Santa Claus Face Painting Tutorial

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Enjoy this Santa Mom face painting tutorial LOL! It will be a hit at all of your Holiday gigs I promise.

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Learn to make your own One Stroke & split cakes – Face Painting Made Easy PART 5

Face Painting Made Easy PART 5 – DIY small, medium or large split cake / one stoke cake. Create your very own color combination, save money and have fun all at the same time!

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“Open those bright eyes” Royalty free intro music by courtesy of Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

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Step-by-Step how to face paint a unicorn design using Derivan Face and body paints tutorial

This is a step by step tutorial on an easy how-to apply a unicorn design with Derivan face paint. This is a really easy design to paint for Halloween, book week or any party!. To find where you can get everything you need click here:

how to do a unicorn face paint design
you will need some derivan face and body
white fluoro blue blue red
you will also need a derailment brush set
and some spouses first thing you want to
do is lay down the shape of the design
in white see how cat is putting in the
unicorn horn shape just there
now it’s time to start doing some detail is
cat putting the first bit of the shape
of the unicorn horn
she’s filled it in with the fluoro blue
now she’s putting some highlights with
the white it’s time to get the rest of the design
in so we’re putting
some ears in and we’re getting some
detail around the eyes
using the fluoro blue
still using the fluoro blue we’re
putting some more detail
into the design to give it a lot more interest
filling in these with a pink that’s been
mixed with the red and the white
put some pretty eyelashes in with the blue
and start putting a bit more detail in
with that blue as well
it really makes the design pop
keep using that blue to get a bit more detail
here the pink of the ears and then we have it
a beautiful little unicorn

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Step-by-Step how to face paint a green and gold design using Derivan Face and body paints tutorial

Our face-painting guru Chantal the Fairy shows off some techniques and ideas painting a green and yellow mask using Derivan Face and Body Paints.
This is a step by step tutorial on an easy how-to apply a green and gold design with Derivan face paint. This is a really easy design to paint for Halloween, book week or any party!. To find where you can get everything you need click here:

This is a very simple and effective mascot face paint using the Australian colors of the yellow and green but of course, you can substitute any color for your favorite sports team. Get the model of course to start by closing her eyes very softly and then using the sponge that’s in the pack make it damp but not too wet and place some yellow on it we work over the face gently dabbing the sponge to cover a quarter of the face this sponge is really good because you can manipulate it to get into the tricky areas of the face like the eyes so you just sponge and dab gently away until you get the desired consistency and coverage with older models and adults you can get them to open their eye and gently work underneath the eye now we’re going to reload with a little bit more yellow then we’re gonna repeat the same action on the bottom quarter of the face dabbing away then you’ll notice that I work quite quickly the paint dries very fast which is really handy so that’s why we work very very quickly to get it all covered and blended never sponge over dry paint as this tends to remove the existing paint underneath it, just about got out two quarters done, again you can see by manipulating the sponge we get into those tricky areas of the face like around the corner of the mouth fantastic and now we’re ready to do the green so we’ve reloaded the sponge with some green and we’re going to do exactly the same thing but in the opposite corners the sponge gives a great straight edge to work with so that means you don’t have to worry about your lines because the sponge does it for you see this is nice fast way of applying the paint now you’ll notice on most of my videos that I always keep a hand on the head of my model I do this for two reasons I do it because I want to keep the model safe and also I want the paint to go where I want to place it so by keeping the model nice and secure and keeping the hammer on the head I can maintain control at all times and now we’re dabbing in the final quarter wow it’s looking great already so whenever you’re working over the eye of course always get your model to close her eyes that’s great Wow oh my gosh Aussie Aussie Aussie Oi Oi Oi, very effective up stands barracking for Australian I need to see just manipulating that sponge to get that coverage simply with two colours and a sponge

that drys very very quickly and will last for ages once it set it set but it comes off very easily when it’s time to wash.

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Step-byStep how to face paint a tiger design using Derivan Face and body paints tutorial

This is a step by step tutorial on how to apply a Tiger design with Derivan face paint. This is a really easy design to paint for Halloween, book week or any party!.

To find where you can get everything you need click here:

i’ll do a tiger face paint design
you will need some Derivan face and
body white,
yellow, orange and black
you’ll also need some spouncers and a
Derivan brush set
to start this design you’ll need to lay
down the white
dabbing gently with a sponsor
once you’ve finished applying the white
it’s time to add the yellow
and then the orange notice how Kat is
blending the colors as they gradiate
out once happy with the colors that
you’ve laid down
it’s time to add the tiger stripes
Kat’s using the flat brush here but
notice how she twists it as she creates
the line
that gives the line movement which makes
it more
tiger stride like – continuing on
with the black around the eye
this tiger now needs some lines on the
cheek to make him look more tiger-like
and a tiger nose
and a tiger mouth
using the round brush we’ll do a couple
of dots
this will give the impression of having
tiger whiskers
finish up the line work and there we
have it
a Tigerrrr a very sweet looking tiger

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#1 Learn to Face Paint Goal Book

I’m Madam Eileen a CBA certified Balloon Artist and Face Painter. Comment below: Was this helpful? Did you try it?

Set a Goal to learn face painting by:
*Choose a daily Time
*How many minutes you will practice
*What music or ambiance you want to paint by.
*What you will paint. (line choices: short, long, thin to fat, fat to thin, tiger stripes, curved, swirl, tribal)

Keep a Record of your progress:
Get a blank page drawing book.
Date the top and practice your strokes once a week/month.
Look back and see your progress.

Painting on paper is different than painting on a practice board or skin.
It uses more water than paint. So make sure your brush has very wet paint on it when you paint in your book.

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EZ Half Skull face Painting Design

The designs keep on coming. I love Halloween and I love sharing EZ ways to create fun faces. This design will teach you how to create a fast half skull using the Reindeer Sparkle EZ stroke cake designed by Suzy Amaro. I find it to be ahhhmazing for dogs, skulls, reindeers and for cats. Its a super versatile cake and helped me create easy skulls.

Hope you enjoy this tutorial
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Enjoy and Happy Painting

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Free Face Painting Classes Applying Stencils and Sponging

Face Painting Classes online
Applying face paints through a stencil onto the skin can be a tricky affair! In this face painting class I will show you all of the tips and techniques to use for successful transfer of paint through a stencil onto skin.

The biggest problem that face painters run into when applying stencils is having had the face paint bleed underneath the stencil which ends up looking like a blobby pattern as a result.

The secret to resolving this problem is to get the water and paint ratio right so that you achieve the right consistency on your sponge. Your face painting sponge should feel like the paint on it is sticky and a lot drier than what paint would be on a brush.

I show you how to spread out patterns from one stencil throughout a larger area, how to use only a section of a stencil by using daubers which helps isolate shapes.

I also show you how to use powders with stenciling which i find is easier in that you don’t have to calculate your paint to water ratio to prevent bleeding.

I hope you enjoy this face painting class. I would love to know of your thoughts and progress so make sure you comment below


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SpiderSkull Lesson with Ilse of My Lumen Art

FABAtv Family welcome Ilse Kusters of My Lumen Art back with a new lesson that will help you take your Masculine Sugar Skulls to the next level. Ilse will cover base work, using powders for shadows and dimension and much more. This is a great lesson for all levels of artist but mostly for anyone that is ready to step up their #facepainting game.

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