Funny Nipple piercing GONE WRONG!!! feat. Diamond Batiste

Heeeeeeeeey! So if y’all saw my last video with them HOT Wings, I told Diamond ole big head self I would be down to get my nipples pierced. Well y’all know I ain’t no punk! Im a woman of my word, so imma hold it down! Let me know in the comments below what other crazy challenges or videos y’all want to see! BUT keep it cute my nipples still hurt like hell!! be sure to Like Comment and Subscribe. Oh and be sure to hit that bell and turn on those notifications boo 😉

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TiTi HOT Wings Challenge feat. Diamond Batiste SUPER FUNNY

Child’s Play  ( Chucky Parody Video 2019 )  featuring Karrueche and Kendall Kyndall

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Diamond Batiste (DiamondBFilms):…


About TiTi:
Welcome to the official Blameitonkway TiTi YouTube channel! My life is crazy as hell, fun, and unique! I love creating funny videos, pranks, challenges, short films, diys, and simple day in the life vlogs. I’m usually with my big head director and homeboy Diamond. These videos are for all ages, and boys and girls. WE ABOUT TO GET LIT, STAY LIT, CUZ Y’ALL LIT.

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RoDrI BoDy PiErCiNg–snake bite–

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Double Nipple Piercing Experience | Roly

Double Nipple Piercing Experience FINALLY! Getting double Nipple Piercings is something I have been putting off so ages! But I Pierced my right Nipple today and I love it! From nipple piercing pain to nipple piercing healing I chat about my experience!
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My Last Video “Tongue Piercing With A Gun? | Reacting To Weird & Funny Comments”

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