I Got A Septum Nose Piercing For The First Time | Macro Beauty | Refinery29

On this episode of Macro Beauty, we follow a young woman as she gets her septum pierced for the first time. She heads to Body Electric Tattoo to get pierced by Brian Keith Thompson. Watch this piercing go down to understand how a septum piercing works!

We’re getting up close and personal into all things beauty. Have you ever wondered whether or not waterproof mascara really works? Or been intrigued with tattooing your eyebrows? We’ll show you this process like you have never seen it before!

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Microblading Permanent Eyebrow Tattoo Up Close

How To Get A Nose Piercing With Brian Keith Thompson Of Body Electric

Why I Got My Eyeliner Tattooed

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Piercing challenge! #piercing #challenge
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FAIL lol


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Piercing cheek in seconds ( Ethnic Cultural Ritual) || Body piercing fashion Mysuru

Piercing cheek in seconds is done in an ethnic cultural ritual in India in Mysuru! Yes! You heard it right! In here, piercing cheek is done not for fashion or show off or for style purpose,but, piercing cheek is done by people even by teenage children as a part of ethnic cultural ritual. Piercing cheek is done in seconds, no use of antibiotic solution or antiseptic or lidocaine application. Piercing cheek in seconds is done using a needle which forms one side of a square or box like structure! The piercing needle is pierced from one side of the cheek passes through the mouth, pierces the opposite side cheek, n exit out of the cheek, the piercing needle is then locked to a hook.
Piercing cheek having done it,appear to have this box or square shape structure hanging from their mouth.The people with piercing cheek then walk to a temple one kilometer away, once they reach the temple,they whiteness many cultural events, finally the priest of the temple remove the piercing cheek needle and the box shape jewellery is completely removed. The hole formed by the piercing cheek needle will close on itself within 2 -3days.
Piercing cheek in seconds is done without any kind of medication yet there is not any known cases of infection. This cultural ethnic ritual was witnessed by me on a casual bike ride, on seeing a huge crowd gathered the youtuber in me immediately urged me to film the cheek piercing in seconds ethnic cultural ritual, though I was not aware of what was actually going to happen!
Witness piercing cheek as a cultural ethnic ritual n not done just for exhibition or fashion!
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100 Years of Piercings | Allure

Take a look back at the last 100 years of piercings.

Hair by Peter Matteliano using Oribe
Makeup by Dillon Peña using MAC Cosmetics

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The best daily makeup tips, skin-care advice, hair tutorials, product reviews, and videos from beauty experts.

100 Years of Piercings | Allure

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