Moscow Tattoo Show

В сентябре 2015 года впервые в Москве пройдет
Шоу объединит качество европейских тату-конвенций и зрелищность лучших мировых шоу.
Будут представлены Татуировка, Перманентный макияж, Пирсинг, Боди-арт, а также Живая Музыка, Модные показы и многое другое. Шоу объединяет все сферы, в которых вкус, стиль и красота имеют значение!
У гостей Moscow Tattoo Show есть возможность узнать об искусстве татуировки все.
General producer/Idea – Alex Anarchyvarius
Director – Mark Arbor
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15 New piercings

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20 New piercings

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GETTING $200 NAILS || + New Piercings

Hello my marvelous MoonPies 🌙 💕 Welcome to my channel! My name is Rose and I make vlogs, covers, + more. Subscribe and let’s get to know each other!

In this episode, I get long ass nails! OMG, what was I thinking hahaha. So they actually cost like $160 but I won a giveaway so I got them done for free. 💕 I also got my nose and ear pierced with my wonderful, supportive friends (follow them on IG below) since on Thursdays they have BOGO at Perception Fine Art Tattoos. Enjoy this video! I’ll see you in my next one 🙂

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Tattoo Talk Tuesday! White Ink Tattoos! And my show and tell.

White Tattoos! Just another trend? And my white ink tattoo mess.
Check out TTT playlist:

White Ink tattoos. Great for something subtle and delicate, but how do they last over time, and can they even make it through the healing process? I explore my tattoo artists advice, and show my own white ink tattoo disaster.
I have all the answers and more! Stay tuned for the latest and greatest, Tattoo Talk Tuesday!

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Tattoo Convention Vlog! 2017!

YES! Also! An interview about most tattoos in a day!
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Check out the Convention Q&A Video:

Hey! Join me in my vlog around the Philadelphia Tattoo Convention! I hangout with some friends, buy some prints, grab some tattoos, and interview a few people who were able to get the world record tattoos! Awesome. Thanks again Villain Arts!
and don’t forget to check out my tattoo talk tuesday playlist for previous episodes:

Can Tattoos Be Vegan?

How I heal my tattoos video:

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Double Helix Piercing

Please subscribe to the Body Candy Body Jewelry channel for more videos about the latest body piercing and body modification trends.

Money shot: the needle insertions are at about 0:27 and 1:23.

Watch as BodyCandy team member Kelly gets her ear cartilage pierced twice by James at American Skin Art in Buffalo, NY.

After thoroughly cleaning Kelly’s ear, James marks the placement of both piercings, clamps the area of the first piercing site, and pushes a hollow piercing needle through. This type of cartilage piercing is performed near the top of the ear where the helix (the outcropping of cartilage along the ear’s outside edge) meets the scaffa, the slightly concave plane or furrow just beneath it.

Jewelry is inserted into the first piercing, and the area is gently cleaned before prepping for the second puncture. Once both piercings have been completed, the backs of the jewelry are screwed into place, and Kelly is one step closer to the new look that she’s been wanting.

Helix piercings heal relatively quickly, and after just a few weeks of diligent aftercare, Kelly is already enjoying her cool new double helix piercing.

Visit us at to shop for all of your body jewelry needs.

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