RoDrI BoDy PiErCiNg–como hacer microdermal-

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Body Paint Yourself up like a Galaxy of Stars

Hello and welcome to my channel.
My name is Mandy.
I am an artist.
I love color and I love to paint.
I have created EVERYTHING you see on my channel and website. EVERYTHING!
Check out my website:

If you have questions or comments , want to work with me, want to have me speak at an event, commission a painting or just want to say hi, please email me at

Thank you for your support and love!


– Mandy


Started in 2014, this channel used to be all about face & body painting but since life is about constant change and growth, in October of 2018, I started on the “Unleash Your Vibrance” path so I could follow my desire to share everything I have overcome so others can live fully alive as their true self too.


And now for the fun technical background stuff:

I have, yes I do have, expressed commercial permission from the sites below to use their background music/sound effects and stock videos and photos in my videos:

Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

Up to the level that I am able, I acknowledge the creator of anything I add to my videos. If I have not acknowledged you then please know it was not intentional and reach out to me so I can rectify it in a peaceful and amicable manner.


Everything I used to create my videos was purchased with my own money unless otherwise expressed.

Camera used: Canon EOS Rebel T3i DSLR and/or iPhone 6S

Editing Software: Adobe Premiere Effects 12 and Camtasia 9

All my videos were directed by, edited by, produced by, videographed by and created entirely by me!

I also created the graphic for the thumbnail.

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Star Wars C-3PO Body Paint Tutorial Time Lapse

You probably didn’t recognize me because of the red arm. And the paint.

Most difficult and technical paint of my life! So far. No notes, just timelapses today.

Would you like to see more videos or watch live? :
Like this sort of art and want it to keep going? :

I get my bodypaint from
GET %10 Off your Order with my Code, (and let them know you’re a fan) with KAYPIKE10

I like to use brushes from Sigma! #SigmaPRO

Bald caps by MEL Products
Get 15% off your order with my code, (and let them know you’re a fan) with KAYPIKE

Really? You have to ask?

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Android Body Painting Photo shoot 2013:inspired by star wars(R2D2)

Body Paint Artist: Niño Gallardo Malatag
Model: Roval Del Mundo Palomera
Photography and Art Director: Niel Tayao
Location: NICA Image Studio
Year: April 2013

Soundtrack: GUNDAM Wing Opening Theme Song

Credit to Marivi Hilos for compiling the 5 pictures(Cover of the Movie)

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Body Painting: Galaxy

Hi folks here a new video, we really love universe. My husband painted my hand again from another view, more purple! He love to paint universe and we wanna show you what we do!
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RoDrI BoDy PiErCiNg–escarificacion toro– tipical bull in spain.

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RoDrI BoDy PiErCiNg–noadis– .

Share This: Interview mit Nancy Mietzii von Horror Tattoos Tattoo Show Dortmund 2016

Nancy Mietziii im Interview von Horror Tattoos Tattoo Show Dortmund 2016

FOLGE 1 Sarahs Bunte Welt


Hier geht es zum Video: Tattoo Hygene!


Hier geht es zum Video mit Tattoo krause:


Hier geht es zum Video mit ROLF:

Erlebe die Tattoo Szene in bewegten Bildern, bringt dir die Tattoo Conventions und die Stars der Szene nach Hause.

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UV Body Painting – “Abbie’s Space Dolphins”

A black light body painting time lapse by John Poppleton. In this episode I’ll be painting a three dolphins swimming through space on Abbie’s back. In real time it took about two and a half hours but has been sped up to only 80 seconds.

My contact info can be found here

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Fluorescent body paint: ProAiir Hybrids by Showoffs Body Art

Airbrush by: Iwata

Special thank you the model: Abbie Sawyer

Music: “Time Traveler” by Yuri Sazonoff
Music provided by:

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