#SumBodyArtFlowUnites Day 8. SumBodyArt’s Multiverse Self Bodypainting Kali ABAA 2020

#SumBodyArtFlowUnites Day 8.
SumBodyArt’s Multiverse Self Bodypainting Kali Part 1 (Simplified version)

Love Story of Life: Creations & Destructions, Kali & Shiva, the TwinFlame Balance of Life ( Colours of India- ABAA 2020)

6)#TheFlowMustGoOn. I am grateful to be with Luna & have Art Healing, Flow Therapy & Reiki in my life. I am grateful to be a Pleiadian BodyPainting Shaman. 👐🏻🌈🌌💟🎨✡️🔥🌎

SumBodyArt’s Bodypainting Shamanism is not a job for me, it is what I was placed on Earth to do as a Pleaidian Soul Starseed. There are many things I have seen due to my gifts, my visions from the higher realm, that I know I am capable of giving and helping people on Planet Earth here. So I will continue that.

Humans need to wake up and really see what is important in our lives, and this planet on Earth. And this is like Gaia saying wake up, stop, what is really important in life here… The world needs Art Healing, love and reiki more than ever now. We are one and interconnected as one collective consciousness, we will see & understand in time as we are separated physically, our spirits & collective consciousness are still connected as one rainbow spectrum of light & love as an Earth Tribe! We are more than what we know we are…

Let your light within shine bright like the Sun!!! Let’s light up the Corona Darkness!!!! Together as an Earth Tribe, we can uplift each other with Art Healing & Flow Therapy! Post your Art/Flow/Dance/Cosplay photos & videos on socials with #SumBodyArtFlowUnites & tag me @SumBodyArt, we can unite & stay connected & be stronger together with love & lights as a collective consciousness through this! 🙂

I will be giving away the following gifts to 3 people who joins us in the #SumBodyArtFlowUnites Art Healing/Flow Therapy movement who need it the most:

1 Home Made mask, chocolate & 1 exclusive SumBodyArt’s Home Exhibition print each.

Reshare this post, tag 3 friends who I might be able to help. Stay safe, stay positive & stay connected.

@Diamond FX

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