Funny Nipple piercing GONE WRONG!!! feat. Diamond Batiste

Heeeeeeeeey! So if y’all saw my last video with them HOT Wings, I told Diamond ole big head self I would be down to get my nipples pierced. Well y’all know I ain’t no punk! Im a woman of my word, so imma hold it down! Let me know in the comments below what other crazy challenges or videos y’all want to see! BUT keep it cute my nipples still hurt like hell!! be sure to Like Comment and Subscribe. Oh and be sure to hit that bell and turn on those notifications boo 😉

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TiTi HOT Wings Challenge feat. Diamond Batiste SUPER FUNNY

Child’s Play  ( Chucky Parody Video 2019 )  featuring Karrueche and Kendall Kyndall

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Welcome to the official Blameitonkway TiTi YouTube channel! My life is crazy as hell, fun, and unique! I love creating funny videos, pranks, challenges, short films, diys, and simple day in the life vlogs. I’m usually with my big head director and homeboy Diamond. These videos are for all ages, and boys and girls. WE ABOUT TO GET LIT, STAY LIT, CUZ Y’ALL LIT.

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How to Care for Your Body Piercing

Watch more Tattoos, Piercings & Other Body Art videos:

Prevent infection by keeping your ear, nose, lip, tongue, navel, eyebrow, and other body piercings clean.

Step 1:
When you’re ready to get a piercing, be sure to consult the Association of Professional Piercers for a trained and licensed body artist.

Step 2:
Use jewelry that is less likely to contribute to an infection, like implant-grade surgical steel, surgical titanium, solid gold, and platinum. Many piercers require you to buy the starter jewelry from them to ensure quality control.

Don’t let a technician use a piercing gun on any body part other than your ear lobes. All other areas should be pierced with a sterilized needle.

Step 3:
Touch the piercing as infrequently as possible, and never without washing your hands with antimicrobial soap first.

Step 4:
Saturate the piercing site twice a day for six weeks in sterile saline solution, or one-eighth of a teaspoon of non-iodized sea salt dissolved in one cup of distilled water. Dab with gauze or a cotton ball and gently rinse to remove residue.

For a tongue piercing, swish the solution around your mouth five times a day for about a minute, especially after meals and before bed, and gently brush your tongue and jewelry with a soft toothbrush reserved for this purpose. Avoid French kissing and oral sex until the piercing is healed.

Step 5:
Don’t use hydrogen peroxide, rubbing alcohol, antiseptics, ointments, or mouthwash that contains alcohol; they can interfere with healing.

Step 6:
Avoid swimming, hot tubs, and even baths: Chlorine can irritate the piercing, and bacteria thrive in these environments. While showering, apply a little of your regular soap lather to the piercing, and rinse thoroughly. Pat dry with a paper towel, not your bath towel. Keep lotions, sprays, creams, and perfumes away from the piercing. Change your sheets every few days.

A hard, vented eye patch, available at pharmacies, can protect a navel piercing while it heals. Secure it by wrapping a length of elastic bandage around it.

Step 7:
Be on the lookout for signs of infection, like pus, swelling, redness, or pain at the piercing site. Consult a doctor if you notice any of these symptoms.

Step 8:
Keep the jewelry in place for as long as the piercer recommends.

Did You Know?
Besides the ear, the most popular piercing among women is the navel, while men opt most often to pierce their nipples.

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I Got New Piercings .. AGAIN | Azlia Williams

For today’s daily vlog I got new piercings…again! I got a cartilage and nose piercing. Thank you Playtex Sport for sponsoring this video! Learn more at #Playon @Playtexsport

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Nipple Piercing | My Reaction.


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5 Weird Body Modifications You Wont Believe | Random 5

From tattooing your eye balls and splitting your tongue in half to creating holes in your face and putting Subdermal Implants underneath your Skin! We take a look at 5 Weird Body Modifications You Won’t Believe!
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