Car Painting: How to Spray Clearcoat

Not all finishes are perfect but after learning how spray guns work you will gain knowledge in order to spray flat clearcoat finshes on your car or any project!


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Beginner’s Guide to Painting a Car

In this episode we pair up with Scorpion Paint to show you the basics of painting a car. You will learn the various types of materials needed to paint your project as well as the proper mixing ratios and drying times. This episode is packed full of information when it comes to applying the paint smooth enough to achieve a beautiful finish. Go ahead and hit that play button to begin the learning!

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Eagle Abrasives Sand and Nib Pad:

Super Assilex Sheets K600 Job-Pak:

Super Assilex Sheets K800 Job-Pak:

Iwata Sealer and Spray Guns:

Luma III:

Clearcoat: Por-15 American Icon:

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How to Touch Up Paint on Your Car

Touch up paint. How to touch up paint on your car, DIY with Scotty Kilmer. How to use air brush on a car. How to fix and repair paint on your car. All you need is a small air brush kit and some patience to touch up car paint. DIY car repair with Scotty Kilmer, an auto mechanic for the last 50 years.

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⬇️Things I used in this video:
1. Airbrush Paint Kit:
2. Paint Reducer:
3. Clear Coat Aerosol:
4. Sand paper:
5. Tack Cloth:
6. Disposable Gloves:
7. Common Sense
8. 4k Camera:
9. Mini Microphone:
10. My computer for editing / uploading:
11. Video editing software:
12. Thumbnail software:

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Car Painting: How to Mask a Car for Paint like a Pro!

Masking can be overwhelming, from not knowing where to place the tape or which tapes to use. In this Episode we cover all the basics of how to properly mask your vehicle for paint. We also are feature “The Tape Thing” and “The Tape Caddy.” If your interested in getting yourself hooked up with the gear then visit the link below!

Collision Edge:

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How To: Prepare the body of your scale model before paint

This is Part 1 of the build video series on the VW Golf MK1 GTI build, but more so a How To on preparing the body before paint
Links to the products i use are bellow
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My Workbench:

My airbrushes and setup:
1BAR(14PSI) of air pressure through the gun.

I use a Eurotech 20A Aircompressor

A Spray booth i recommend:

The booth i made myself:

Zero paints store locator:

Grey Primer:



General Tools:

Sanding sticks:


Tape with plastic sheet:


Tamiya Weathering Set:


Cutting Mat:

Clearparts glue:

CA Gleu:

Plastic Cement:





Decals Solutions:

Panelline scriber:

Permanent markers:

Sanding sponges:

Spray stand:

Parts holders:

Panelline accent color:


Proxxon Micromot 50E:

Hand Drill/Pin vice:

Hole Punch:

Camera Gear:

Head Strap:


Check out Scaled world and get your builds featured!

In my videos I’m showing all sorts of tips and trick about model car building. I do tutorials( how to’s ),model kit builds,unboxing reviews and all sorts of other scale model related stuff.

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I Learn How To Vinyl Wrap A Car

Follow Carlos on IG : for Vinyl wrap questions and Quotes
People have been asking what do we do on our day to day lives. I meet up Carlos to see the Art behind vinyl wraps.

Vinyl Wrap DIY KIT :
Cut Tape :
Full Kit :

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Learn How to Paint BARKING JOY RIDE with Acrylic – Paint and Sip at Home – Fun Step by Step Tutorial

VIDEO DESCRIPTION This painting tutorial will take you through easy to follow, step-by-step instructions on how to paint this adorable summer landscape pet portrait of “BARKING JOY RIDE” with acrylic paint. You’ll learn simple painting techniques that will help you to develop a realistic natural looking furry friend hanging out the side of an automobile window on a bright summer day with a blue clear sky, the hint of roadside land and a road leading around the corner. Maybe your dog is a poodle, a Labrador, a terrier, or just a mutt, as mine is. Get inspired by your own pooch or use your imagination to create a unique mixed breed! You’ll learn how to add dimension in the landscape with the use of subtle perspective, in the car with minimal details and in the dog’s fur and body shape with a layering technique. You’ll also learn how to paint a reflection in the glasses using an impressionistic style of painting. With the addition of properly placed shadows and highlights the glasses will appear to be 3d and pop out of the canvas with a real photo quality. With perfectly proportioned features in the canines face and realistic movement in the fur being blown by the wind, the adorable puppy will look like it’s having the time of its life just watching the world go by on the warm summer day as he travels to the beach, or for a hike, or to a picnic, or to the park. The brilliant color in the sky, void of any clouds, lets you know that the weather is perfect for this adventure. With the construction of the composition you’ll learn to paint this realistic looking outdoor activity with a car traveling down a country road with the drivers best friend enjoying the fresh air. Customize the dog if you’d like with different color fur, a collar, or a different style of sunglasses. Creativity is always encouraged, just have fun with it! This painting is sure to impress the viewer and compliment the décor of any room. Using only 2 brushes and 7 colors we’ll create this conversational masterpiece with a magnificent lively landscape and a charming canine who’s excited about the day in front of him. So let’s get painting and let’s get sipping!


Canvas: 16×20 stretched primed canvas Brushes: 1/2 inch flat bristle (large), #6 round synthetic (small)
Acrylic Paint: titanium white, mars black, deep yellow, burnt umber (brown), green oxide, fire red, cobalt blue
Other: #2 pencil, 9 inch paper plate, palette, cup of water for washing brushes, paper towel for drying brushes


1. #2 pencil and paper plate – Draw initial sketch
2. 1/2 inch bristle brush – Paint the sky with blue and white
3. 1/2 inch bristle brush – Paint the road with black, brown and white
4. 1/2 inch bristle brush – Paint the land with black, brown, green, yellow and white
5. 1/2 inch bristle brush – Paint base coat of car with black
6. 1/2 inch bristle brush – Paint base coat of dog with brown
7. #6 round brush – Paint car details with brown, yellow, white and black
8. #6 round brush – Paint 1st layer of glasses, nose and mouth with black
9. 1/2 inch bristle brush – 2nd step to fur with black, brown, red, yellow and white
10. #6 round brush – Paint the colored part of rim glasses with red and white
11. #6 round brush – Paint the reflections inside glasses with blue, white, brown, green, yellow and black
12. #6 round brush – Finish nose with black, brown and white
13. 1/2 inch bristle brush – Finish fur with brown, tan (made in step 7), white, red and yellow
14. #6 round brush – sign with black

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Phone: (413) 205-8346

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Car Painting: Full Car Paintjob Guide

In this video @BodeVision and I go over the full instructions in order to paint your own car. From proper technique to mixing, this guide includes all the ins and out when it comes to painting a car on your own. Make sure to watch the full video so you don’t miss hidden tricks along the way! Also make sure to check out a up and coming channel @custom cars and collision


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Below are the Products used and Paint Gun Settings:

Aerosol Injected Cleaner:

CC500 Paint Gun:

LUMA III Aurora 2 DV Light:


Astro Sunlight:


Starter Kits include an assortment of grits & compatible accessories:

Tolecut Complete Starter Kit (K800-K3000):

Super Assilex Sheets Production Starter Kit (K240-K600):

Super Assilex Sheets Finishing Starter Kit (K600-K1500):

Super Buflex Sheets Starter Kit (K2000-K3000):

Additional Accessories:

Hand Sanding Block:

Interface Pad for Hand Sanding Block:

Super Assilex Sheets Hand Pad:

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DV1 14-16 PSI
Fluid: Wide Open
Fan: Wide Open

CC500 26-30 PSI
Fluid: Wide Open
Fan: Wide Open

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Introduction To Collision Repairs-Paint And Body Tech Tips

My Friend Pete takes us to Auto Collision School as he walks us through the In’s and Out’s of what it takes to repair a Hard Hit Wrecked Car. What Parts To Buy and How To SAVE MONEY BUYING Them! Watch Listen And Learn ALOT on this Video. or 972-420-1293

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Introduction To Collision Repairs-Paint And Body Tech Tips


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Car Painting: Beginner’s Guide to Getting Primer Ready for Paint

So you just sprayed your primer but you are now completely lost on which steps to go from here. In this video you will learn which grits to use and when to use them to effectively create a surface that is ready for paint! Click to see the FULL Video!


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