Most creative Bodypainting & Street Art for immersive Events – 2D meets 3D

At the Bar – Erste Testaufnahmen im Atelier des Künstlers.
(translation below)
Mit den Begehbaren Bildern kreiert der Künstler Michael Strogies eigene Raum- und Markenwelten.

Die begehbaren und immersiven Bilder heben die Ebenen zwischen 2D und 3D auf. Man taucht als Besucher in diese Welten ein und fragt sich was ist echt und was ist gemalt.

So entstehen “bewegende” Bilder zum Beispiel mit einem Bild eines Streichquartetts aus dem 18 Jahrhundert, dass im Bild Live spielt (Harry Potter lässt Grüßen) oder ein Fahrzeug fährt aus dem Bild heraus und verlässt die 2D Ebene und fährt auf die Bühne in die 3. Ebene.

So entstehen ganz neue Raumwelten – Bild im Bild Situation – Hyper Realtiy, Augmented Reality – 3D und 2D Welten treffen aufeinander.

Spannend für Raumgestaltung, Welcome Entertainment, Dinnermusik, Bühneninszenierung bei Events oder Pop Up Stores, Shops, Restaurant und Gestaltung des öffentliches Raums, Ausstellungen mit unterschielichen Raumwelten in den Bilder an er Wand ganz anders wirken. und die Raum die Bilder an der Wand erweitern.

Das eintauchen in die Bilder – das ist ein Erlebnis!

At the bar – First test shots in the artist’s studio.

With the walk-in pictures the artist Michael Strogies creates his own space and branded worlds.

The walk-in and immersive pictures suspend the levels between 2D and 3D. As a visitor, you dive into these worlds and ask yourself what is real and what is painted.

Thus “moving” pictures are created, for example with a picture of an 18th century string quartet playing live in the picture (Harry Potter sends his regards) or a vehicle drives out of the picture and leaves the 2D level and drives onto the stage in the 3rd level.

New worlds are created – picture in picture situations – hyper reality, augmented reality – 3D and 2D.

Exciting for interior design, welcome entertainment, dinner music, stage production at events or pop up stores, shops, restaurants and design of public space, exhibitions with different room worlds.

Diving into the pictures – that is an exiting experience you will never forget!

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The Female Body Project – Painting the Canvas N°1 / By the Artist ESKOS ART

The Project Is to Paint on 3 canvas Different Female Body with different color for the background .
you will Get 3 video for this Project on my Channel ,

coming soon , stay tuned …

Canvas of 60X30 CM / name : The Female Body Project N°1


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Music / Duck house – flaw

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Here is a video of what went down last month when we went to Vegas for the PROJECT MVMNT trade show. Work hard play hard.. Enjoy

Check out: and see more work @
instagram = lilbtattoo

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New York City Body Painting day 2015 Andy Golub Human Connection Arts Stills

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New York City Body painting day stills from July 18th 2015. That was the second annual body paint day to be presented here this time across the street from the United Nations. The first one which I did not attend was in Central Park the previous year.
This event was protected as artwork by New York City and it allowed for the presentation of humans in our most basic form to be painted by breathable paint. This stands as a testimony to Almighty God the creator of all things living, as a testament to Adam and Eve and how we were originally made to live in the garden of Eden. This is truth of how God sees us always, even as we do our best to hide our true form from each other due to fear of rejection, ridicule or embarrassment. Another note, it takes a brave soul to cast off the outer constraints of what stifles us in fear and that which hides us, to allow ourselves to be painted by strangers in front of other strangers. This was a lesson in trust and confidence. They, The brave humans, who stood unmasked showed the world that they, like us, are all the same. The environment and temperature was that of respect positivity and friendliness. That was the first official painting session, I had ever seen in person. Andy Golub brings quality artwork and an environment of respect. It’s not just people standing naked alone, but its actually living canvasses and people standing together, who are designed by God with a temporary design, from another artist.
If you enjoy what you see or would like to be part please check the link.
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Behind the scenes | 4 | How I body painted my own painting

Hey everyone and welcome back to my channel!

In today’s video I give you a peek behind the scenes of a session I did in which I painted my own painting on a model in front of that same painting, while the incredibly talented Aurelie Lagoutte worked her magic with her camera.

This was my first every body painting session and it turned out to be something I absolutely LOVE doing, from the first till the last second.They say you need to find and continue doing things that make you feel alive.. well that means you are going to see plenty more of these body painted models on my channel over the next couple of months. The next one is scheduled for the 17th of this festive month!

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Piano & Sax by Joakim Karud
Creative Commons — Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported— CC BY-SA 3.0…
Music promoted by Audio Library

About me:
Hey there and thanks for watching! My name is Anne-Claire Fleer and I’m a Dutch Abstract Artist based in East London.

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X Anne-Claire

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Give it a thumbs up if you’d like to try a session yourself after having watched this video!

Art by @artbyanneclairefleer

Everyone has the right to feel comfortable and confident in their own body. In a world were body dissatisfaction is associated with a poorer quality of life, psychological distress and eating disorders, it is about time we make a change. How? By changing the perception of our body image one woman a day. Which women? All women, all background, all shapes sizes and forms. Everyone deserves to be proud of their own body and everyone should be given the opportunity to have their bodies painted to increase their feelings of worth and empowerment.

This gorgeous film was captured by talented @tallulahself

My gorgeous model today @alwaysmargi anorexia warrior, dancer and actress said the following after her session: “from my lowest point of anorexia, today felt amazing and I found appreciation for my now healthy and striving, strong, womanly body – on another level to ever before.” This is the power and magic in using our body as a vehicle for art.

Are you looking to empower yourself? Do you want to experience freedom and excitement? Or just remember how it feels to be proud and grateful for your body again? Than a Female Empowerment Body Paint Session is what you’re looking for! In just one session we will:
Celebrate your body
Boost your body confidence
Unleash your inner goddess

Head over to for more information or follow me @artbyanneclairefleer

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How to Body Painting – International Body Painting Festival 2016 #4 Street Art

Body Painting is one of the popular festival. Every year this festival celebrate in New York City also other country day by day celebrating this amazing festival.

How To Body Painting – International Body Painting Festival 2016 #4 body paint,body art, hot body painting,body painting girl, body painting festival,body .

Body Painting is one of the most popular festival. Every year Bodypainting festival celebrate in New York City also other countries like Indonesia,Brazil,Japan, .

Body Painting is one of the popular festival. Every year this festival celebrate in New York City also other country day by day celebrating this amazing festival.

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Painting with RANDOM Colors (UNTIL they are EMPTY) – RAW

Painting with randomly choosed colors UNTIL they are empty.


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Police Manhandle Body Paint Artist

At the entrance of Central Park & 58th Street is a great spot that often has large public art displays, so I planned on painting 2 guys there. When I was halfway done with the first guy, the Parks Departments came over. They said that I was on Park Department property and that I had to move. Park land is a different set of rules, so I moved to 57th Street & 5th Avenue at the entrance to Apple Store. Before long an Apple security guard with 2 huge dogs were circling around me and an angry cop was yelling at me about how I’m immoral. The cop read my permit carefully, which said that I was going to paint on 58th Street, so we had to move back to 58th Street, across the street from the park. The lesson learned is that exposed breasts may make some people angry, but an exposed penis can make people go crazy. Human form = anger, this doesn’t seem right to me.
Video: Arthur Eisenberg

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