Procreate Portrait 2020 FULL Complete Tutorial & Class by Haze Long

Hi everyone!
Thought I do a silent tutorial this time, introducing some of Procreate 5’s new features and also how to use Golden Ratio Circles to check for proportions mistakes.

Enjoy the tutorial today!
Please credit me if you use my brushes or color palettes!

Procreate brushes & color palettes mentioned in tutorial =
Link 1 –

Golden Ratio Circles :
Digital Download –*04MXcPfNDFqjigI_bOjJuw.png
Purchase the one you see, 3d printed by my SO. –

00:00 Introduction
00:13 Setup & Sketch
05:36 Final Sketch
06:20 Block in
06:42 Shading
07:48 Fixing Proportions
10:16 Shading -continue
11:50 Face
14:34 Body
16:14 Changing Proportions
17:25 Coloring
19:40 Changing colors
20:30 Details & Fx
22:10 Hair
23:10 Background

How to install :
1. Go to any of the link above. Put in any amount and checkout.
2. You will receive an email with a Download button.
3. First you can try to click on the button in your iPad.
4. The link should bring you to the brush set. Which you can load into Procreate by clicking on ‘Open in Procreate’

1. Instead of clicking on the link in your iPad, you can click the link in your computer.
2. Unzip the file if need to and save it to your iCloud or Dropbox.
3. Navigate to that file in your iPad and click open with Procreate.

You also need Procreate 4 in order to import .brushset

Have fun!

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Summer Memories – Gavin Luke
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Flying High – Rachel Meyer

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