Serpent Girl Face and Body Art Tutorial

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IMATS LA 2017 – “ATLANTIC BAROQUE” Bodypainting demo by Lana Chromium with Royal & Langnickel

ATLANTIC BAROQUE bodypainting by Art by Lana Chromium
model Katya Vayner

It was pretty epic day @ IMATS LA was very meaningful for me. That just not exactly one year since my Skin Wars Brush set for bodypainting was release by Royal & Langnickel – Beauty Brush company, it’s my 3rd IMATS (International Make-up Artist Trade Show) and I love so much this event and everybody involved… One of very symbolic things happened I painted bodypainting demo on my best friend Katya. I tell you that story when about 6 years ago I first time attended IMATS with my friend Katya and we both went AW from all beautiful make-ups, special effects, creatures, make-up
education & inspiration. And I dreamed to work at IMATS one day. So this time we refreshed our memories and we did IMATS together again. But this time not only attending this event but creating magic of bodyart & makeup there 😉 😍❤🎨
so never stop dreaming 🤗

Photographs by Andrea Lule and Allen Davis

+ Excited to share with you this project and final outcome. Let me know what you think in comments below 🙂
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Bodypainting, creative make-up: Art by Skin Wars season 2 winner, competed & published artist & bodypainter Lana Chromium
San Diego – Los Angeles – CA
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Description of make up & bodypaint supplies I used for this shoot here in my art blog:

Used Royal and Langnickel LANA CHROMIUM SIGNATURE BRUSH SET for bodypainting.
You can find this 6 pieces set here:

Art supplies for bodypainting for sale on my website:

Bodypainting & Fine Art by Lana Chromium – All rights reserved – 2016

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