I wanted to share with you all a fun easy way for you to experiment with faux piercings!! Now you can pierce your nose at home! JK!!!
I have so much fun with these and I hope you will too!

Gold Jump Rings Assorted Pack ( 6mm and 9mm used for ears and nose)
Round Brass beads ( From Dollar Tree)

Hair Info
This hair is from my collection called Untamed, for more info, pricing, or to place an order visit www.mycurlyunit.bigcartel.com
I am wearing 14″ Closure with 3 Bundles: 16″, 18″, 20″

DIY Bathing Suit Cover Up

Goddess Bob

Easy Summer Makeup

Guilt Free Summer drink

Temporary Hair Colour

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Music By: Jay Ellyiot

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I GOT A NEW TATTOO | Solo Workout + Clothing Haul | Day in the Life in San Antonio

Wus Sup Baby!!

Here we go with another video! Hope you enjoyed it. Make sure to go subscribe and show some love. Let me know ideas that you want to see in the future videos.

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Check out my homie Fernando Badley. Now you seen what he can do with this madusa tat that came out fire. Let him know what he can do for you!



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Cancer Body Paint

Original file date: Mon, 20 Oct 2014, ID:vqbo2o

SALT LAKE CITY — The eight-hour body painting was a declaration of triumph for Jamie Grant in her recovery from breast cancer, a double mastectomy and hopelessness. The 41-year-old Salt Lake City mother of two talked about her battle with breast cancer recently while Lizz Daley painted her body into a Star Wars stormtrooper. “Last August I found a lump in my breast and it turned out to be cancer,” Grant said. “I decided to have a double mastectomy. After my operation, the surgeon came out to talk to my husband and she painted a story of doom and gloom to him.” Grant said the surgeon said she found cancer in 11 out of 19 of Grant’s lymph nodes and basically left the young family with little hope. “She stole my hope right from the beginning. It put a dark cloud over everything until I was able to see my oncologist,” Grant said. “I asked him if he could give me at least 10 years and he told me that yes he could. He lifted a huge burden from my shoulders and gave me the hope I needed to fight.” Grant had eight rounds of chemotherapy followed by 25 rounds of radiation and a year’s worth of oral medication. Today she is in remission. “This is the second time Lizz has done body painting on me. The first time I had her paint a cowgirl theme. I had always been afraid of guns so my husband took me to a shooting camp and I learned how to handle a gun,” Grant said. “I felt like not only did I conquer my fear of guns, but I also conquered my fear of cancer.” Grant was featured in Daley’s book, Canvas of Cancer, which portrays several Utahns from age 3 to 66 who are battling some form of cancer. All of the proceeds from the book go to the American Childhood Cancer Organization of Utah and the Cancer Wellness House. “This time I chose to have her paint a stormtrooper because my husband loves Star Wars, but also because I feel like a warrior. I feel like I’ve gone into battle and come out a survivor,” Grant said. Daley, 32, and a graduate of Davis High School, started face painting as a hobby about five years ago. After teaching herself the art, she enrolled in some professional painting classes and joined the Salt Lake City Body Painting League. “Every other month we pick a theme and a special effect and we get a model and paint,” Daley said. “We get a model to be painted and we all get together and paint. Then we have a photographer come in and take pictures of our work. It really is a lot of fun.” Daley has transformed people into angels, witches, fairies, flowers and animals with her extreme body painting. “Most of my work is hand painted. I do some airbrush paint as well and we do some foam prosthetics over the private parts of the body that make it look like the person is wearing clothing,” Daley said. “The paint dries pretty quickly and most of it can be washed off with soap and water.” Although Daley paints for parties and other events, she chose to paint those suffering from cancer as a charitable service. “All of the people I painted survived some form of cancer such as kidney, thyroid, breast, brain, ovarian and leukemia,” Daley said. “We painted whatever they wanted and wove in something that told their story of survival. One woman I painted actually lost her mother to cancer. Her mother loved lilies so we painted lilies all over her back.” Grant said her body painting session gives her time to relax and express herself. “My body isn’t perfect but it has survived. It has gotten me through,” Grant said. “The painting is empowering to me and when I look at myself I can see the warrior who survived the battle.”

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Body Piercing Infections

Sometines, piercing can have a dramatic issue. Please, do your piercing with a professional only, on never use some non sterile equipment. Piercings done with a gun, a safety pin or another infected needle are dangerous.
Here is a collection of some terrific infections.So, I hope you’ll go to see your local body piercer instead of using the D.I.Y. !


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Arts & Crafts (Decorating Stuff)

Song: Fire Work
Artist: The Glee Project Cast
I don’t own this song just using it in my video thanks

My Main Channel: www.youtube.com/user/drgnkpr1993

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I created this piece to represent a state of mind. Sometimes we go through hard times and those hard times might just be part of our every day living. The mind and the heart can get clouded and separate and even become your enemy. The mind is still a beautiful thing and the thoughts you have are valid even though they might be flying high.

I hope this video gives you some relaxation in what could be a stressful, mental day. 💜
Ben Nye Aqua Activated Paints in white and light blue
Kryolan Tv Paintstick in white
Nyx Jumbo Pencil in white
Colour palette from ebay

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/danisavaage/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/danisavaage/
Snapchat: danisavaage
BLOG: https://dbettridge7.wixsite.com/lildanbet

Camera used: SONY NEX-3NL
Tunes: Nuages – Wait
Tycho – Awake
Nuages – Distant

Much love 🎀💖🎀

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Anatomy Body Painting

Find out what’s underneath your skin.

Award winning teaching staff member Associate Professor Mounir Ghabriel, from the School of Medical Sciences engages students’ to learn complex human anatomy through body painting, layered colour-coded diagrams, interactive 3-D models, and digital animation – giving students a 3-D appreciation of what’s beneath the skin.

Get ready for the University of Adelaide Open Day on Sunday 18 August 2013. http://ua.edu.au/openday

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