#1 Learn to Face Paint Goal Book

I’m Madam Eileen a CBA certified Balloon Artist and Face Painter. Comment below: Was this helpful? Did you try it?

Set a Goal to learn face painting by:
*Choose a daily Time
*How many minutes you will practice
*What music or ambiance you want to paint by.
*What you will paint. (line choices: short, long, thin to fat, fat to thin, tiger stripes, curved, swirl, tribal)

Keep a Record of your progress:
Get a blank page drawing book.
Date the top and practice your strokes once a week/month.
Look back and see your progress.

Painting on paper is different than painting on a practice board or skin.
It uses more water than paint. So make sure your brush has very wet paint on it when you paint in your book.

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Christmas Jumper Bodypainting Competition 2016 | Paintopia

MERRY CHRISTMAS! It’s time for our first ever YouTube competition! We’d like you to design & bodypaint your very own CHRISTMAS JUMPER!
We are super excited to host our first ever YouTube competition! The rules are simple and all the information you need is listed below so start feeling festive and get creating!
The prize is fabulous! Be in it to win it!

STEP 1: You must subscribe to the Paintopia YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/paintopiafestival

STEP 2: You must upload your entry to your own YouTube channel and email the link to your video, at least two good quality images of the design & your full name to: paintopiaoffice@gmail.com with the subject title: Christmas Jumper Competition Entry. We will send an email notification of receipt of entry.

STEP 3: Uploaded videos no more than 5 minutes long please – it can be just a quick clip showing the design and explaining the idea behind it, a timelapse or a mini tutorial however please ensure the video quality is clear, any sound is clear and that there are close up shots of the design during the video or at the end.
You can enter more than once if you wish!
THEME: You must bodypaint a Christmas Jumper design, it can be just the front or you can paint an entire jumper, waist upwards only.

MODEL: You may paint the design on a model or on yourself – for female models please ensure nipple covers are used so that we can share your entry on social media.

STENCILS: may be used but not to excess as we want to see lots of detail and techniques.

GLITTER: cosmetic glitter may be used. Entries using craft glitter will be disqualified.

PRODUCTS: all products used must be cosmetic quality. Entries using sharpies or acrylic paints will be disqualified. Contact Lenses are not permitted.

TIME: There is no time limit on how long you spend painting yourself or your model, that is up to you

ACCESSORIES: You can by all means paint yours or your models face to match the jumper and you can use accessories such as Christmas hats, headpieces, antlers etc. etc!

SOCIAL MEDIA: If you share images of your entry on social media please use the hashtag: #paintopiachristmascompetition so that we can see it & share it – please note we may not have time to share everyone’s work, it is not a reflection of favourtism, we share to inspire 🙂

JUDGE: Pashur is our guest judge for this competition, he will be looking for a number of factors including: technique, originality, composition, blending & linework plus of course overall impact.
Follow Pashur: https://www.facebook.com/PashurBodyArt/

GEOGRAPHY: This fabulous competition is open globally and we welcome entries from all over the world. Please note that we are based in the UK and although prizes will be posted out worldwide we cannot be held responsible for any customs or tax charges incurred on arrival of the prize to your country if won outside of the UK.

SHARING: By submitting your entry you give us (Paintopia) and any of our competition sponsors the right to share images or video links of your design elsewhere online, sharing will always be credited where possible. Your entry also gives us permission to put the video link of your design into a public playlist on our channel/s.

COMPETITION ENTRY DATES: Entries may be submitted between December 1st and 20th. The competition will close on Dec 20th at midnight (gmt). The winner will be announced via YouTube and our social media platforms on Christmas Eve.

PRIZE: The prize is a Christmas Hamper packed with face & bodypainting products & a Paintopia competition certificate – contributors so far include: Cameleon, Mehron, Kryolan, Mistair, Superstar, The Gypsy Shrine, Glitter Lips, YouTube star Pinkstylist, Instagram sensation Maria Malone1122….more tbc. There will be a 2nd and 3rd place prize too provided we get more than 20 entrants.

GOOD LUCK! We cannot WAIT to see all your designs!
Follow us on:
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Paintopiabod…
Twitter: @Paintopia
Instagram: https://instagram.com/paintopiabodypa…

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Sophia Leadill Taylor – Adventures in Body Paint Land (2011 – 2013)

Sophia Leadill Taylor – Adventures in Body Paint Land – 2011 – 2013

From my first attempt at body painting … to my last.
Will there be more? Who knows. Maybe.

MODELS: Karla Doyle, Tina Kayll Martin, Sonia Allcock, Kitty Von Krypt – with Many Thanks

PHOTOGRAPHY: Mark Coxon, Martin Fryatt, Sophia Leadill Taylor,Dragonflies Photography, Jamie Brown at 410 Photography, Victoria Leslie Photography

ALL BODYPAINTING: Sophia Leadill Taylor

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The Home of Bodypainting, thoughts of Johannes Stoetter

Thoughts about World Champion and Bodypainting icon Johannes Stoetter who became world famous for his annimal illusions, his complex ideas and is simply a humble and wonderful person.

#wbf20years – celebrate with us the festival that grew the modern bodypainting art movement.


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Slow Motion @ the World Bodypainting Festival 2014 #2

This year we are determined to capture the art of Bodypainting in the highest quality available. There is so much more to the art than what stills photography alone can capture. The movement, energy and style of each performer brings the art to life and nothing captures that better than super slow motion. Shot on a Sony FS700 at 200 FPS it’s clear bodypainting was meant to be shot in slow-mo!

We will be releasing more short films over the year with some of the best artworks from the World Bodypainting Festival 2014.

Artist WB Instructor Yiulia Vlasova, Russia.

Visit http://www.wb-academy.com for her classes in Russia

Model Vitalia Abramova, Russia

Shot and cut Joshua D Lim | WB Production


Mich – Blue Flame [FREE DOWNLOAD] by »Mich« is licensed under a Creative Commons Licence.

The fusion of bodies and beats.


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Superhero Cosplay Bodypainting | NOR-CON | Paintopia

We had loads of fun at annual cosplay event, NOR-CON in Norwich, we were guest speakers on the stage and even got Danny John Jules to give bodypainting a go!
Jennie Roberts

Cat Finlayson

Angela Youngs

Chloe Kenny

Chloe Winslade

Grace Bodypaint Model

Emily Quantrill

Charlotte Austin

Daniel Kerry
TVK Photography

Vintage Hair
Flamingo Amy
Products Used:
Cameleon Bodypaint, Glittertastics glitter & Kryolan body powders

Lighting: The Makeup Light https://www.facebook.com/themakeuplight/?fref=ts
Become part of our online paint community, join us on:
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Paintopiabod…
Twitter: @Paintopia
Instagram: https://instagram.com/paintopiabodypa…
Music: YouTube Library

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360 @ World Bodypainting Festival 2016

On stage, presentations of the category Brush/Sponge.

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World Bodypainting Festival | Trailer 2017/2

Klagenfurt am Woerthersee / AUSTRIA
July 24 – 30, 2017
A WB-Production Event presented by Kryolan.

WBF Trailer 2017
the World Bodypainting Festival, the world’s most colourful event with the World Championships, shows, music, fashion, workshops, demonstrations, exhibitions, photo areas and much more.
All details: www.bodypainting-festival.com

Filmed by WB-Production Crew @ the WBF
Video edited by Georg-Reinhold Linko

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Making Of a Bodypainting Illusion by Johannes Stoetter

WB Production Artist Johannes Stoetter was invited for the Spanish TV Show EL HORMIGUERO in Madrid.
With Special Guest Elisabeth Moss (just released the movie “The invisible Man”) this show was all about illusions.

Johannes performed a bodypainting illusion that shows a bengal tiger and a giant cameleon.

See a behind the scenes shot from the preparation to the live show.
Unfortunetley we are not allowed to use the live show material, so please visit @El Hormiguero for the final broadcast:

Artist: JohannesStoetterArt.com
Management & Bookings: WB-Production.com

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Magical Butterfly Lesson Preview by Yasmeen Hart

FABAtv family welcome to a new lesson by an artist Yasmeen Hart. In this new lesson Yasmeen will guide you step by step teaching you a beautiful butterfly design. The butterfly design is the most requested and a staple for face painters. Yasmeen will guide you and help you improve your line work and flow with this beautiful design.
Join the #FABAt family and you can enjoy this lesson as well as 500+ more classes and lessons for every style and type of Face artist.
FABAtv has the worlds largest library of face painting and all things related classes.
Join us today and invest in your success.
Join the FABAtv family: https://bit.ly/31H9vv3

Join our Official Facebook group to share all you have learned on FABAtv: https://bit.ly/2ENaocG

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