Deutschland Tattoo at Loreley Tattoo 2018 Highland Cathedral with Fireworks

#DeutschlandTattoo #PipersOfTheWorld #HighlandSagaShow Das Deutschland Tattoo – Royal Music Show ist ein Musikspektakel der Extraklasse: Die Pipers Of The World sowie die besten internationalen Marching Bands präsentieren in farbenfrohen und prächtigen Uniformen atemberaubende Choreografien, die präzise auf ihre Musik abgestimmt sind. Klassische Militär-Märsche gibt es hier genauso wie packende Shows der Pipes & Drum-Szene.

Die ersten Deutschland-Tattoo-Shows fanden 2011 auf der legendären Loreley sowie 2013 und 2014 in der Gelsenkirchener Arena Auf Schalke statt. Dabei wurde der Grundstein des Festivals für Militärmusikfans gelegt. Seitdem pilgerten hunderttausende Besucherinnen und Besucher zu dem Event, um sich britische Militärmusik und sagenhafte Show-Orchester anzusehen. “Military tattoo” kommt ursprünglich aus dem englischsprachigen Raum und bedeutet soviel wie “Zapfenstreich”. Damit ist der Zeitpunkt gemeint, an dem die Soldaten in ihren Quartieren bleiben sollen. Dieser Befehl wurde von den Garnisonsmusikern ausgeführt. Die Bedeutung der Worte gehen auf den niederländischen Ausdruck „(Doe den) tap toe“ zurück, auf Deutsch etwa „(schließt den) Zapfhahn“. Besonders gespannt dürfen die Gäste auf das grandiose Finale der Veranstaltung sein. Dabei musizieren alle Bands zusammen unter der Leitung des Directors of Music und bringen die Arena zum Beben.

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Top Secret Drum Corps Edinburgh Military Tattoo 2009

The outstanding Swiss Top Secret Drum Corps recorded at the Edinburgh Military Tattoo in August 2009.

Wiki spong:

Prodigy – The Day is my Enemy.

The track also includes additional drumming performance provided by the Switzerland based drum corps, Top Secret Drum Corps.

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Royal International Air Tattoo Mig 29 Crash 1993 – AIRSHOW WORLD

Mig 29 Crash Fairford 1993 – AIRSHOW WORLD
Filmed By James Feneley
This video shows the amazing display up until the crash. Fortunately no one was seriously injured and both pilots ejected.
This Is Part Of Our Classic Video Collection

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Pakistan Air Force JF-17 participates in Virtual Air Tattoo 2020

It was a moment of pride for the country when the Pride of Pakistan JF-17 Thunder participated in Virtual Air Tattoo Show-2020 at Royal Air Force Base Fairford (UK). Besides the indigenously manufactured multirole fighter aircraft of No16 Squadron, the time tested C-130 Hercules from No 21 Squadron also participated in the mega event. This year, owing to the Covid-19 pandemic, air forces from all over the world were asked to send short video clips of the participating aircraft and aircrew.
As per the conditions, PAF sent short video clips of each participating aircraft along with message from the aircrew. These clips were telecast on the official social media channels of RIAT and were widely appreciated by the online users. The event would go a long way in showcasing the potential of JF-17 for the international market besides projecting the soft image of the country across the world.
Fans of the Royal International Air Tattoo enjoyed a weekend of virtual flying displays, interviews and never seen before aerial footages of modern aircraft. Ranked among the biggest air shows of the world, Royal International Air Tattoo features aircraft from the leading air forces across the globe. Various Air Forces, aircraft manufacturers, aerospace technology firms participate in this mega show each year.

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Vejen Garden Tattoo show – DM 2013 – ” Great moments on stage”

We are playing:

Michael Jackson ( With Dance)
Elvis Presley
Robbie Williams
Over The Rainbow
Irish suite (with dance)

Our Theme is: Great moments on stage

This Video is from Danish Championship 2013

Please check our facebook site:

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EN 184 – Show de Bandas Militares – Tattoo Militar Chile 2012

Acompanhe, neste vídeo, a participação da Banda de Música do Batalhão da Guarda Presidencial no Tattoo Militar Chile 2012 – Encontro Internacional de Bandas Militares.
O evento aconteceu em Santiago, com a presença das bandas do Exército Brasileiro, da Argentina, do Equador e da França, além das bandas da Polícia, da Marinha, da Força Aérea e do Exército chilenos.
O Tattoo Militar é uma cerimônia oriunda da tradição militar britânica, que remonta ao século XVII. Atualmente, ela agrega a coordenação, marcialidade, disciplina e habilidades musicais dos militares em grandes apresentações para o mais variado público.

OBS.: Há também uma versão full HD deste vídeo, que precisou ser comprimido para facilitar seu acesso aos diferentes públicos que acessam nossas redes sociais.

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Finale – Deutschland Tattoo Kaltenberg 2018

“Königliches” Tattoo feiert auf Schloss Kaltenberg Premiere
Amazing Grace 0:07:35
Auld Lang Syne 0:11:25
When the Pipers Play 0:14:00
National Anthems 0:18:45
Highland Cathedral 0:20:42
Wooden Heart 0:24:37
Deutschland Military Tattoo ließ von der ersten Sekunde an aufhorchen und hielt die Spannung bis zum letzten Ton! Deutschland Military Tattoo ließ von der ersten Sekunde an aufhorchen und hielt die Spannung bis zum letzten Ton!
In der 10.000 Zuschauer fassenden Arena von Schloss Kaltenberg feierte “Deutschland Military Tattoo” am Samstag, 4. August 2018, Premiere vor Tausenden von begeisterten Zuschauern.

Die Menschen umjubelten die international erfolgreichen Marching Bands mit ihren Shows. In farbenprächtigen Uniformen präsentieren Pipers Of The World”, Fanfarekorps der Genie (Niederlande), “Royal British Legion Band and Corps of Drums Romford (United Kingdom), “Musikkorps Großen Linden (Deutschland), Fanfara Bersagliere Guglielmo Colombo die Lecco (Italien), “Fascinating Drums (Deutschland), Fanfarenzug Nusplingen (Deutschland), Blasorchester Geltendorf (Deutschland), Landsknechtszug Ellerbach-Freyberg (Deutschland), Königlich Bayerisches 2. Chevauxleger-Regiment Taxis e.V. (Deutschland) und Die Oberlandler Goaßelschnalzer (Deutschland) ihre ausgefeilten Choreographien, präzise abgestimmt auf die jeweilige Musik.

Das “Deutschland Military Tattoo” ließ die Zuschauer von der ersten Sekunde an aufhorchen und war spannend bis zum letzten Ton im großen Finale.

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The Massed Pipes and Drums | Edinburgh Military Tattoo – BBC

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The sounds of the Massed Pipes and Drums welcome you to 2013’s Edinburgh Military Tattoo.

Spectacular annual variety show with military bands and hundreds of performers from around the world, set against the iconic backdrop of Edinburgh Castle

Edinburgh Military Tattoo | 2013 | BBC

#BBC #EdinburghMilitaryTattoo #EdinburghCastle
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Conscript Band of the Finnish Defence Forces – Hero Tale – Sweden International Tattoo Show

Our figure march show’s first song from Sweden International Tattoo Show. This particular tattoo was held in Malmö Arena on 19. – 25.5.2015. Song is named Hero Tale and it was composed by Ilari Hylkilä.

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Backstage at the Edinburgh Military Tattoo.

I filmed this on the last night of the 2019 show. It’s a Saturday, so we have two shows and that means the first one was bright enough to film what goes on behind the scenes.
We start by powering up the lighting desks and testing all the lights, do maintenance if needed and then at 6pm when the castle closes to the public we install the smoke machines and lighting that are in the public areas and do a final pre-show walk round of all the lighting.
Then we have tea/coffee and maintain any faulty lights we swapped out.
When the show is due to begin the 12 followspot operators man their spots and we head down to hand out the radio controlled rechargeable light batons that are used in this show.
That’s where this video starts:- We used to get the dancers to shout out their number to get their LED baton, but in this instance Steve is trying to remember their numbers.

Sorry for the extreme audio. It’s a VERY loud show and I had my normal microphone in at the beginning. In the later sections I was using the phones own microphone.

The sword I’m holding in the thumbnail was won by Gerry our lighting designer for the spectacular programming he does on this show. It’s a Knights of Illumination sword. Basically the Oscars of the British lighting industry.

This video has no adverts due to aggressive copyright claiming on the “show must go on” cover.

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