Making Of – A United Nations Bodypainting Peace Project

A “Making of” from the Bodypainting for Peace Project.
Short Promo of the Exhibition


Our “WB Production” team was invited to stage a historical bodypainting performance for the prestigious United Nations Peace Memorial 2015 in South Korea.

A pillar in the industry of Bodypainting for the past two decades, Alex Barendregt and his South Korean team had the special opportunity to meet with President JUN Oi-Sook of the (UNPM) United Nations Peace Memorial, in hopes to inspire and captivate her with the art of bodypainting.
Both the president and her staff were set back in excitement as they viewed this exceptional art created by artists of the WB Production. Through bodypainting a huge potential came into play in communicating their stories and messages to a younger generation before them, as a result the UNPM Exhibition was put in motion.

The date was perfect, as it marked the 70th anniversary of the United Nations and just one year before the Peace Memorial was built. The entire memorial is set on visualizing various world conflicts, in particular the Korean War. It also shows what role the UN has played in bringing peace amidst the violence.

In order to learn from the past it is important to take a closer look into understanding our history, war, political instability and how interconnected governments and global communities really are. In many ways, the various styles of bodypaintings that were chosen for the exhibition required the audience to also take a closer look. The camouflage and installation bodypainting art drew the viewer into this historical exhibition and really triggered people to engage with history.

A very talented and international mix of artists were put together, such as world renowned Johannes Stötter from Italy, Vienna based Bulgarian Bella Volen, Mike Shane from Luxembourg, Rodolfo Campos from the United Sates and the 2015 World Bodypainting Festival Champion Min Ah Kim from South Korea. To capture this historical moment both in pictures and film, award winning Master Photographer Joachim Bergauer from Salzburg and the Australian Videographer Josh D. Lim were also part of the WB Production team.

“The Memory We Share,” was the title of this historical bodypainting project on October 23rd 2015. Eight scenes were staged for the audience within the exhibition. Veterans were also invited to the UNPM building, which they saw for the first time and were impressed by the talent of the bodypainting artists and the touching concept. History came to life as we brought some humanity on to the world stage.

Produced by WB Production
Alex Barendregt

Video & Editing
by Josh D. Lim

World Bodypainting Association
& Division Korea
Park Chan Hee

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Welcome to SHOOT WITH RAM. This is a series of behind the scene footage from shoots i’ve been doing in and out of my studio since April 2019. Throughout this series you will come along my journey and experience small samples of what i’ve been learning along my photography and videography route. Like and subscribe and stay tuned for many of my experiences.

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How to Airbrush Body Paint Stencil Snowflakes

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This How to Airbrush tutorial will show you step by step how to body paint simples snowflakes with stencils.

model: Megan Tamas

music: Shine by Jahzzar CC BY-SA 3.0

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Photographing Body Painted Models Workshop
10/03/10: Unique Photo’s Mike Zawadzki instructed students on composition, lighting, and more during this “Photographing Body Painted Models” workshop at Unique University. Models were painted head-to-toe by Athena of Athena Body Art in NYC.

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How to Body Paint Airbrush Techniques Tutorial DVD TEASER by Roustan

This is just the teaser trailer

How to Airbrush bodypaint tutorial DVD by Paul Roustan
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Parental Advisory: This dvd contains nudity

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Behind the scenes studio body paint photography session.
Just a fun little video shot in my studio whilst DMac Photography was shooting for a magazine.
We often do these type of BTS videos just to record not only the wonderful talent but the fun and antics we get up to.
For those that want to know Dale was using Canon cameras for the stills while we shot the actual video with Nikon gear. Studio lighting was Elinchrom and various speedlights.
All paint used is children play paint and is water based.
Edited on ADOBE Lightroom.

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