Tattoos & Piercings I REGRET | Years Later (footage + pics)

My 1st Tattoos & Piercings Video:
My 2nd Tattoos & Piercings Video:

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Tattoo Talk Tuesday! White Ink Tattoos! And my show and tell.

White Tattoos! Just another trend? And my white ink tattoo mess.
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White Ink tattoos. Great for something subtle and delicate, but how do they last over time, and can they even make it through the healing process? I explore my tattoo artists advice, and show my own white ink tattoo disaster.
I have all the answers and more! Stay tuned for the latest and greatest, Tattoo Talk Tuesday!

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Tattoo Convention Vlog! 2017!

YES! Also! An interview about most tattoos in a day!
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Hey! Join me in my vlog around the Philadelphia Tattoo Convention! I hangout with some friends, buy some prints, grab some tattoos, and interview a few people who were able to get the world record tattoos! Awesome. Thanks again Villain Arts!
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Can Tattoos Be Vegan?

How I heal my tattoos video:

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