What To Do When Your Tattoo Artist Watches Too Much Joe Rogan

A caller gives us his interesting perspective on getting a tattoo from a crazy person. Sam Seder and the Majority Report crew discuss this.

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Pat McAfee Reacts To Bruce Arians Getting Super Bowl Tattoo

Bruce Arians might be the coolest coach in the NFL for getting a tattoo after winning the Super Bowl with the Buccaneers.

This is a clip from The Pat McAfee Show live from Noon-3PM EST Mon-Fri.

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Bunda Bandits & Tattoo Nightmare | The Jamo & Dylan Show #72

This week the boys talk about learning Spanish, Jamo’s upcoming trip to Sydney, Bobby Shmurda’s release, the usage of the word “Froth”, pocket holders, friends with a hooker, covid vaccine overdose, North England VS South England beef, kids watching our videos, quotes, piss prank 2.0, who we would bring back to grill, whacked by a girl, how does the world owe money, disappearing laps, microwaving pizza, dog budgets, sandy WA, gyal with back & bunda STI story, NZ/UK/AUS VS USA drinking war, dung tattoo, fake raffle tickets, chasing love, roller skating craze and much more.

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Hope you all have a good week, love Jamo & Dyl xx

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📻Neste Programa Top Cast Show: Geison Ramos (Miko) conversou com a ARTISTA E TATUADORA JACKE TATTOO que contou um pouco mais sobre sua vida e profissão.
Um bate papo exclusivo onde você pode conhecer um pouco mais da nossa entrevistada.

#JackeTattoo #tattoo #PodCast

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Finn Bálor shows off his new tattoos: WWE After The Bell, Feb. 18, 2021

The Prince details his new fascination with body art and reveals whether he’d ever let Corey Graves tattoo him.
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Getting a 1,000,000 subscriber tattoo for motivation ; )

Thank you for joining me on the journey to 1,000,000! I hope you enjoy my podcast, & to check out more awesome animations from my friend who animated this here is his channel: @Carson Mell
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The next episode of Smoothie Madness has some VERY special elements… I am hoping it will be ready by this weekend : )

Do you have any big dreams you’d like to accomplish this year? On Friday I think I’ll do a screenplay reading on Twitch, but maybe someday I’ll do tattoo drawings for people… Maybe if people have some big dream they’d like to visualize, I could help draw out a tattoo for them to get!

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Episode PERDANA SOYL Show akan dibuka oleh obrolan dengan BUCH TATTOO, seorang tattoo artist jam terbang tinggi, dengan kisah yang sangat menginspirasi.

Tattoo yang dulu identik dengan hal negatif, justru berhasil mengantarkannya meraih mimpi-mimpinya yang terdengar ‘fiktif’. Seni rupa dengan media kulit manusia ini yang mengantarkannya melihat kehidupan di berbagai belahan dunia, bahkan bertemu dengan musisi yang sangat menginspirasinya.

Dan kisah ini akan diceritakannya di SOYL Show EPISODE 1 SEASON 2!

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Losing Leg From Body Piercing Suspension Accident Doesn’t Stop Robbie Ripoll from Empowering Others

Robbie Ripoll (Ink Master) recently suffered an injury causing him to become an amputee. We talk Robbie being famous, rich, poor, and getting into tattooing at 12 years old. We also discuss the high school blackmarket, his injury that went viral, surgeries, starting an empowerment movement, and a lot more.

Robbie Ripoll is a Florida-based tattoo artist with well over twenty years of experience in the industry. Ripoll is best known for competing in season 5 of Ink Master. Robbie Ripoll founded the I’m RAD Movement, he’s a motivational speaker, life coach, and continues to tattoo and attend tattoo conventions across the country. He’s been rich and poor, severely depressed and super happy, struggled after divorce and thriving in a beautiful relationship, he’s lived a life of many paradoxes and thus his insight is broad.

About the I’m RAD Movement
The I’m Rad Movement started as a tattoo I got on my right thumb. It serves as a reminder to keep a positive outlook, never stop giving it your all, and to push through the hard times even as life kicks you when your down.

Find Robbie Ripoll using the links below.



This episode is brought to you by Living Adaptive with Scott Davidson.
Find Living Adaptive at,
www.livingadaptive.com for more information.
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B Or L (Blessing Or Lesson) – Episode 09 – Art Heals (podcast)

Bonjour, Episode number 9 of “B or L” (Blessing or Lesson)
Today, I invited Sam from Birmingham , UK, an amazing creative woman who find the strength to change her life thanks to art healing.
I am Lya Pouleyy, a wellness créative coach, NYC transplant from Paris, France. I help you in your wellness/well-being journey finding the light inside and around you through art & craft, dance/ body movement/ body healing, modeling/ self-image healing, fun cooking. Together, we will take care of your body, mind, soul and emotions creatively.
I created a wellness program: “The Kamga Ngnie Method” that combines painting, drawing, writing, dancing, body movement and understanding, modeling, body language, self confidence, self-love, self-esteem, cooking and more.
It is adapted to individuals, couples, families and corporations. For people who decided to take of their lives, to be in charge of their future but just don’t know how and where to start… Everything starts with healing, and this is how I am helping you! When words are missing, your body and creativity come into action: it is an artistic and holistic approach.
For more information: http://www.lyapouleyy.com/wcc
Email: contact@lyapouleyy.com
Instagram: @lyapouleyy

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