Body painting art installation movie 2015- The Writer of Your Story is You
Body painting art installation by Bella Volen, created on 6.of January 2015 in Vienna Austria.
Collection Music. Order this artwork as a print on canvas:

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Beyond The Canvas Body Paint Workshop 2015

Beyond The Canvas was started in 2010 by Tomas Vasquez, local artist and event organizer. Since then we have tripled in size with about 100 members including artists, models, photographers and volunteers. BTC hosts an annual body painting competition where over 30 artist & model pairs from all over South Texas compete to win cash prizes, trophies and recognition. In recent months lead artists Rita Garza, Jason Lozano, Pedro Gomez & Shauna Burns have helped bring BTC to the next level as a professional body painting art organization. We are now in the process of providing workshops and classes to teach young artists in San Antonio not only face & body painting but every aspect and form of art to literally think “Beyond The Canvas”. BTC has been involved in many festivals & events year round including River city Rock Fest at the AT&T Center, Alamo City Comic Con, Una Noche En La Gloria, Zombiewalk and many more. We have also worked with companies such as American Airlines, La Cantera, H-E-B, Institute of Make Up Artistry & Citibank. Look out for Beyond The Canvas 8, November 14th 2015. For more info about how to be involved with BTC please visit or email

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Winnipeg Body Painting make up by SamanthaWpgCom

Licensed Red Seal Trade Professional Esthestician. Hand Painting. SPFX artist. Teaching Classes for all levels in Make up.body painting industry.FDA approved paints. High standard of professional work ethic.WHMIS certified.
European Body Art. Concrete Minerals
Winnipeg Body Painting by SamanthaWpg.Com
Winnipeg Body Painting
Visual Eye Candy

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How to do Body painting, ByPoonam, Paris, Sep 2015

A street performance of live body painting done right behind Notre Dame, Paris in Sep 2015.
Model: Stephane Felicite
Video and music: Sumana
Artist: ByPoonam

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my first body paint – sj4000 – child painting a body – BODYPAINT – funny fun laughs

a child painting a hand with a pen,
He is very young but he is fond of paintings,
loves to paint anything
this time a hand
the child laughs a lot

sj4000 recorded with the camera, 1080p fullhd

cartoon_hoetown of
free youtube library

mi primer body paint – sj4000 – niño pintando un cuerpo
pintura corporal

un chiquillo pinta una mano con un bolígrafo,
es muy jóven pero ya es amante de las pinturas,
le encanta pinta cualquier cosa
en esta ocasión una mano

grabado con la camara sj4000, 1080p fullhd

cartoon_hoetown de la
biblioteca gratuita de youtube

ein Kind malt eine Hand mit einem Stift,
Er ist sehr jung, aber er gern von Gemälden ist,
liebt, etwas zu malen
dieses Mal eine Hand

sj4000 aufgenommen mit der Kamera, 1080p Full-HD

cartoon_hoetown von
Free YouTube Bibliothek

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Animal Body Painting Video by Bella Volen in South Korea Seoul 2014

Bella Voles is a professional visual artist and spent the month of October 2014 in South Korea, where she created art projects and gave Workshops, representing WBA- World Bodypainting Academy.
This work was a demonstration painting, which Bella created for one of her workshops in Seoul.

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Liquitex Pouring Medium

Pouring medium 8 oz.*
Pouring medium 1 gallon
Liquitex soft body paint set
Liquitex Ink

0:28 Liquitex Pouring Medium dries clear.
0:30 Pouring mediums don’t craze like gloss medium would.
0:45 Pouring medium dries completely flat. It’s self-leveling.
0:51 Takes at least 12 hours to dry and clarify.
How to Mix Pouring Mediums

0:59 Step 1: Pour pouring medium into an empty squeeze bottle or container with a lid.
1:29 Step 2: Using soft body acrylic paint or liquitex inks, tint the medium.
Note: The more color added the more opaque the outcome will be.
1:59 Step 3: Cover the container tightly or bottle and shake until the mixture is well combined.
2:06 Step 4: Let the mixture sit for 20 minutes to allow bubbles to dissipate.
2:20 In use Michele mixes the pouring medium / pigment mixtures she’s already created with plain
pouring medium, directly on the surface.
Michele notes how:
2:22 The dried appearance differs from the appearance of the paint when it’s initially poured.
3:08 The colors can last for months when contained.
3:45 Mixtures with less pigment (ink or paint) will appear more transparent when dried.
3:58 Michele begins tilting the canvas in various directions, creating a multi layered effect on the
surface as the colors “slide over” one another.
4:18 You can let the surface dry and use it as you would any acrylic surface.
4:30 Remember! The colors will intensify as they dry.


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