FIFTY SHADES OF…SKIN – How to mix CAUCASIAN flesh tones by ART Tv

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Hello my FANTASTIC friends! Here a new episode of my series FIFTY SHADES OF…In this video we will see how to mix colors together to create the perfect flesh tones in order to paint skin.
We’ll see that with acrylic paintings and also with WATERCOLORS. There’s a little difference between the 2 medias.


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Composite Superman | Body Painting Tutorial

Superman, batman, and evil??? What could be better?! I haven’t seen anyone do a Composite Superman body paint tutorial and I decided it had to be done! So, here ya go!
*I do not own this character. All rights to this character belong to their creators.
I did use imovie to make this so i do not own the music.
The items used in this video:
Black, red and white water activated body paints from Mehron
(The green and blue body paint was a mixture of the white water activated paint and the corresponding eyeshadow from my pallet “eyes, lips, face”)
Yellow cream makeup from Wet ‘n Wild’s “Fantasy Makers” pallet

My tools were just normal paint brushes you could find at the craft store and a few brushes laying around my room.
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Thanks for watching! Spread the love 🙂

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Liquitex Pouring Medium

Pouring medium 8 oz.*
Pouring medium 1 gallon
Liquitex soft body paint set
Liquitex Ink

0:28 Liquitex Pouring Medium dries clear.
0:30 Pouring mediums don’t craze like gloss medium would.
0:45 Pouring medium dries completely flat. It’s self-leveling.
0:51 Takes at least 12 hours to dry and clarify.
How to Mix Pouring Mediums

0:59 Step 1: Pour pouring medium into an empty squeeze bottle or container with a lid.
1:29 Step 2: Using soft body acrylic paint or liquitex inks, tint the medium.
Note: The more color added the more opaque the outcome will be.
1:59 Step 3: Cover the container tightly or bottle and shake until the mixture is well combined.
2:06 Step 4: Let the mixture sit for 20 minutes to allow bubbles to dissipate.
2:20 In use Michele mixes the pouring medium / pigment mixtures she’s already created with plain
pouring medium, directly on the surface.
Michele notes how:
2:22 The dried appearance differs from the appearance of the paint when it’s initially poured.
3:08 The colors can last for months when contained.
3:45 Mixtures with less pigment (ink or paint) will appear more transparent when dried.
3:58 Michele begins tilting the canvas in various directions, creating a multi layered effect on the
surface as the colors “slide over” one another.
4:18 You can let the surface dry and use it as you would any acrylic surface.
4:30 Remember! The colors will intensify as they dry.


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Super Easy Painting Lesson Ideas – Painting For Beginner #WithMe

Get ready to see amazing funny creations made by incredible artists! In this video you will find Procreate creations, crazy materials and more traditional techniques. The surprise factor is these artists like to add some humor to their creations and we are loving them!
NAVI CREATION is a YouTube channel that brings the whole community of art-lovers together. It doesn’t matter what kind of art you are interested in or what you create, everyone has a place here. Paintings, drawings, baking, handcrafts, body painting, lettering… you name it, we’ve got it! In our channel, we aim to share the newest and most amazing projects from the artists with whom we collaborate with. Some of them are well-renowned artists, but we also aim to collaborate with up-and-coming artists to help them build a platform to exhibit their work. Together, we can continue to build this special community. Check Out These Amazing Artists:

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How To Paint Girl On Beach – Oil Painting Lesson #MooreMethod

How To Paint Girl On Beach –

In this brief demonstration video I walk you through the process of painting in a girl chasing a beachball at the beach.

If you want to learn more of the basics of painting in oil or acrylic then request our free 5 day video course that will help you get started on your journey of learning to paint.

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Bob Ross – Valley View (Season 21 Episode 1)

This beautiful lake in the glen will leave you fully rested and at peace with the world; Bob Ross creates a quiet mountain masterpiece.

Season 21 of The Joy of Painting with Bob Ross features the following wonderful painting instructions: Valley View, Tranquil Dawn, Royal Majesty, Serenity, Cabin at Trails End, Mountain Rhapsody, Wilderness Cabin, By the Sea, Indian Summer, Blue Winter, Desert Glow, Lone Mountain, and Florida’s Glory.

Subscribe to the official Bob Ross YouTube channel –

Season 21 Playlist:

Originally aired on 9/5/1990

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