When a Girl Gets a Tattoo vs. When a Guy Gets a Tattoo – Adam Ray

Adam Ray shares the different reasons he believes men and women get tattoos and recalls when he found out his 15-year-old cousin smokes marijuana. (Contains strong language.)

Original airdate: December 5, 2013

About Adam Devine’s House Party:
Each episode features Workaholics star Adam Devine in a series of scripted scenes, woven together with sets from some of the best up-and-coming comedians working today.

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A dragon tattoo : Russell Peters || Notorious

#Russell Peters # Russell Peters Deported 2020 # Comey indian

A dragon tattoo
He thought a dragon tattoo is more suitable to a Chinese guy than an Iran guy.

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Rainn Wilson on the Dwight Schrute Tattoo Craze

After Backstrom star Rainn Wilson talks about meeting fans with tattoos of his character from The Office, Jordana realizes her husband looks like Dave Grohl.

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The Ranganation | Romesh reveals his tattoo!

That moment on BBC2’s The Ranganation when Romesh reveals his new tattoo of Metalhead!

The Ranganation – Romesh Ranganathan, joined by celebrity guests and the Ranganation, his very own focus group of 25 members of the public, takes a funny, topical look at modern Britain.

Full series available on BBC iplayer https://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episodes/m0005bq9/the-ranganation

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You Will Immediately Regret Your Neck Tattoo. Shayne Smith

If you ever choose to get a tattoo on your neck, you will immediately regret your neck tattoo. Watch Shayne Smiths Full Comedy Special Prison For Wizards, right here, right now on Dry Bar Comedy’s YouTube Channel. Then Check out other Comedy specials on the Dry Bar Comedy App, available on all iOS and Android devices.

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Kristen Stewart Took the Tattoo Plunge

After resisting ink for years, Kristen Stewart caved and shows James what she’s added to her arms, and Mark Ronson shares his friend’s epic Jim Morrison tattoo fail.

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