my updated tattoos and piercings 2020! i got a septum piercing and hand, leg, arm, and thigh tats! working on my full sleeve as well. i’m obsessed haha.

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The most tattooed bodybuilder in the world? Athlete, tatoo master, vegetarian, Vova from Russia.
The athlete has 90% of the body covered with tattoos. This is awesome, a special style called blackwork tattoo.
What is black work? An increasingly popular style of drawing on the body. The main difference from other types of tattoos is a large amount of black paint, for example, completely, a black hand, a square on the back and other solid color fill. Our tattooed bodybuilder is still cooler. The whole body is covered in black work style except the face. Although no, the face also has small elements, but it will not be completely black. A serious male tattoo is combined with muscles.
Sportfaza together with Alexey Mokshyn, attended one of the trainings. We asked questions about people’s reactions, the meaning of tattoos, pharmacology, and others. The video contains a couple of interesting approaches to training, as well as a life hack for the lazy, how to build shoulders.
What is unique, Vladimir EL TATTOO turned out to be a vegetarian athlete, which surprised even Alexey Mokshyn. After all, there is a myth that it is very difficult for vegetarian bodybuilders to gain weight and show a cool shape. But the hero of the video sometimes even thinks about competitions.
Why get a black tattoo? The athlete himself is one of the best tattoo artists in Moscow, and together with his wife he specializes in blackwork.
A bodybuilder freak or an adequate capable guy who has the right to express himself?
Anyone who thinks about a tattoo, wonders what kind of tattoo to get and whether it is worth it, the video must be watched!
#blackwork #tatto #bodybuilder

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Needles and Pins (Viceland) | The Best Tattoo Show on TV?

Why Viceland’s Needles and Pins is the best tattoo show on TV.

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The EASIEST WAY to make your Tattoos POP!

Sometimes all a tattoo needs is just a couple minutes of attention to bring them back to life and look how they once did when you first got your tattoo. After using this super easy and simple trick, you can bring back the vibrancy & POP they once had.

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Extremely Painful Rose Tattoo On The Knee

In this video I tattooed a rose on Niko’s knee. No need to say that it was extremely painful for him. It was also pretty tricky for me to do this tattoo because the skin is really weird in that area of the body. I will also show you a traditional Japanese meal (natto, rice and miso soup) that I often eat. You can see how I cook it and try it at home if you feel inspired! Donโ€™t forget to hit the thumbs up and subscribe to the channel if it’s not already done. Thanks for watching!


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The Great British Tattoo Show | What’s Up TV

The aim of the item is to showcase the increasingly popular world of tattoos by checking out โ€œThe Great British Tattoo Showโ€. The show consists of freaky fashion shows and artists conducting live tattoos, as well as notable experts in the field who will inform our viewers on how different tattoo styles and method can affect their lasting outcome.

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2019 Tattoo Convention Contest RECAP | Part 1 | EPICJONTUAZON

2019 Tattoo convention contest compilation. Featuring some of the contest entries from this year’s tattoo conventions I’ve attended.

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paris tattoo convention 2019 | vlog

Flew to Paris for Le Mondial du Tatouage (15 to 17 Feb) with Singapore artist (@shane_tan), my fiance (Steph), Darren and Rosman.

@shane_tan (singapore)
@cktattoosg (singapore)

music: ‘bittersweet’ j cole x mac miller

My instagram: @chevonnecheng
Steph’s instagram: @stephanusneo
I write at

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