HALLOWEEN MAKEUP 🎨 Bodypainting 🎨 2017💀

Les presento el primer video de mi canal📹🙈
Por fín, después de tanto tiempo planteandome unirme a youtube y hacer algun que otro tutorial🎨🙈
Aquí está el resultado 🤗
Este vídeo fue hecho durante el bodypaint de mi halloween skull💀, para una sesión fotográfica 📷
La edición esta hecha por mí! (con la ayudita de mi chico🙈😍)
Espero que les guste, darle un like 👍 si es así, y te invito a compartirlo con tus amigos🤗
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Face Painting Classes and Convention

Anna is teaching Face Painting at the 2010 Living Canvas Convention. Visit Anna’s Blog at: www.annawilinski.wordpress.com for more information.
Visit Anna’s Face Paints Store at: www.jestpaint.com

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Superhero Cosplay Bodypainting | NOR-CON | Paintopia

We had loads of fun at annual cosplay event, NOR-CON in Norwich, we were guest speakers on the stage and even got Danny John Jules to give bodypainting a go!
Jennie Roberts

Cat Finlayson

Angela Youngs

Chloe Kenny

Chloe Winslade

Grace Bodypaint Model

Emily Quantrill

Charlotte Austin

Daniel Kerry
TVK Photography

Vintage Hair
Flamingo Amy
Products Used:
Cameleon Bodypaint, Glittertastics glitter & Kryolan body powders

Lighting: The Makeup Light https://www.facebook.com/themakeuplight/?fref=ts
Become part of our online paint community, join us on:
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Paintopiabod…
Twitter: @Paintopia
Instagram: https://instagram.com/paintopiabodypa…
Music: YouTube Library

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Learn Colors Body Paint for Children Finger Family Song Sparkles Learning Video Playfoam Magiclips

Learn Colors with Body Paint for Children and Finger Family Song with glittery sparkles added to painted hand Learning Video Playfoam Magiclips.

More learning videos

Pez Candy Princess finger family daddy finger song Ariel Rapunzel Princess Belle Candy dispenser https://youtu.be/w8XzSynQerk

LEGO Disney Princess Play Foam Surprise Ice Cream Cups Cinderella Anna Rapunzel Belle Moana dolls https://youtu.be/GagbMwsja8k

Play Foam LEGO Surprise Toys Pretend Ice Cream Cones with Princesses & Rainbow Modelling Clay https://youtu.be/dxFScUxuNXc

Magic Clip Dolls Fashion Dresses Disney Princess Cinderella Ariel Belle Rapunzel Magiclip mix up https://youtu.be/elVIc7A9r-g

Featured in this video are some awesome disney princess magic clip dolls such Snow White, Cinderella, Rapunzel and others.

Thank you for watching our body painting video where we use colors to paint a hand and add some glittery sparkles and please do not forget to like and subscribe our channel. Hope we can continue to have your support in the future. Stay tuned for more original videos created by Celebnyc and C Kavala coming soon!

Music: Youtube Audio Library

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PaintFun 24 Piece Face Paint Body Paint Glitter Party Pack Paints over 60 Faces Child Safe FDA Appro

PaintFun 24 Piece Face Paint Body Paint Glitter Party Pack Paints over 60 Faces Child Safe FDA Approved PFFPK01 http://a.co/b30DDSI

Perfect for people of all ages. Easy to use. Great colors. You can create anything you can think of. Everything you need to make your idea come alive.

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Learn Colors for Kids Children Glitter Hand Body Paint Finger Family Nursery Rhymes Learning Video

Sing Finger Family Song Nursery Rhymes & Learn Colours with this Fun Educational Video Compilation for Children & Toddlers. This Kids Learning Video Teaches ABCs, 123s, Colors, Shapes & More with Catchy Songs & Colorful Toys for Kindergarten Students & Preschoolers.

Learn Colors Glitter Hand Finger Family Nursery Rhymes 00:04
The Alphabet Song (3D) 01:06
Play Doh Alphabet Lesson (Letter A) 04:08
I’m a Little Teapot (3D) 04:58
Yellow Tiny Remote Control Car 07:23
Colors of the Alphabet 08:00
Super Circus 3D Alphabet Buses (EFGHI, JKLM) 09:35
Play Doh Colors Spaghetti (Pink Spaghetti) 10:07
Family Song (3D) 11:10
Groundhog Hammer Bench Teach Colors 12:59
Shapes Chant (3D) 13:53
Learn Colors Finger Family Nursery Rhymes 16:00
Count to 10 (3D) 17:01
Paint Mixing (Green) 18:40
Gumball Machine 18:55
Pink Bus Wait for Me (3D) 19:44
Colors of the Alphabet 22:21
Play Doh Numbers Spaghetti (Number 5) 24:00
Wheels on the Bus #1 (3D) 24:47
Play Doh Shapes Surprise (Red Circle) 26:32
Paint Mixing (Purple) 27:34
Island Vegetables Groove (3D) 27:59

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ALL ABOUT GLITTER: Body painting tips for professionals. April-Anna’s Video-Journal

Body painting tips for professionals.
April-Anna’s Video-Journal.
April-Anna is a freelance fine-artist with 14 years experience in professional body painting. She makes video-journals of her adventures in life and career. In this video journal she talks about glitter and what you need to know if you plan to do professional face painting or professional body painting. She also gives advice about where to buy your glitter and what the difference is between crafter’s glitter and glitter for cosmetic use.
April-Anna is based out of Montreal, Canada.

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Free Online Facepainting lesson 9 Glitter

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In this lesson I will show you a few different kinds of glitter and how you can use them in your face painting designs. I hope you learn from this lesson and if you enjoyed the video, give us a thumbs up.

Products Iused in this video are:
– Cameleon Epic Glitter – http://bit.ly/2nLZs1x
– SuperStar Glitter Gel – http://bit.ly/2obLxVF
– Chloïs Glitter – http://bit.ly/chlois-glitter
– Superstar Sparkling Glitter – http://bit.ly/2oF47pw

▷ Have you seen our previous lesson? Free Online Face painting lesson 7 Flowers and Hearts » https://youtu.be/z16-yFMzPAw
▷ Or our “The Chelsea Smile ” video? https://youtu.be/uFWwIp5iG58
▷ Free online face painting course: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VvrMuvmOR9M&list=PL2bYZJS4rM-CQr64REc8Bq4Bv9YVIdxu1

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