkempartschool.com/acrylic-landscape-painting-techniques-lessons-for-an-absolute-beginner-part-1/

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Acrylic landscape painting techniques. Lessons for beginners Part 4

http://www.willkempartschool.com Painting techniques on how to paint an acrylic landscape painting. In this painting lesson professional artist Will Kemp shows you step-by-step how to get started with acrylics for the absolute beginner. This is Part 4 – How to finish a painting with acrylics.

I use a filbert brush for most of the painting.
The paints are GOLDEN heavy body acrylics

Part 4 of step-by-step free video series with professional artist Will Kemp.

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Personally speaking today’s video is painting the hands and feet of my younger brother LUCCA .

Fala pessoal o vídeo de hoje é pintando as mãos e os pés do meu irmão caçula LUCCA espero que vocês gostem.




APRENDA CORES COM A MAMÃE – Learn Colors with Mom Face Painting for Children Finger Family Song: https://youtu.be/o6QHkS5-RMk

APRENDA CORES BRINCANDO | Learn Colors with ball for Children, Toddlers and Babies Learning Activity: https://youtu.be/kACrFAFvcIw

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How to Paint Your Car – Step by Step – PART 1

How to Paint your car at home.

Step by Step guild on how to spray your car and fix minor dents or dings using body filler. Part 1 includes going over the basics and how a HVLP spray gun is cleaned before being put to use.

Tools and Products Used in the Video:

HVLP Spray Gun: http://amzn.to/2bcOsVV
Spray Gun Cleaning Kit: http://amzn.to/2bmEuCN

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