The beauty of girls in moto show (body painting)

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Body Piercing Origins | History Of | Racked

People have been piercing themselves for millennia. In this week’s episode of Racked series, History Of, we explore the beginnings of body piercings. Not surprisingly, it’s a practice that has been around for centuries used by ancient Aztecs and by teens everywhere to upset their parents. We can kind of thank Lindsay Lohan for that.

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Tattoo show tv, Next Level Tattoos Costi episodul 3

Un tatuaj permanent se obține prin inserarea unui pigment în piele: e un proces ce implica un diferit grad de durere, o tehnică precisă, puterea de stăpinire și talentul celui care-l executa, dar si motivația și determinarea purtătorului. În multe culturi tatuajul încă este un subiect tabu, care traseaza linii permanente si dureroase, la fel ca și pe piele, în mentalitatea societăților actuale, separând percepțiile, asociindu-l cu ceva negativ, acolo unde el nu este o practică religioasă sau culturala, moștenită și purtată în virtutea unei tradiții. Considerat ornament corporal, sumă a istoriei personale, simbol al vreunei apartenențe, marca a unei treceri dintr-o etapă a vieții în alta, tatuajul a fost folosit in diferite scopuri din cele mai vechi timpuri. Tatuajele sunt printre cele mai vechi arte corporale și probabil meseria de tatuator este una dintre cele mai vechi din lume. Japonezii, aztecii, mayasii, aborigenii, africanii și primii datați cu înfrumusețari corporale de acest tip – egiptenii, aveau tatuaje. În timpul civilizației egiptene tatuajele s-au raspindit pe întreg globul, iar semnele lor se văd chiar și în țara noastră, în ceramica de Cucuteni.

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Body painting and Comfortably Numb – Nice combo!!

Body painting and Comfortably Numb – Nice combo.

This from body painting in Dallas Texas in 2011.

Tags. Bodypainting, beauty model, sexy painted body, painting Dallas art, Body Painting, How to body paint, how to Body Art, bodY artist. painting Body

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Amazing tattoo and body painting | Chanchal manchal

Amazing tattoo and painting ki body or dezain Kara sikhe

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Cobra Pulls Up On Ryan At The Philly Tattoo Convention ‘Sneak Peek’ | Black Ink Crew: Chicago

After a funny run-in with Black Ink’s Ceaser, Ryan is surprised to see Cobra standing in front of him.

#BlackInkCrewCHI #VH1

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In the streets of Chicago, success is the only way out. Black Ink Crew Chicago follows a passionate and ambitious group of friends through the unforgiving streets of Chicago as they band together to create new identities for themselves, their families, and their business.

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Cobra Pops Up On Ryan At The Philly Tattoo Convention ‘Sneak Peek’ | Black Ink Crew: Chicago

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Body Paint Tutorial – MOTHER NATURE


See how I made the flower crown HERE:

In this video, I share with you the process in creating this Mother Nature body painting look! I finished this look off with some green mesh fabric and a crown that I hand made. Look out for a crown tutorial soon so you can make your own!

FB: @KacieChromaticArts
TWEET: @KacieChromatic
INSTA: @KacieChromatic


1- Global Body Art Shimmer Body Paint in white, gold and blue:
2-FAB Body Paint in Shimmer Green:
3-Almay brown liquid liner
4-Global Body Art Body Paint in Regular yellow, pink, purple, and brown:
5-Diamond FX Body Paint in White:

Adventures by A Himitsu
Creative Commons — Attribution 3.0 Unported— CC BY 3.0…
Music released by Argofox
Music provided by Audio Library

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Show you my Colorful Nape Shave Clipper Tattoo Marjolein Tutorial video by TKS

Please check my other video’s here!

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Hi Everybody!

On my Barber channel ‘theoknoopkapper’ you can see all different haircut’s (and make-overs) from beautiful people. Im from the Netherlands (Dutch) and make English videos in High definition (HD).

I love working with people and their hair but what I love the most is sharing the things I know to make more hairdressers creative. In my video’s I often use a scissor, razor, clipper, tondeuse and many products of Goldwell and L’Anza. I hope you like it and please subscribe to me!

Thanks for watching!
With hairdressers love,
Theo Knoop

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