Body Painting – Visual ASMR

Body Painting – Visual ASMR
Hi guys! This video was meant to be mainly a visual trigger, however, I fell in love with the brush sounds when I was editing. Please let me know in the comments if you would like another video of pure, uninterrupted brushstrokes!

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SumBodyArt’s Creative Camouflage Showreel- BodyPainting in Australia, Europe & Beyond

SumBodyArt’s Creative Camouflage Showreel (SumBodyArt’s BodyPainting in Australia, Europe & Beyond)

This video is only a highlight of some of the Creative Camouflage BodyPaintings I have created around Europe. From the first few camouflages I created at Johannes Stötter’s Workshop and my Camouflage Collaboration with Jaana Veronika at Bella Vollen’s Workshop. You will also see the bts video for the Double Camouflage I created for the cover of Mushroom Magazine’s Winter Edition 2017. As well as the Camouflage bts video for Home is Life, my personal favourite Camouflage from SumBodyArt’s Home Exhibition.
I look forward to more divine projects to come for the future.

Thanks to all the artists and models that have worked with me over the last 8 years in Australia and around Europe. BodyPainting has brought me many great friends from around the world, I have found love, inspirations and healing though my Bodypainting as an Artist and Model. It is time for me to share my story back home in Australia. 🙂

I am feeling happy to announce that Sum Body Art, I will not only be having my home coming in Australia. But I will also be an instructor for the Australian Body Art Awards and Conventions from 20th-21st March in Melbourne. I will be sharing my story for BodyPainting in Australia, Europe and Beyond as a BodyPainter and Model. In addition, I will also be creating a UV Bodypainting Demo with Performance SumBodyArt Style for Day 1and a Creative Camouflage for Day 2.
The whole event will be from 19th-23rd March featuring 25 awesome Local and Internatonal Instructors, each teaching 2 x 90 min classes. Dutch Arron Bihary, Nancy Wu, Arjhay De Leon Jr., Maria Mormile Abaa, Wendy Fantasia Artist, Dale Proposch just to name a few. It will be lots of fun and a colourful event, and must do for Art Lovers!

So come and say hi, and we love to see you all there Melbourne!

You can check out more info and get your tickets with the link below:

🙂 Thanks

Wing Sum Diana Chan (Sum Body Art)

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How To Make Tattoo At Home With Pen And Colgate | DIY Temporary Tattoo | Crafty Ideas


how to make tattoo at home with pen | temporary tattoo | DIY Tattoo | Pen Tattoo | ABCD

EASY home make tattoo in just 5 Minutes. don’t worry about that it’s not permanent it’s just temporary tattoo.

this tattoo have no side effects and any allergy
so it’s 90% safe.

this temporary tattoo is waterproof for maximum 3 days but not scratch proof.

it’s made by talcum powder and black pen that’s all.
temporary tattoo are many ways to get but they are all more cost so this temporary tattoo method is low cost.every one try this and you see the best results.

Track: Julius dreisig & Zues X Crona Invisible [NCS Release]
Music Provided by NoCopyrightSounds
Free download / Stream:

This world Smarter Every Day and Science Smarter Every Day so that experiment demonstration defined in slow motion again slow motion. this math science or science education. what is science, Physics of tattoo and tattooing in high speed video slowmo Tattoo Needles Coil Machine Rotary Machine Tattoo Machine macro tattoo gun Tattoo made (Visual Art Form) Ink
then Smarter Every Day, and the Science Smarter Every Day for many experiment demonstration are slow motion and slow motion of math science or science education many more ask this question what is science Physics of tattoo and tattooing in high speed video slowmo Tattoo Needles Coil Machine, Rotary Machine, Tattoo Machine, macro tattoo, gun Tattoo Ink.

Tattoo Machine inventions are gadgets and How To Simple Tattoo Machine or How To Make Simple Tattoo Machine this is the best way to make the How To Make Simple Tattoo Machine At Home or home, homemade normally Permanent Tattoo Machine is very useful for many teenagers and Tattoo artists diy craft are do it yourself in dc bapon.

So today I will show you How To Make diy crafts. and How To Simple Permanent Tattoo Machine at Home or How To Make a Simple Permanent Tattoo Machine at Home normally Permanent Tattoo Machine is easily to make in home this TATTOO GUN TATTOO MACHINE is easily to make in home made and the homemade tattoo, diy tattoo are using machine then using motor pen this is remember Back to School life and learn many hack in cardboard diy at home

this is the best tattoo at home we make tattoo In make a tattoo at home so how to make tattoo at home correctly or How to Make Tattoo at Home worng permanent Tattoo at Home is not for safe you.we have some questions for my Subscribers, how to make tattoo Make Tattoo at Home tattoo diy tattoo at home DIY tattoo at home Temporary Tattoo DIY Tattoos at home How To Make A Temporary Tattoo waterproof tattoos How to make temporary tattoo at home HOW TO MAKE A MINI TATTOO mr mahi DIY TATTOO Water proof Tattoo safely How to make a Water proof Tattoo.

make tattoo machine TATTOO MACHINE tattoo machine NPL Hack how to make TATTOO MACHINE tattoo machine hack diy tattoo machine diy tattoo gun how to make tattoo gun mini tattoo machine gun homemade tattoo gun handmade tattoo gun tattoo gun diy prison style prison style tattoo diy tattoo how to tattoo tattoo ทำเครื่องสักจากมอเตอร์ปากกา. samsung battery Nokia battery samsung mobile battery powerful pen gun
how to make gun dc motor DIY Electirc Tattoo


cómo hacer tatuajes en casa con bolígrafo | tatuaje temporal | Tatuaje de bricolaje | Pluma Tatuaje | A B C D

FÁCIL tatuaje en casa en solo 5 minutos. no te preocupes porque no es permanente, es solo un tatuaje temporal.

este tatuaje no tiene efectos secundarios y alergia
entonces es 90% seguro.

Este tatuaje temporal es resistente al agua durante un máximo de 3 días, pero no a prueba de arañazos.

Está hecho con polvo de talco y un bolígrafo negro, eso es todo.
Los tatuajes temporales son muchas formas de hacerse, pero todos cuestan más, por lo que este método de tatuajes temporales es de bajo costo. Cada uno pruebe esto y verá los mejores resultados.

كيفية جعل الوشم في المنزل مع القلم | وشم مؤقت | وشم DIY | الوشم القلم | ا ب ت ث

من السهل جعل المنزل الوشم في 5 دقائق فقط. لا تقلق بشأن أنه ليس دائمًا ، فهو مجرد وشم مؤقت.

هذا الوشم ليس له أي آثار جانبية وأي حساسية
لذلك 90 ٪ آمنة.

هذا الوشم المؤقت مقاوم للماء لمدة 3 أيام كحد أقصى ولكن ليس ضد الخدش.

انها مصنوعة من بودرة التلك والقلم الأسود هذا كل شيء.
الوشم المؤقت هي طرق

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SumBodyArt’s UV Test BodyPainting for Competition at ABAA 2018- We are Divine

SumBodyArt’s Home Coming- Australia

SumBodyArt’s UV Bodypainting Performance for National Competition at the Australian BodyArts Awards (Rehearsal Test Painting)

It was amazing being back home and being at ABAA for the first time as an instructor and competing as an artist with my incredible model Jessy Spin.

We got the best model performance award, Jessy really rocked the house as the Goddess of the Universe.

A New Dawn- We Are Devine Spiritual Awakening of our Universe within all of us! Open your eyes, your mind, body and spirit to Ascension! You can dream it, you can actualize it into reality.

We made so many new friends who shared the same creative passion of BodyPainting and performance at ABAA. Can’t wait to come back again soon!

😊💟🎨🌌 Wing Sum Diana Chan
Sum Body Art

ABAA Australian Body Art Awards & Conventions

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Jessy Spin

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I CHANGED MY ENTIRE LOOK! *tattoo, piercing, and more!*

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LA Girl eyeliner-
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BH cosmetics Bellini Blush Palette-
ABH x Amrezy Highlight
MAC Cork Lip Liner-
Laura Mercier Lip Glace in Bare baby-

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Music by MDMN – Faith and Destiny –
Music by MDMN – Angel with Demons –
Music by MDMN – We Go High (They Go Low) –

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#SumBodyArtFlowUnites Day 8. SumBodyArt’s Multiverse Self Bodypainting Kali ABAA 2020

#SumBodyArtFlowUnites Day 8.
SumBodyArt’s Multiverse Self Bodypainting Kali Part 1 (Simplified version)

Love Story of Life: Creations & Destructions, Kali & Shiva, the TwinFlame Balance of Life ( Colours of India- ABAA 2020)

6)#TheFlowMustGoOn. I am grateful to be with Luna & have Art Healing, Flow Therapy & Reiki in my life. I am grateful to be a Pleiadian BodyPainting Shaman. 👐🏻🌈🌌💟🎨✡️🔥🌎

SumBodyArt’s Bodypainting Shamanism is not a job for me, it is what I was placed on Earth to do as a Pleaidian Soul Starseed. There are many things I have seen due to my gifts, my visions from the higher realm, that I know I am capable of giving and helping people on Planet Earth here. So I will continue that.

Humans need to wake up and really see what is important in our lives, and this planet on Earth. And this is like Gaia saying wake up, stop, what is really important in life here… The world needs Art Healing, love and reiki more than ever now. We are one and interconnected as one collective consciousness, we will see & understand in time as we are separated physically, our spirits & collective consciousness are still connected as one rainbow spectrum of light & love as an Earth Tribe! We are more than what we know we are…

Let your light within shine bright like the Sun!!! Let’s light up the Corona Darkness!!!! Together as an Earth Tribe, we can uplift each other with Art Healing & Flow Therapy! Post your Art/Flow/Dance/Cosplay photos & videos on socials with #SumBodyArtFlowUnites & tag me @SumBodyArt, we can unite & stay connected & be stronger together with love & lights as a collective consciousness through this! 🙂

I will be giving away the following gifts to 3 people who joins us in the #SumBodyArtFlowUnites Art Healing/Flow Therapy movement who need it the most:

1 Home Made mask, chocolate & 1 exclusive SumBodyArt’s Home Exhibition print each.

Reshare this post, tag 3 friends who I might be able to help. Stay safe, stay positive & stay connected.

@Diamond FX

Use Code “SumBodyArt” to save on amazing silk flow creations @TheBambooCloset. Featuring UV #FairyFlags, #Silkveilfans.

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How to Paint Your Car – Step by Step – PART 1

How to Paint your car at home.

Step by Step guild on how to spray your car and fix minor dents or dings using body filler. Part 1 includes going over the basics and how a HVLP spray gun is cleaned before being put to use.

Tools and Products Used in the Video:

HVLP Spray Gun:
Spray Gun Cleaning Kit:

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Pineapple Acrylic Painting | Easy Step by Step Beginner Paint Tutorial | DIY Modern Kitchen Art

Learn how to paint a pineapple in this easy acrylic painting lesson by Angela Anderson. Use simple steps to create your own canvas, modern kitchen fruit artwork. Great beginner acrylic paint project.

Materials Used: (Associate Links help support Angela’s Channel)
12″x16″ Canvas or Canvas Panel
Heavy Body Acrylic Paints:
Titanium White
Unbleached Titanium
Cadmium Yellow Light (or Med)
Red Iron Oxide (or Burnt Sienna)
Phthalo Turquoise
Ultramarine Blue
Burnt Umber
Iridescent Gold (fine) Fluid Acrylic
Nylon or Taklon Blend Acrylic Brushes:
3/4″ Flat Brush
1/2″ Angle Brush
Paper Towels (Shop towel or viva)

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giving myself a triple nose piercing at home 😎

★Follow me★

Alyssa Cannon
PO BOX 954
Hiram GA 30141

❤︎The Camera I use❤︎:
Canon Powershot G7x

❤︎The Editor I use:❤︎
Final Cut Pro X

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Amazing tattoo and body painting | Chanchal manchal

Amazing tattoo and painting ki body or dezain Kara sikhe

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