RoDrI BoDy PiErCiNg –2 on nipple– 2 perforaciones escalonado en el mismo pezon.

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RoDrI BoDy PiErCiNg–bite–

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RoDrI BoDy PiErCiNg–escarificacion toro– tipical bull in spain.

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RoDrI BoDy PiErCiNg– escarificacion brian–

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RoDrI BoDy PiErCiNg–diego streach–

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RoDrI BoDy PiErCiNg–noadis– .

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My Go To Piercing Kit! | Mia’s Bubble

This is the BEST kit ever!!!

Link to specific kit:

BodyJ4U amazon account:

socials 🙂

Instagram: ihbawby
Twitter: @mia_jeal
Snapchat: mia_jeal

And My Younow! :…

AnYwAy, EnJoY

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Amazon BodyJ4You 16G and 14G Body Piercing Kit 36 Pieces Review | CupkakeLoving


16G and 14G Body Piercing Kit 36 Pieces

Body Piercing Kit Description
Piercing kit includes everything you need for Body Piercing.
Kits for 16G AND 14G:
5 Piercing Needles 14 Gauges (100% Sterilized using ethylene oxide (EO) gas.)
5 Piercing Needles 16 Gauges (100% Sterilized using ethylene oxide (EO) gas.)
1 Anchor Belly Button Ring Stainless steel
1 Belly Retainer
2 Ball Closure Ring Body Piercing (Fit Eyebrow, Nipple, Lip, Nose) BCR 14G
2 Straight Barbell Body Piercing 14 Gauge (Tongue)
2 Circular barbells Body Piercing Horseshoe (Nipple, Ear) CBR 14G
2 Circular barbells Body Piercing (Belly) 14G
2 Labret Body Piercing (Lower Lip) 14G
6 Stainless Steel Cone Eyebrow Ring (Eyebrow, Nipple, Tragus, Helix) 16G
6 Stainless Steel CONE Labret (Lower Lip, Upper Lip, Tragus) 16G
2 Piercing Clamp
4 Gloves – 2 Pair
All The Body Jewelry is Surgical Stainless Steel

Visit my site for exclusive content:
Vlog Channel:
Instagram: @yours_truly.89
Periscope: @Cupkakeloving

Video Camera:GE Power PRO Series X2600

Send Me Mail:
Ashley Rodriguez
PO BOX 8031
National city,California

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RoDrI BoDy PiErCiNg–faget– brutal party, RöBëR eres 1 crack!!!

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The Tea: Autumn Piercing Trends

Hey Body Candy Babes!

Happy Thursday bbs! Who else noticed a little extra color in the leaves this week? Thanks for joining me for my weekly e-zine, The Tea :).

Today’s topics:

– We picked five super trendy piercings that we’ve been seeing a lot of:

– Industrial piercings and septum rings are two classics that will never go out of style… But they are more popular than ever!

– Vertical labret piercings are trending right now – a great and different way to show off your bottom lip.

– Daith earrings are super cute and super flexible.

– “Medusa” philtrum piercings are a slightly edgier option than septum piercings, but just as beautiful – especially with an opal labret stud.

More content below! ♡

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