Body painting art installation movie 2015- The Writer of Your Story is You
Body painting art installation by Bella Volen, created on 6.of January 2015 in Vienna Austria.
Collection Music. Order this artwork as a print on canvas:

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The Great British Tattoo Show 2014 – London Highlights

After an incredible year in 2013, we went bigger, harder and better than ever with the 2014 show! Once more, we welcomed you to the iconic Alexandra Palace as our venue for the weekend and we couldn’t wait to get the party started. We brought over 350 international tattoo artists, incredible entertainment, awesome vendors & traders and so much more, right to London’s doorstep.

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Footage from The Great British Tattoo Show Convention – Skin Deep Magazine

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This footage was taken at the great british tattoo show in Olympia, London as put on by Skin Deep Magazine. I wanted to let you guys know what tattoo conventions are like from the point of view of a tattooist…epic fail.

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Tribal Body Piercing Las Vegas 1998

Local commercial for “Tribal Body Piercing,”located on 4800 South Maryland Parkway in Las Vegas, Nevada. The promos for this spot were a mainstay of Radio during the late ’90s, especially 107.5 FM. This was recorded in June of 1998. No “Tatts,” or piercings for me, but I’d like to think I flirted with the “Xtreme” lifestyle in the Extreme ’90s.

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