Helllooooo Everyone,

Nothing’s really going on is there, so I thought I would do a little story time about my 4 tattoo’s!

If you have any tattoo idea’s, advice, or horror stories I’d love to hear them in the comments down below!

Enjoy! Liv xxx

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Reptile Skin Body Paint Tutorial • Грим за Halloween – Влечуго | MANDYLICIOUS

Hi, guys! Here is my tutorial for a reptile skin body paint. This is not a professional lesson – this is how I chose to do it. If you enjoyed it, please like and share your opinion in the comments bellow. Thank you! :*

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Здравейте! Представям ви едно предложение за грим – избрах да направя кожа на влечуго. Това не е професионален урок, а просто моята интерпретация. Ако гримът ви е допаднал, моля, харесайте клипа и споделете мнението си в коментарите. Благодаря! :*

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Музика: LIYAN K – Position

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