Lizard’s Skin Tattoos – Tattoo Removal |Body Piercing tattoo Parlour in Kolkata

A place get known by the activities. Every aspect of a workplace is very much needful to grow. When talent, skill, passion, dedication and presentation gelled along restlessly it becomes state of art. We always try to give our best to our friends and clients whose expectations keep us chin up in all challenges and provide determination to serve better and best. Proudly presenting a tour of our workplace, our temple, our studio LIZARD’S SKIN TATTOO STUDIO.


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Lizard’s Skin Tattoos is the pioneer Tattoo studio in Kolkata, We also specialize in body piercings and dreadlocks.
* 392/1 Prince Anwar Shah Road. Opp. South City Mall Kolkata- 700045
Call: +91-9051238122, 03340644513 +91 9830460677
** Avani Riverside Mall, 1st floor, 32 Jagat Banerjee Ghat Road, Howrah – 711102
Call: +91 8334050577
*** Central Park (Opposite old police station), B 8/21 (CA) Kalyani, Dist Nadia
Call: +91 8697474864

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How To Make Tattoo At Home With Pen And Colgate | DIY Temporary Tattoo | Crafty Ideas


how to make tattoo at home with pen | temporary tattoo | DIY Tattoo | Pen Tattoo | ABCD

EASY home make tattoo in just 5 Minutes. don’t worry about that it’s not permanent it’s just temporary tattoo.

this tattoo have no side effects and any allergy
so it’s 90% safe.

this temporary tattoo is waterproof for maximum 3 days but not scratch proof.

it’s made by talcum powder and black pen that’s all.
temporary tattoo are many ways to get but they are all more cost so this temporary tattoo method is low cost.every one try this and you see the best results.

Track: Julius dreisig & Zues X Crona Invisible [NCS Release]
Music Provided by NoCopyrightSounds
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This world Smarter Every Day and Science Smarter Every Day so that experiment demonstration defined in slow motion again slow motion. this math science or science education. what is science, Physics of tattoo and tattooing in high speed video slowmo Tattoo Needles Coil Machine Rotary Machine Tattoo Machine macro tattoo gun Tattoo made (Visual Art Form) Ink
then Smarter Every Day, and the Science Smarter Every Day for many experiment demonstration are slow motion and slow motion of math science or science education many more ask this question what is science Physics of tattoo and tattooing in high speed video slowmo Tattoo Needles Coil Machine, Rotary Machine, Tattoo Machine, macro tattoo, gun Tattoo Ink.

Tattoo Machine inventions are gadgets and How To Simple Tattoo Machine or How To Make Simple Tattoo Machine this is the best way to make the How To Make Simple Tattoo Machine At Home or home, homemade normally Permanent Tattoo Machine is very useful for many teenagers and Tattoo artists diy craft are do it yourself in dc bapon.

So today I will show you How To Make diy crafts. and How To Simple Permanent Tattoo Machine at Home or How To Make a Simple Permanent Tattoo Machine at Home normally Permanent Tattoo Machine is easily to make in home this TATTOO GUN TATTOO MACHINE is easily to make in home made and the homemade tattoo, diy tattoo are using machine then using motor pen this is remember Back to School life and learn many hack in cardboard diy at home

this is the best tattoo at home we make tattoo In make a tattoo at home so how to make tattoo at home correctly or How to Make Tattoo at Home worng permanent Tattoo at Home is not for safe you.we have some questions for my Subscribers, how to make tattoo Make Tattoo at Home tattoo diy tattoo at home DIY tattoo at home Temporary Tattoo DIY Tattoos at home How To Make A Temporary Tattoo waterproof tattoos How to make temporary tattoo at home HOW TO MAKE A MINI TATTOO mr mahi DIY TATTOO Water proof Tattoo safely How to make a Water proof Tattoo.

make tattoo machine TATTOO MACHINE tattoo machine NPL Hack how to make TATTOO MACHINE tattoo machine hack diy tattoo machine diy tattoo gun how to make tattoo gun mini tattoo machine gun homemade tattoo gun handmade tattoo gun tattoo gun diy prison style prison style tattoo diy tattoo how to tattoo tattoo ทำเครื่องสักจากมอเตอร์ปากกา. samsung battery Nokia battery samsung mobile battery powerful pen gun
how to make gun dc motor DIY Electirc Tattoo


cómo hacer tatuajes en casa con bolígrafo | tatuaje temporal | Tatuaje de bricolaje | Pluma Tatuaje | A B C D

FÁCIL tatuaje en casa en solo 5 minutos. no te preocupes porque no es permanente, es solo un tatuaje temporal.

este tatuaje no tiene efectos secundarios y alergia
entonces es 90% seguro.

Este tatuaje temporal es resistente al agua durante un máximo de 3 días, pero no a prueba de arañazos.

Está hecho con polvo de talco y un bolígrafo negro, eso es todo.
Los tatuajes temporales son muchas formas de hacerse, pero todos cuestan más, por lo que este método de tatuajes temporales es de bajo costo. Cada uno pruebe esto y verá los mejores resultados.

كيفية جعل الوشم في المنزل مع القلم | وشم مؤقت | وشم DIY | الوشم القلم | ا ب ت ث

من السهل جعل المنزل الوشم في 5 دقائق فقط. لا تقلق بشأن أنه ليس دائمًا ، فهو مجرد وشم مؤقت.

هذا الوشم ليس له أي آثار جانبية وأي حساسية
لذلك 90 ٪ آمنة.

هذا الوشم المؤقت مقاوم للماء لمدة 3 أيام كحد أقصى ولكن ليس ضد الخدش.

انها مصنوعة من بودرة التلك والقلم الأسود هذا كل شيء.
الوشم المؤقت هي طرق

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Season 1 finale | Blastoverw/BryanBriggs ep24 | neo traditional dog portrait | tattoo show 2018 NEW!

Thank you for joining me for the finale of season 1 of Blastover w/ Bryan Briggs.

In this season ive invited you into the boothe to show a wide range of art including realism, watercolor, neo traditional and of course the main subject COVERUPS. But more importantly to me i feel like i let you know who i am as a person.. Ive been honest and open about my process and what i like most about tattooing. Ive let you in on some secrets and we shared some laughs and tears together.

Doing this show has brought me some of the best clients ive ever met. Very happy with the way everything is going and Gio Bartlett my editor is the man that makes it all happen he deserves a lot of credit.

Next month we celebrate our 1 year anniversary of opening Iron Tiger Tattoos and im glad so much of the process is on video to keep record of. I’m really excited to see what we can do this year.

I gave back over $4k in free tattoos from contests to my clients this year and im not even done yet. I’m planning one more big one before the end of the year.

So make sure you follow us on facebook and Instagram.

Season 2 of BLASTOVER w/ Bryan Briggs will begin soon and we are excited to announce a new sponsor.

See you soon!

If you have a business or product you would like to advertise with our show and you want to reach thousands of locals every week I would love to talk to you more about it. Contact me.

Recorded and edited by Gio Bartlett

Featuring music by Bigfoot Buffalo

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The Reason She Gave Her Mum This Tattoo Will Shock You! | Just Tattoo Of Us 5

Mum and daughter besties Clare and Chloe aren’t holding back as they both reveal some big secrets…

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“It’s Supposed to be a Moon!” | America’s Worst Tattoos (Full Episode)

Mermaids, Moons & Mistakes: Tattoo victims from across America show off their terrible tattoos, share the embarrassing stories behind them and then return to the chair for a Tattoo Transformation.

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Love Island’s Marcel Loves His Sentimental Reminder | Just Tattoo Of Us 5

Marcel from Love Island puts his trust in cousin Leon as the pair take a trip to the Just Tattoo Of Us parlour – but will he regret his decision?

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Fear Googles Are Thrown As Jade Loses It Over Her New Tattoo | Just Tattoo Of Us 5

Jade and Oli have been a couple for seven years, but will their relationship survive once Jade sees her SAVAGE new tattoo?

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Tattoo Nightmares: ‘Marilyn Monroe Tramp Stamp’ | Ink Master

In this episode of Tattoo Nightmares, Big Gus has his work cut out for him when a young lady comes in with a completely botched Marilyn Monroe tattoo. Will he be able to save the day?

Docu-reality series “Tattoo Nightmares” takes a closer look at “tattastrophies” and the genius work of cover-up artists who fix them. Tommy Helm, Big Gus and Jasmine Rodriguez are among the most revered cover-up artists in the business, and they employ their years of experience to undo their client’s ill-conceived tats. Watch as they work their magic and turn “disasterpieces” into new works of art.

#InkMaster #ParamountNetwork

Welcome to the official Ink Master YouTube channel. New episodes every Tuesday at 10/9c on Paramount Network.

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Covering the Beauty Hills Tattoo | America’s Worst Tattoos

Tattoo artist Megan Massacre faces a serious challenge when covering up Ney Ney’s bad tattoo. | For more, visit

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In Your Face: Confronting Tattoo Prejudice (Face Tattoo Documentary) | Real Stories Original

To what extent do face and neck tattoos shape your opinion of someone? Three heavily tattooed people have their facial tattoos covered up by an expert make-up artist as part of a social experiment to compare how they are treated with and without ink, and to explore whether tattoos on the face are the final frontier of self-decoration.

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Content licensed from Little Dot Studios. Any queries, please contact us at:

Produced by Showem Productions

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