Face & Body Paint By Simone Canal

Face Painting and Body Painting made by Simone Canal during events and Parties.
Increasing his personal Artistic Portfolio and of course his experience on Art Sector.

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Body Painting Art (The XX Intro) LSAD

3rd Year Painting & Video Project. Limerick School of Art & Design.

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How to Draw Ironman- Full Body- Video Lesson

Learn how to draw a full body Ironman in this easy step by step video tutorial. All my lessons are narrated and drawn in real time. I carefully talk through each and every line I place.

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tattoo video, time-lapse, 2011, HOOK & EYE body piercing & tattoo studio,Witney,Oxford,UK

5th of 7 videos following the opening of a new tattoo and body piercing studio in 2011, shot and edited over a period of 6 months.

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Art Lesson: How to Paint Halloween Skull Using Face Paint



Mont Marte Body Art is ideal for makeup artists, children’s parties, school fetes & festivals, sports fanatics and more. Formulated from the highest quality cosmetic grade ingredients, it applies easily with a sable or taklon brush leaving rich and vibrant colours. Create stunning and intricate designs using the huge array of Mont Marte Body Art’s vivid colour selection.

General Usage

Always dampen your brush before you dip into the pigment. Make sure your brush is clean to avoid cross colour contamination. Colours are brighter and more vibrant when used alone. Colours can be lightened with water. Colours can be mixed. Colours are very strong so a light coat is usually preferred. For multiple layers a thin layer must be put down first then a thick dryish layer on top.
• Water based
• Non Toxic
• Cosmetic grade ingredients

At Mont Marte we believe “art should be available for everyone to enjoy” and that’s what we set about doing.
Over the past 10 years with those words echoing in our ears we have expanded from a few basic art lines to build a comprehensive range of quality art products that just about anyone can afford and enjoy.

We are all committed to our core belief that “”art should be available for everyone to enjoy” and that means worldwide, not just in Australia.

Affordable art supplies brought to you by Mont Marte


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Acrylic Seascape Painting Lesson (Pt 1) – Painting A Beach Scene Background

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Acrylic Seascape Painting Lesson (Pt 1) – Painting A Beach Scene Background

Video Transcript:

Hi, this is Adam Paol Seagram and in this lesson series, we are going to paint a complete seascape beach scene with a palm tree.

This is going to be a long tutorial so we decided to break it up into 3 parts.

In this first installment, we are going to focus on painting the sky and background of our beach scene.

Let’s get started!

Painting Materials

For this lesson, the paint we are going to be using are: titanium white, brilliant blue, and phthalo green.

The brushes that we are going to use are: a house painter’s brush (a large blush for covering big areas), a medium flat bristle acrylic brush, and a palette knife.

Step #1 – Establish Horizon Line & Paint In Sky & Clouds

The first step is to establish a horizon line with your pencil. In this case, we placed the horizon line 12 inches down from the top on a 20 inches tall canvas.

Next, we are going to fill in the sky with a light blue color. To mix the paint, use a mixture of a lot of white paint, a little bit of blue, and some water.

Then use the big painter’s blush and fill in the sky. Leave some negative space in your sky to take the place of clouds.

Step #2 – Paint In Ocean

Next, mix a little bit of green into our light blue paint because tropical oceans have a hint of green in it.

Then using horizontal brush strokes, fill in the ocean area. Let the lines that your brush naturally make add some texture to the ocean.

Also, use some diagonal back-and-forth brush strokes to create from texture at the bottom of the ocean. This will represents the waves crashing into the shore.

Step #3 – Paint In Clouds

Now we are going to wash out our big brush and go back to the clouds.

We’ll put some pure white paint right onto the canvas in the cloud area and and mush that paint around with our big brush.

Let the white paint cross into the sky area a little.

Once you have the sky filled in with white, take some of the paint that is still left on the brush and put some horizontal strokes over the ocean area.

This will give ocean some highlight and cause it to look alive and in motion.

Now let your painting dry fully before going to the next step. You can set it in the sun to speed up the drying time.

Step #4 – Soften Sky & Highlight Ocean

The next step is to take some light blue and soften up the sky. We want to take out the hard streaks and smooth out the paint.

Then use some pure white paint and a little bit of water and go over the surf area in the ocean to give it some highlight.

Once again, let your painting dry before continuing.

Step #5 – Paint In The Sandy Shore

Now, let’s clean out our brush so we can mix some new colors.

We’ll take some white and mix it with a TINY bit of black, yellow, and red. We are trying to create a very light brown color to paint the sandy shore.

Then take your brush and put in a small shore in the corner of the canvas.

Let this layer of paint dry.

Step #6 – Build Dimension For The Clouds

Once the shore is dry, we’re going to take some pure white paint and fill in the body of the shore.

The pigment that is still left in our brush will mix with the white and create the very light brown.

Just fill in the inner area of the shore (do not go all the way to the edge). We want to create a 3 dimensional effect where it looks like the shore has many layers.

Then take some more white paint and fill in the cloud area again.

Don’t fill in the entire area. Leave a few blue spots here and there to add interest to the clouds.

By putting in multiple layers of white (each one of a slightly lighter tone) we create a dimension to the cloud and make them look fluffy.

Use the brush to give the clouds a bit of a more defined edge.

Step #7 – Paint Cloud Reflections

After that, take some white paint and create a little reflection of the cloud in the ocean.

You can do this by putting some horizontal brush strokes here and there in the ocean in the areas right underneath the clouds.

This is a very subtle effect. You don’t need to put in a big block of white, just a few strokes is enough.

And then lastly, put some highlight into the shore and surf area and we are finished!

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Figure Drawing Lesson (Draw Along: Febuary 16th, 2016)

In today’s weekly figure drawing lesson we will cover gesture, anatomy and shading the human body.

Today’s guide will include:
-Two, one minute poses focusing on gesture
-A two minute pose on gesture and a small portion of anatomy
-A five minute pose on breaking gesture and anatomy
-A 25 minute pose on gesture, anatomy, and shading the human body.

Optional tools:
-A pen
-(try not to use an eraser!)

If you enjoy, please feel free to hit that like and subscribe button…also.. Thank you for watching!

How to draw gesture: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JGZqQ1NH1Mw&index=1&list=PLVI8a5CZU6yOdVzany8SKOvWLFLihAW3N

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Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ryanorourkeart/

More Free Tutorials: https://www.youtube.com/user/RandomRuggles

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