Best Tattoos of Ink Master (Season 9) | Two 35 Hour Tattoos?!

Throwback to Shop Wars! What’s your favorite tattoo from the season? These are some of ours. New episodes every Tuesday at 10/9c on Paramount Network.

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Welcome to the official Ink Master YouTube channel. New episodes every Tuesday at 10/9c on Paramount Network.

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Will These ‘Hot Mess’ BFFs Survive These GIANT Tattoos? | How Far Is Tattoo Far? | MTV

On this episode of ‘How Far Is Tattoo Far?’, best friends Jay and Skylar go hard on each other with GIANT tattoos exposing their past behavior.

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Hosted by Nico Tortorella and Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi, How Far Is Tattoo Far? puts relationships to the ultimate test of trust by asking pairs of friends, family members and couples to design tattoos for each other that won’t be revealed until after they’ve been permanently inked.

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Milano tattoo Convention! Pieza de hoy!


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Sumi-e Painting Lesson Basic

This sumi-e video tutorial includes ; ①Preparation for Drawing, ②Draw Bamboo Leaves, ③Side Stroke(Soku-hitsu), ④Size of fude

1. Make sumi ink

Put water in the hole part of suzuri.
Have a sumi bar and dip it into the water.
Grind sumi bar on the no water part of suzuri.
Hold sumi bar with 45 degree toward the surface of suzuri.
Grind sumi bar with very little power and grind it like drawing circle.
Imagine that tiny particle coming out of the ink bar.
The sense of sumi ink rises meanwhile.
Done when the water turns out the black ink.

2. Put sumi into Fude

Put fude into the water.
Put fude onto the clothe in order to wipe water out.
Don’t move fude, just put it on softly.
Shape the tip of the hair of fude(fude-saki) sharpened.
Put sumi ink into fude in the suzuri.
Squeeze sumi ink out of fude in the small white plate.
Draw fude on the edge of the small plate, to squeeze sumi out.

3. Calibrate the sumi ink black color

Put the water in fude.
Squeeze water out onto the sumi in the plate and mix it.
Squeeze out the whole mixed sumi-water, which turns out the light black.
Then, ladle that light black sumi into fude.
Dip the fude-saki into the sumi ink in suzuri.
Shape fude on the clothe.
You all set for drawing.

4. Draw Bamboo leaves : The example of straight stroke

Scratch back with the tip of the hair of fude (fude-saki)
Move down fude
Pushing fude onto the paper with moving down. (Two actions : moving and pushing)
The part of pushing fude will be the swell of the bamboo leaf
Then, Pulling fude off gradually along with the down-move of fude.(Two actions : moving and pulling )
Pull fude off with the fude-saki in order to get the bamboo leaf edge.
If you pull fude with the body of fude hair, the edge shape of bamboo leaf will be round.
In the end part of bamboo leaf drawing, fude leans down and the fude hair positioned at your side.
See the video the fude position change along with the fude hair.

5. Side stroke :

Prepare fude ( very very important )
Lean down fude with 0 degree at the paper.
Use the whole fude hair.
This technique apply to the tree trunk.

6. The size of fude

Fude hair is 3.5 cm length.
Made from the weasel.
I use only this size fude for all my works.
The change fude hair shape and control fude movement is essential for sumi-e technique.

Enjoy 🙂

日本語 :

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‘Illustrative Insect’ Elimination Tattoo Challenge Highlight 🐞 Turf War (Season 13)

These artists lives in this competition are on the line! They have to push the limits and do something dynamic with these insect tattoos.

New episodes every Tuesday at 10/9c on Paramount Network.

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Welcome to the official Ink Master YouTube channel. New episodes every Tuesday at 10/9c on Paramount Network.

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South Coast Tattoo Show Convention Coverage pt. 2 of 2

SullenTV covered the first annual South Coast Tattoo Expo in Costa Mesa, CA this year. Host Bernadette Macias caught up with a few of the attending artists such as Flaks, Jacob Doney, Q and Tim Shelton! Check it out!

Music by: Matt Casket,,,,,,,,,


Mr Flaks is a respected artist in the “New School” of tattooing, pushing the envelope of lettering and black and grey genres with edgy visuals and G-ed out fontography. Closing in on one decade of experience, Mr Flaks has earned his stripes tattooing household names and underground personalities alike, including Strong Arm Steady artist Mitchy Slick, Wrongkind Records Ise B, Gangsta E, Ryan McNeil of the San Diego Chargers, Ryan Smith of Sullen World Famous Tattoo Artist Big Gus, Johnny Quintana, Skateboard legends Jay Adams and Dennis Martinez just to name a few. Mr Flaks is also making inroads into the clothing industry, applying his unique style to a wide array of clothing by brands such as Sullen, Tribal and Osiris. Be on the lookout for his upcoming lettering book, “West Coast Guide to Lettering and Lifestyle” Available soon. Flaks C/S

Jacob Doney owns and operates Paragon Tattoo Shop is located just outside of Riverside, CA in the city of Grand Terrace. Specializing in traditional tattooing

Q: The ability to create art, be it on canvas, with your voice, or as in this case, using fire and metal, is not easily learned. It is gift you are born with. What is learned is the skill with which you use the tools at your disposal. Ironboneyard is a product of the creative mind and physical skills of Eric Quezada – also known as “Q”, the owner and creative force behind the company. Eric was born the middle sibling of three brothers in Ventura California in 1971. As a child hespent hour after hour drawing and sculpting. His father had an art background and would always encourage him to use the talent he was given. His father had a lot of tools in the garage so his imagination would go wild creating latex masks, wood carvings, leather tooling and eventually airbrushing. He continued to paint and sculpt, but it had to take a back seat due to the economic conditions he found himself in. After graduation he enlisted in the army for two years and when he got out he moved to Phoenix. From there he moved around a lot, always trying to make a living by using his god given talents. From airbrushing cars to painting murals in Scottsdale, he had finally found a career that would support him. He got the chance to study marble carving in Italy and toured Europe for a few months – truly an unforgettable experience. As a very versatile artist he taught himself to weld and sculpt metal. He found a market in artsy restaurants and commercial building owners who were eager to buy his work. In June of 2011 he started his own company and is now the driving creative force behind Ironboneyard.

Tim Shelton: I’m a tattoo artist, painter, husband, reader, thinker and a wrestler of arms. I have lived in CA for most of my life and have been drawing since I was a child. I attended The Laguna College of Art and Design and graduated with a BA in Illustration. If you are inquiring about commissioned artwork please email me as well. “A Day in Negativity is 2 Days Wasted” – HOLSTEINtm

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Liverpool Tattoo Convention 2019 | Killer Ink Tattoo

The 2019 Liverpool Tattoo Convention may have been moved from May to the middle of October, but even the cold weather couldn’t cool our excitement for our hometown show!

The 12th edition of the Liverpool Tattoo Convention was all about respecting the past, celebrating the present and embracing the future, so what better time to shoot our latest video!

Make sure to give it a watch!

Read more about the 2019 Liverpool Tattoo Convention in our blog:

Videographer: Raim Grin


Make sure to check out Killer Ink Tattoo’s website and social media channels below!


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Best Tattoos of Ink Master (Season 11)

Ink Master is back and we’re celebrating by reminiscing on the best tattoos from past seasons. What’s your favorite tattoo from season 11? New episodes every Tuesday at 10/9c on Paramount Network.

Watch full episodes:

#InkMaster #ParamountNetwork #BestTattoos

Welcome to the official Ink Master YouTube channel. New episodes every Tuesday at 10/9c on Paramount Network.

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Biggest Tattoo Show on Earth Convention Recap

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