Sample Lesson Acrylic Flowers V5049

Learn how to paint with acrylics. This is a sample of the format that we use to teach an online course.
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Body Painting : Attrape reve + bétisier

⥥⥥ ♥ Je ne dis pas un mot, je dis tout en barre d’info! ♥ ⥥⥥

♥♡♥ Merci d’avoir regardé ♥♡♥

Pour en savoir plus sur les tatouages éphémères, rdv ici :

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The Worst Tattoos Of Season 2 | Ink Master

At the end of every Ink Master challenge, there are some good tattoos… and there are some bad tattoos. These are the worst tattoos from Season 2, including a fat grandma portrait, a not-so-pretty pinup, and much, much more.

#InkMaster #ParamountNetwork

Welcome to the official Ink Master YouTube channel. New videos every week!

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One Million Rosebuds Body Paint

Today, I got some roses painted on my body in celebration! That’s normal… Right?

Photos from the shoot:

Rosebuds On MA BODAY

Snapchat: arose186
Twitter: @ardenrose186
Instagram: arose1860

For any/all business inquiries please contact with Arden Rose in the subject line.

Thank-you to Daisy, Dayv, Julie, Lauren, and Shaun for making this shoot possible. You guys are awesome, and I can’t wait to work with all of you again!

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my first body paint – sj4000 – child painting a body – BODYPAINT – funny fun laughs

a child painting a hand with a pen,
He is very young but he is fond of paintings,
loves to paint anything
this time a hand
the child laughs a lot

sj4000 recorded with the camera, 1080p fullhd

cartoon_hoetown of
free youtube library

mi primer body paint – sj4000 – niño pintando un cuerpo
pintura corporal

un chiquillo pinta una mano con un bolígrafo,
es muy jóven pero ya es amante de las pinturas,
le encanta pinta cualquier cosa
en esta ocasión una mano

grabado con la camara sj4000, 1080p fullhd

cartoon_hoetown de la
biblioteca gratuita de youtube

ein Kind malt eine Hand mit einem Stift,
Er ist sehr jung, aber er gern von Gemälden ist,
liebt, etwas zu malen
dieses Mal eine Hand

sj4000 aufgenommen mit der Kamera, 1080p Full-HD

cartoon_hoetown von
Free YouTube Bibliothek

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Slow Motion @ the World Bodypainting Festival 2014 #2

This year we are determined to capture the art of Bodypainting in the highest quality available. There is so much more to the art than what stills photography alone can capture. The movement, energy and style of each performer brings the art to life and nothing captures that better than super slow motion. Shot on a Sony FS700 at 200 FPS it’s clear bodypainting was meant to be shot in slow-mo!

We will be releasing more short films over the year with some of the best artworks from the World Bodypainting Festival 2014.

Artist WB Instructor Yiulia Vlasova, Russia.

Visit for her classes in Russia

Model Vitalia Abramova, Russia

Shot and cut Joshua D Lim | WB Production


Mich – Blue Flame [FREE DOWNLOAD] by »Mich« is licensed under a Creative Commons Licence.

The fusion of bodies and beats.

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Blind Tattoo Design Pick With A Difficult Canvas | Ink Master Redemption Story

On Season 2, Nick was given a very difficult — and indecisive — canvas that got him sent home. So when he’s given the opportunity to earn redemption, will he pull it off or will she stand in his way?

#InkMaster #InkMasterRedemption #ParamountNetwork

In “Ink Master: Redemption,” human canvases from previous “Ink Master” seasons, who left unhappy with their tattoos, return to the shop for a chance at new ink. Each episode will feature a different twist, including the risk that your tattoo artist is the same one who gave you the original tattoo.

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Animal Body Painting Video by Bella Volen in South Korea Seoul 2014

Bella Voles is a professional visual artist and spent the month of October 2014 in South Korea, where she created art projects and gave Workshops, representing WBA- World Bodypainting Academy.
This work was a demonstration painting, which Bella created for one of her workshops in Seoul.

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