World Body painting festival – Seeboden 2009

Body painting by Elena Tagliapietra – Italy 17 july 2009 at the World body painting festival in Seeboden
Poetry in comics , interpreting “Corto Maltese” by Hugo Pratt

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2016 – 04 3° Fabene Bodypainting Contest – Laura Siccardi J Murali

Painter Artista: Emanuele Borello
Modella Laura Siccardi J Murali
Tema : ” arti e mestieri”

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Amazing Body painting ART festival workshop.

Amazing Body painting ART festival workshop.
Celebration of modern Art festival 2016,At ICCR, KOlkata (Ho-chimin sarani) West Bengal India.
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Miguel Angel’s Presentation – Final Day – World Bodypainting Festival 2014

Miguel Angel’s bodypaint presentation on the final day at WBF 2014
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