Jumping Horse Body Art Tutorial (REQUEST)

If you would like to add more detail to the horse, here are the steps to follow~
1. Paint the shape of the horse with the color you would like him to be instead of black.
2. With a lighter and darker shade, add the first layer of shading.
3. With the colors from the last step, define the hair of the mane and tail.
4. Darken the tip of the nose and hooves, along with the inside of the ears.
5. With black, add the eye and nostril.
6. Finish with final details and a reflection in his eye.
I hope you found this tutorial helpful! Please share you recreations with me on facebook and twitter, I always love the see them!!!!
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Twitter ~ www.twitter.com/HPzebrapolish

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Patrick’s Ball And Chain Tatt Might Wreck His Marriage | Just Tattoo Of Us

This ball and chain tattoo may be enough to wreck Patrick’s marriage….

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James Norton Looks Hard w/ Fake Tattoos 🤨 The Graham Norton Show | Fridays at 11/10c | BBC America

Sick ink, bruv. James Norton shows off his [fake] tattoos! All-new episodes of ‘The Graham Norton Show’ premiere Fridays at 11PM on BBC America.

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This Conch Piercing Looks BAD!! Removal

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These web clips feature piercings performed either by professionals. Lulu’s Body Piercing must insist that for your safety and the protection of those around you, do not attempt any of the piercings on yourself or those around you.

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Closed piercing infection pops / 16 weeks pregnancy

Closed piercing infection pops / 16 weeks pregnancy

The piercing was closed for three years. After consulting a professional, it was diagnosed as irritated scar tissue. This was due to the belly stretching from the new pregnancy and the only thing to do is let it run its course.

I was instructed if I absolutely couldn’t stand it anymore that if there was white head on it, it could be gently poked to see if it would pop to relieve pressure. And that it would not affect the baby.

It actually didn’t get the core by doing this. I waited another three days till it popped on its own.

I know many of you were disappointed that I didn’t pop it. Sorry. I decided it would be best to let it heal to avoid issues. To help with the healing, I had cut a garlic clove in half…then twisted it to loosen it and dropped colloidal silver on it. I then taped the clove on top of the cyst to encourage the infection to push out. I highly recommend doing this because of the high antibacterial properties that garlic provides and the healing qualities of the colloidal silver.

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TATTOO SHOP PRANK | Tamil Prank | Theni360


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Do’s and Don’ts of Realistic Hair Painting: How to Paint Hair

How to Paint Hair: Straight/Wavy, Curly, Short, Frizzy, Kinky
Do’s and Don’ts Video Links Below + Follow me:

Skin: https://youtu.be/zXcXzAp_-ns
Eyes: https://youtu.be/i2hIgZl08Jk
Nose: https://youtu.be/w8o-o4f9dL0

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Far Behind
Laid Back Guitars by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/)
Source: http://incompetech.com/music/royalty-free/index.html?isrc=USUAN1100181
Artist: http://incompetech.com/

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Bunda Bandits & Tattoo Nightmare | The Jamo & Dylan Show #72

This week the boys talk about learning Spanish, Jamo’s upcoming trip to Sydney, Bobby Shmurda’s release, the usage of the word “Froth”, pocket holders, friends with a hooker, covid vaccine overdose, North England VS South England beef, kids watching our videos, quotes, piss prank 2.0, who we would bring back to grill, whacked by a girl, how does the world owe money, disappearing laps, microwaving pizza, dog budgets, sandy WA, gyal with back & bunda STI story, NZ/UK/AUS VS USA drinking war, dung tattoo, fake raffle tickets, chasing love, roller skating craze and much more.

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Hope you all have a good week, love Jamo & Dyl xx

Subscribe to us for weekly poddies, we speak our minds and are not afraid to confront controversial topics. Hope you all have a good week, love Jamo & Dyl xx


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20 Pieces Piercing Kit – 16G Body Piercing (Belly Button, Eyebrow, Nipple, Lip, Nose)Piercing kit includes everything you need for Body Piercing – 20 PiecesPiercing Needles 16 Gauges (100% Sterilized)10 Body Piercing Jewelry Highest Quality, 316L Stainless Steel.Package details, please see the Description.

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