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This channel I’ll be sharing a lot of my prank videos, mukbang, and entertainment. I also want this channel to very interactive with my audience. So if you, the viewer have any ideas of pranks, mukbang and video ideas you would like me to perform, feel free to comment on my videos your ideas!


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Body painting Event Living Art America- TV Segment 11alive Atlanta Tv

Body painting in a TV segment presenting The Chelko Foundation and The North American Body Painting Championship Living Art America. Organizer Randi Layne speaks about the event. Bella Volen shows her paintloon balloon dress and body painting and artist Yolanda Bartram presents her body art with amazing special effects. Bella Volen’s page: Living Art America: Yolanda Bartram’s page-

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THIS IS IT: World Body Painting Festival

Part 9:
So exited for you to come along on the final day of the Body Painting Festival 2018. It all comes down to this!

Thanks for coming along on this crazy journey with me.
Please let me know if you’ve enjoyed this doco series? and what you would like to see more of in the future?


Q. Where is Body Painting Festival?
A. The World Body Painting Festival takes place in Austria every year in July. There are many other body painting festivals around the rest of the world too. Fx:
The European Body Painting Festival
New York Bodypainting Day
Amsterdam Bodypaint Event
Living Art America
New Zealand Body Art Awards

Q. How to be a body painting model?
A. There is facebook groups where artist and model can connect. Search for communities in your area. Many artists need models for both paid and unpaid events. For the world bodypainting festival in Austria you can register as a model and enter the database. Check it out here:

Q. Is body painting art?
A. Yes! in fact we believe this so much that we made a book about it. Take yourself on an journey through the history of bodyart and all the potential this amazing art form has to offer:

Q. What body paint is best? and Where to buy body paint?
A. There are many many different brands. My favorites are:
Mehron Paradise –
European Body Art –
Kryolan –
all brands can be bought through the above links, but also check your local makeup effects supplier, such as:
Barnes, if you are in Australia –
BodyFX if you’re in New Zealand
Fibertek if you’re in Vancouver –
Nigel Beauty Emporium if you’re in LA –
Guru makeup emporium if you’re in London –
Mouldlife if you’re in the UK –

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Special Effects Bodypainting at the World Bodypainting Festival

Latvian artist Jelena Pidjasa was participating in the Special Effects Bodypainting category presented by KRYOLAN at the World Bodypainting Festival 2018.
Check out her teammates video with beautiful shots from her participation in Klagenfurt / AUSTRIA!


World Bodypainting Festival – celebrating visual culture & music
A WB-production event

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WB Academy – Camouflage Bodypainting Class

Highlight video from WB Academy’s Camouflage Bodypainting Class With Bella Volen.

The WB Academy program takes place 5 days long from 28th June till 2nd July 2015 before the festival main days with the World Championships, music and huge show program. Within this 5 days we offer around 50 different workshops with the world’s best instructors in bodypainting, airbrush, special effects, creative lessons or beauty make-up. Workshops are for a limited number only and subjected to varying fees. Packages are avaiable, details see below. Early registration is recommended.

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Stunning bodypainting illusion by Johannes Stötter

Johannes Stoetter: “About 3 years ago, I had a very creative phase, I was sitting for 2 days in my studio and trying to sketch and find out human positions for animal illusions. In this phase, I managed to find out quite a few possibilities. One of them was the position of the turtle, a quite simple one – with only one model. Also I figured out very fast the necessary movement to make it seem like a realistic swimming turtle
The first difficulty was to find out how to make the turtle seem to shift under the water. I did a 1st try: I placed the model on a glass construction and directed my assistants to move the background to the left direction while the model made the movement with the arm to make the turtle seem to swim to the right direction. The system worked, but certain parts of the glass construction were still visible – and as with the time, I found possibilities of improvement of the painting and also I figured out a new system, I decided to repeat the artwork.
My inspiration was the system I found out for the live UV show of my chameleon motive: the chameleon is placed on a black table disappearing in a black background. The table is 150×22 cm and built on wheels. The two chameleon models pull themselves on the rolling table along the branch, which is placed about 20cm under the table board. So I used the same black rolling table for the turtle: the background consists of 2 different paintings: the upper half hangs on the wall, the lower half is mounted about 1 meter closer to the camera. The black table is between the two pictures and disappears in the black of the background – as well as the edges of the pictures, so it seems to be only one picture. For the video, one of my assistants was hidden behind the lower picture and pushed the rolling table while the model made the movement with the arm.
The first position sketch took me just a few minutes, the first position test about half an hour. The bigger sketch with colors took me a few hours; to paint the background took me about a week. The background is 6x2m, so double as long as visible on the photo; that was necessary for the video: while the table was rolled to the right direction, the camera (by Bernie Kofler/ Reframe productions) moved parallel to it on a rail. The painting itself took me only 3 hours, also the photo was done fast as the position is not complicated and not too hard for the model… but to shoot the video perfectly as I wanted it, with the right movement, the right speed, the right look…etc. took us about 4 hours. In my opinion, it is one of my very best videos.”

Artist Link:


Management & Bookings:

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Bizarre & Creative, the World Bodypainting Festival 2019

Bizarre & Creative, the World Bodypainting Festival 2019
Get ready for the 22nd edition of the world’s largest and most important event of its kind.
The World Bodypainting Festival and the people behind founded the modern bodypainting art movement. EVERYBODY in the world of bodypainting but also make-up is coming once a year back to this HOME of BODYPAINTING:

The World Bodypainting Festival 2019 – Celebrating Visual Culture & Music 7 – 13 July 2019 in Klagenfurt / AUSTRIA

All details:

#wbfestival2019 #worldbodypainting
A WB-Production Event

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