Jumping Horse Body Art Tutorial (REQUEST)

If you would like to add more detail to the horse, here are the steps to follow~
1. Paint the shape of the horse with the color you would like him to be instead of black.
2. With a lighter and darker shade, add the first layer of shading.
3. With the colors from the last step, define the hair of the mane and tail.
4. Darken the tip of the nose and hooves, along with the inside of the ears.
5. With black, add the eye and nostril.
6. Finish with final details and a reflection in his eye.
I hope you found this tutorial helpful! Please share you recreations with me on facebook and twitter, I always love the see them!!!!
Facebook ~ www.twitter.com/hotpinkzebrapolish
Twitter ~ www.twitter.com/HPzebrapolish

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Easy One Stroke Hearts with Swirls: Face Painting Tutorial

Face Painting Tutorial: Learn how to paint a simple, fun and quick one-stroke design with pink hearts, teardrops and swirls. Can be adapted to a face or body design. One stroke techniques are a great way to impress and make quick designs on the job.

Check out the rest of our channel for more face painting ideas!


Products Used –
3/4″ Angle Brush – The Painting Shop
#4 Round – Loew-Cornell
#1 Round – Loew-Cornell

White – Diamond FX
One-Stroke – Dublin Fun Stroke by Global Body Art

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Rose Body Art Tutorial

This would look so pretty for Valentines Day!
Here is a link to photo if you want to look at it while you are painting ~ https://www.facebook.com/HotPinkZebraPolish/photos/a.539948222723173.1073741825.458693404181989/874530072598318/?type=1&theater
I hope you give it a try! Please share recreations with me on facebook or twitter! Also don’t forget to click “Like” and “subscribe” to support my channel!
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Twitter ~ www.twitter.com/HPzebrapolish

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Basic Butterfly Face Painting Tutorial

FACE PAINTING COURSES – http://ashleahenson.com/

In this face painting tutorial I show you how to create a very fast Butterfly design.
Please give the video a thumbs up if you enjoyed it!

Have you seen my Monster tutorial? – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dci1LjVgyhA


Grimas – http://www.facepainting.uk.com/water-makeup.html
Diamond FX – http://www.thefacepaintingshop.com/Di…
Mama Clown Glitter – http://www.sillyfarm.com/store/index.php?
Loew Cornell Brushes (Gold Grip) – http://www.sillyfarm.com/store/index.php?p=catalog&mode=catalog&parent=516&mid=0&search_in=all&search_str=&pg=2


Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/Ashlea.Henson
Twitter: https://twitter.com/AshleaHenson
Instagram: http://instagram.com/ashleahenson
Other Channel: http://youtube.com/XMIMICKSX


If you have any requests or ideas for future videos please leave me a comment.

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Airbrush Makeup tutorial

Step by step instruction how to create this Fantasy Airbrush Makeup, Makeup tutorials as well as Bodypaint instructional videos will be coming each week. Thanks for visiting my channel and I hope you enjoy the video. I created these videos some time ago and thought I would share them with you. www.thehumancanvas.com

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Spiderman Face and Body Paint Tutorial

Online Art Classes and Shop:

In this video, I will show you how I made this Spider Man face and body paint design. I am loving the bright red color here because I don’t use a lot of red in my designs otherwise. I am feeling really inspired by the superhero theme, so look out for more super hero designs in the near future!

-Global Body Paint in Red: https://goo.gl/nfneGc
-Wolfe Body Paints in Black & White: https://goo.gl/TrDJtL
-Mermaids Forever Eyeshadow Pallete: https://goo.gl/cZz32x
-StarBlend Powder in White: https://goo.gl/26ngV6
-Amerikan Body Art Glitter in Firetruck Red: https://goo.gl/fxv8Gx
-Mama Clown Glitter in Iridescent Clear: https://goo.gl/5EkGB9
-ELF Liquid Eyeliner: https://goo.gl/uWwVAD

MUSIC Used is “No Lock, No Key” by Mozi Music: https://soundcloud.com/mozi-music

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Cinema 4D Lesson 34 – Unwrap Mapping, BP UV Edit Interface, Painting, Colors, UV Polygons and Map

Cinema 4D – Lesson 34 – Unwrap Mapping, BP UV Edit Interface, Painting, Colors, UV Polygons and Mapping, Export to Photoshop, Import Back as Texture, Packaging Render


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Jay Bautista – Butterfly Mask – Free FabaTV.com Tutorial


FABAtv https://bit.ly/1V6Qdpw is your online Face and Body Art Classroom for hour-long classes in full HD, taught by international artists! Body painting, face painting, henna, prosthetics, airbrushing and MUCH more! Learn step by step in the comfort of your own home with new Video releases every Monday

FabaTV LIVE – Every month we host a free live class taught by your favorite artists, such as Cameron Garrett, Marcela Murad, Mark Reid, Melissa Munn, Gio Guzman, Wiser and more! Watch the next scheduled live class for free at https://bit.ly/1V6Qdpw

Hope you enjoy our videos! Please like them and share! Subscribe today to learn more to earn more! Visit our website: https://bit.ly/2a5KRdq
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Join us at the FABAIC – Face and Body Art International Convention held each year in South Florida. https://bit.ly/2adMN5a
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The Secret To Pro Tattoo Designs | That Tattoo Show

Learn The Secret To Pro Tattoo Designs today and Take Your Tattoo Designs To The Next Level with Affinity Photo for the iPad. Improve your Digital Workflow and become a Kick Ass Tattoo art designer!

Follow us on Instagram:

Tell your friends, tell your priest, tell your lawyer, tell the judge – we’ll be out here every week slinging Tattoo nonsense at you. If you want to read more then Paul has a blog here» https://modernelectric.tattoo/tattoo-blog/

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The eye-catching art of body painting | DW English

Mirjana Milosevic, alias Kika, can tie her body in knots or remove her own head. She creates her illusions by painting her own body with surrealistic images that threaten to break the viewers’ brains.
More Euromaxx: http://www.dw.com/english/euromaxx

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